Sports schedule for: May 7-12


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Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of  May 7-12

Monday May 7:

Varsity & B-Squad Softball @ Washington Tech. Magnet 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Varsity Girls Golf @ Phalen GC 2:45pm
Boys JV Golf @ Highland Park Nine-Hole 2:45pm
Varsity Boys Tennis vs. Como Park @ HP 3:15pm JV @ Como Park 3:15pm
Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ The Breck School 7pm

Tuesday May 8:
Varsity & JV  Badminton Twin Cities Tournament TBD @ St. Paul Site TBD

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Johnson @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Varsity & JV Boys Tennis Twin Cities Game 3:15pmTBD @ St. Paul Site

Co-Ed Track  True Team Meet @ St. Croix Lutheran 3:15pm (Bus 1:30/7:30pm)

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ St. Croix Prep 5pm

Adapted PI Softball @ Rochester Century HS 5:30pm

Wednesday May 9:

Varsity & JV Baseball 5 Inning Double Header vs. Como Park @ HP 4pm (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Varsity & B-Squad Softball 5 Inning Double-Header vs. Johnson @ Phalen Rec. Ctr. 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Boys JV Golf @ Highland Nine-Hole GC 2:45pm

Girls Varsity Golf vs. Johnson @ Cedarholm GC 3:15pm

Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Simley @ HP 3:15pm

Varsity & JV Badminton Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Columbia Hgts. HS 6pm

Thursday May 10:

Varsity  & B-Squad Softball @ Como Park 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf @ Como Park GC 2:45pm

Co-Ed Track Varsity Meet @ HP 3:30pm

Varsity Badminton Conference Tournament  @ Humboldt 4pm  JV Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Varsity & JV Baseball vs. SPA @ HP 4:30pm

Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Minnehaha Academy @ Central 4:30pm

Varsity & JV Badminton Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Friday May 11:

Varsity & B-Squad Baseball vs. Washington Tech. Magnet @ HP 4pm 5 Inning  Double-Header (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Varsity Boys Tennis @ Henry Sibley 3:15pm  (Bus 3/5:15pm) JV @ HP 3:15pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Robbinsdale Cooper 6pm

Saturday May 12:

Varsity & JV Softball Tournament vs. De La Salle @ Bryn Mawr Park 10am (10:15am/3:30pm)

Boys ‘Bobcat’ Lacrosse @ Grand Rapids HS 3pm

Go Scots!

Lunch Lady love

Lunch time is many students’ favorite period of the day. It’s a time where people can be themselves while nibbling on some food. But have you ever wondered who makes the food? Who goes through the stress and time to make these dishes for us? Lunch Ladies! These lovely women go through the struggle to make each and every student food, while getting ready to serve, and then clean, at the end of each wave of students. Not all heroes wear capes.

Throughout the day, students get hungry, and no one is happier then when they are getting ready to go to lunch. Lunch is a very chaotic place that is often located in a bigger area of the school. Some kids call it the “place of relief,” while filling their stomachs with their favorite dishes, but others just think of it as lunch time.

One of the students’ favorite dishes, that they serve, is called Italian Dunkers. It’s a cheesy-bread type food that is given with a side of Marinara sauce, along with other sides given to the students in the “bar” section.

My fellow writers and I thought it would be a good idea to show thanks to our Lunch Ladies at Highland Park Senior High by handing them a big poster saying how much we appreciate them, along with some candy on the side to signify how sweet they are. Everything they do for us is very helpful in ways that isn’t always addressed when necessary. If it weren’t for these ladies, we would be hungry throughout the day and wouldn’t be able to focus as well as we do with food in our system.

Lunch Ladies are really helpful, and as students of Highland Park Senior High, we thank you for the work you do to keep us fed and focused.