St. Croix Section 3AA Tru Team and Harding Relay Meet

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

Track Meet @ Saint Croix Lutheran Sections 3AA Tru Team

photo courtesy of: R. Wahlberg

It was the section 3AA @ St. Croix meet, and the schools that attended were: St. Paul Johnson, Simley, St. Thomas Academy, South St. Paul, Hill-Murray, St. Paul Washington, Minneapolis Roosevelt, St. Paul Como, St. Croix Lutheran, and St. Paul Highland. It was a limited meet. There were only 2 people per event. The top 2 fastest runners, jumpers, throwers from each team were the ones who participated. The team with the most points, at the end of the meet, was going to state.

The Highland boy’s team almost came over on top. It was down to the last 3 events, and the Highland boys were in the lead, the St. Croix boys were in 2nd place, and the St. Thomas boys were in 3rd place.

In the last 3 events, Highland came in 3rd or 4th place, and St. Croix Lutheran took the lead by 24 points, and during the last event, St. Thomas also got in front of Highland, so that put the boys in 3rd place overall.

Relay meet @ Harding High School

The schools that attended this meet were: Highland, Harding, Central, Johnson, Washington, Cretin-Derham Hall, Humboldt, and Como. The Highland Park boy’s team was in first place.

The Highland park boy’s 4x100m dash first leg fell, and dropped the baton, handing it off to the 2nd leg. Highland was in last place, but ended the race in 3rd place.

The boys 4×100 relay team said that they were going to make it up in the 4x200m dash.

The 4×200 teams were with Central, Como, Harding, Johnson, Humboldt, Cretin, and Washington. The Highland boys made a comeback in the 4x200m relay by coming in first place over every team.

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