Summer blockbuster movie preview

We have had a big start to the year with movies. This year had some great blockbuster movies such as Black Panther. Black Panther had great cultural impact, sent a strong message about African culture, and also touched on how those who are oppressed are more likely to lash out and try to make things fair. The other purpose of Black Panther was to set up Infinity War.

Infinity War was another great Marvel movie. Marvel had been building up to Infinity War for ten years, and they managed to make it all pay off. Infinity War was great, but it does end on a cliffhanger. That cliffhanger will pay off in May 2019.

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Now, we should look forward to the rest of 2018. In summer, the big blockbuster movies will be Ant-Man and the Wasp, Mission: Impossible Fallout, and Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 did come out in May, but I will count it as a summer blockbuster. Deadpool 2 was great and very funny. It also sets up the next X-Force movie.

The new Ant-Man movie will serve as one of the two lead ups to Avengers 4 (the other being Captain Marvel which releases in 2019). Ant-Man will probably end up as another perfectly adequate Marvel movie. It will probably be a predictably, funny movie that pleasantly kills a couple hours of your life.

Mission: Impossible 6 should be another movie similar to Ant-Man. I would not be surprising if there is some kind of twist in this next movie, but ultimately it will be another good addition to the Mission: Impossible series. Tom Cruise got injured on another stunt, and the movie will probably be another adequate movie, with some amazing stunts.

We should be ready for another great year of movies. I don’t know where the movie industry will go next, but we should just enjoy this era of comic book movies and spy thrillers. Movies will continue to evolve and it will be interesting to see where they go.

Valleyfair day

As the school year comes to an end, Highland has been celebrating by hosting many events to close the year for its students, and especially for its senior class. This includes events like Prom, Boat Dance, AG Day, and finally, Valleyfair!

Valleyfair Day is a trip to the amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota for Highland’s graduating class. This field trip isn’t for every grade, only seniors are invited and encouraged to attend to put a cap on all the memories they’ve made the past four years at Highland Park. This is one last field trip for the class to share together, to celebrate all the hard work they’ve put in together as a class, and to enjoy one last trip with each other.

Valleyfair offers activities for everyone who attends! They offer rides for those who do enjoy the thrills of giant, fast roller coasters, and offer different activities ranging for those who are on the more calm and collected side of things.

Valleyfair has arcade games, water rides, wave pools, roller coasters, food, and many more fun activities around the park. There are several dozen different events for every student in the graduating class of 2018. The bus for the field trip left at 9 am on Friday, May 25th!

A night on the Mississippi

On Friday night, May 18th, 500 of Highland’s students danced the night away on the Mississippi River. The Boat Dance was open to students at 6:30 pm, on Friday, at Harriet Island, on the West side of Saint Paul, MN. The boat took off around 7:15 pm and returned to Harriet Island at 10 pm.

The dance has been a Highland tradition for many years, and by the number of students that attended this year, it will continue to be a tradition for many more years in Highland’s future. This year, the dance had the most attendees it’s had in years – so many that the school couldn’t continue selling tickets – filling up both of the boat’s capacity of people pretty quickly.

There were two different boats for student’s to enjoy; one boat was for the people who wanted to dance, and the other boat was for the people who preferred to sing karaoke with friends or sit back and watch others sing. No matter what boat you were on, there were dozens of different groups of people who were making the best of their night for themselves, their friends, and others around them.

If you chose not to, or were unable to attend the dance this year, make sure to attend Boat Dance 2019! Hopefully, the boat’s attendance remains high throughout the rest of its years at Highland, and hopefully the energy of the attendees remains the same as well!

Recap on the Met Gala

The Met Gala as always, left us shooked as celebrities served looks that we weren’t prepared for. This has undoubtedly been a year to remember, as many celebs walked the red carpet in stunning outfits. The theme of this years Met Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Let’s just take a trip back and relive some of the most beautiful outfits that walked the carpet this year.


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Without a doubt, you can always count on Rihanna to faithfully execute any Met Gala; she really hit the crowd with a thunderbolt as she went matched the theme and as always looked fierce and sexy. She wore Maison Margiela by John Galliano, however, the highlight of this extravagant piece is definitely the Vatican papal tiara, which was studded with 18,000 diamonds. Rihanna came to shut the show down, which she did effortlessly.


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WOW! The Versace dress with detailed sequins and metal work shoulders and arms left everyone amazed. Zendaya resembled the Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc. The beautiful metal dress compliments not only her golden complexion but also her dark red hair and strong smoky makeup. Altogether, Zendaya walked the carpet in high fashion and with one of the most literal outfits of the night.


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It is no surprise that Solange came to shut the show down. Wearing an Iris Van Herpen dress, complemented with a bottle of communion wine. The doo-rag and the halo were what really shut the Internet down. Doo-rags have become a cultural phenomenon, which was what really shocked the crowd with this look.

Cardi B

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Nothing says “heavenly body” more than a pregnant woman. Cardi B wore a pearl and jewel-studded gown designed by Moschino. The look was accompanied by a separate tailpiece, and one of the best headpieces seen all night.

Lena Writhe

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Lena came to the Met to literally make a statement. A sophisticated look, but outrageously stunning. Wearing a black and white suit, paired with a bright LGBT flag. This is just yet another look that will be remembered for ages. We could all take a page from Lena Writhe’s book, next time you want to make a statement, you should wear it!

Although there were plenty of other amazing looks, these are just a few of the celebrities who deliberately came to shut the show down, and also matched the theme of this year’s Met Gala exactly, except Lena Writhe of course, who clearly deserves her own Met Gala theme.