Sports schedule for: May 29- June 3

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Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of May 

Monday May 29:

Memorial Day

Tuesday May 30:

Co- Ed Track & Field @ East Ridge TBD

Wednesday May 31:

Thursday June 1:

Co- Ed Track & Field @ East Ridge TBD

Friday June 2:

Girls Varsity Golf Sectionals @ Bunker Hills GC 7:30am

Boys Varsity Golf Sectionals @ Bunker Hills GC 7:30am

Saturday June 3:

Go Scots!

Sports schedule for: May 22-27

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Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of May 22-17

Monday May 22:

Varsity Boys Golf 18- Hole Tournament @ Highland National GC 8:30am

Girls Varsity Golf @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Varsity Baseball @ Lakeville South 5pm (Bus 3/7pm)

Tuesday May 23:

Softball Section Playoff TBD

Varsity Baseball vs. Central @ Toni Stone Stadium (N/C) 4pm

Co-Ed Track & Field Conference Prelims @ Central 4pm ( Bus 3/6:45pm)

Boys Lacrosse @ John Marshall , Rochester, MN. 6pm

Wednesday May 24:

Varsity  & JV Baseball Twin Cities Game TBD

Girls Golf 18-Hole Tournament @ Phalen GC 9:30am

Thursday May 25:

Co-Ed Track & Field Conference Finals @ Central HS 3pm (Bus 1:45/6pm)

Boys Varsity Golf @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Friday May 26:

Boys Lacrosse @ Minnehaha Academy 6pm

Saturday May 27:

Go Scots!

Sports schedule for: May 15-20

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Fall Sports: Co-ed Cross-country,Adapted Soccer, Football,Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Girls Swimming

Activities the Week of May 15-20

Monday May 15:

Co-Ed JV Track & Field Conference Meet @ HP 4:15pm

Girls Varsity Golf @ HP Nine- Hole 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks 2:45pm

Boys Lacrosse @ Central HS 6pm

Varsity Baseball @ Legacy Christian Academy  4:30pm (Bus 2:45/6:45pm)

Badminton Individual State Meet  vs. Burnsville @ HP 4pm

Tuesday May 16:

Varsity Badminton Individual State Meet  @ Burnsville 4pm

Varsity Baseball @ St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex 4pm  ( Bus 2/6pm)

Varsity Boys Tennis @ Mpls. Southwest 3:15pm  (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)  JV @ HP 3:15pm

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45pm

Co-Ed Track & Field @ Irondale HS 3:45  (Bus 2:10/7pm)

Wednesday May 17:

Girls Varsity Golf @ Mendota Par 3 GC  2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45pm

Varsity Baseball vs. Johnson @ HP 4:30pm   JV vs. Coon Rapids @ HP 4:30pm

Boys Lacrosse @ McMurray Fields 5pm

Girls Lacrosse @ Columbia Hgts. 5:30pm

Badminton Team State Meet @ Burnsville 4-8pm

Thursday May 18:

Girls Varsity Golf  Nine-Hole Tournament @ Cedarholm GC 1pm  JV Girls Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Badminton Team State Tournament @ Eden Prairie 8-3pm

Friday May 19:

Girls Lacrosse @ Academy of  Holy Angels 5pm

Saturday May 20:

Varsity & JV Baseball @ Henry Sibley 11am ( Bus 9:30/1pm)

Girls Lacrosse @ Duluth East HS 11am

Sports schedule for: May 8-13

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Activities the Week of May 8-13

Monday May 8:

Girls Varsity Golf @ Phalen GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Central @ HP 3:15pm  JV @ Central HS 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/5pm)

JV Boy Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45pm

Varsity Softball Playoffs @ Dunning Field 4pm (Bus 2:40/5:30pm)    C-Squad @ HP 4PM

Boys Lacrosse @ Roseville Area HS 6pm

Tuesday May 9:

Varsity Boys Tennis vs. Humboldt  @ HP 3:15pm JV @ Humboldt  3:15pm (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Como @ Highland 2pm

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Co-Ed Track & Field @ St. Croix Lutheran 3pm (Bus 1:30/6pm)

Girls Lacrosse @ Central HS 4:30pm

Wednesday May 10:

Girls Varsity Golf  @ Como Park 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45

Varsity & JV Badminton Tournament @ HP 3:15pm  JV  Tournament @ Como (Bus 2:305:15pm)

Varsity Baseball @ Washington Tech. Magnet @ Arlington /Arkwright 4:30pm( Bus 3/6:30pm)  JV @ HP 4:30pm

Varsity & C-Squad Softball vs. Mpls. South @ HP 4:30pm

Thursday May 11:

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Central @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Varsity Badminton Tournament @ HP 3:15pm JV Tournament @ Como Park HS 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)

Varsity Boys Tennis vs. STA @ Visitation HS 4pm (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Co-Ed Track & Field @ HP 4:15pm

JV Baseball vs. Mpls. Southwest @ HP 4:30pm

Girls Lacrosse @ Mpls. Washburn 6pm

Friday May 12:

Varsity Softball @ TBD 4pm

JV Baseball vs. Mpls. Washburn @ Pearl Park 4pm  (Bus 3/6:30pm) or King Park 42nd & Nicollet

Boys Lacrosse @ Hill Murray 7pm

Saturday May 13:

JV Baseball vs. Central @ HP 12pm

Varsity & C-Squad Softball  vs. Mpls. Washburn @ Bryn Mawr Park 12pm & vs. DeLaSalle @ 2pm Bryn Mawr Park ( Bus 10:15/4pm)

Sports schedule for: May 1-6

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Activities the Week of May 1-6

Monday May 1:

Girls Varsity Golf vs. Humboldt @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks 3:10pm

Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Humboldt @ HP 3:15pm JV @ Humboldt 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)

Varsity & JV Badminton vs. Johnson @ HP 4pm

Varsity & C-Squad Softball vs. Harding @ HP 4pm

Varsity & JV Baseball vs. River Falls @ 1st National Bank Stadium, RF, Wi. 5pm (Bus 2:45/7pm)

Girls Lacrosse @ Central HS 5:30pm

Tuesday May 2:

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Harding @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Girls Lacrosse @ Minnehaha Academy 4pm

Boys Varsity & Baseball vs. Como Park @ HP 4:30pm (N/C)

Wednesday May 3:

Girls Varsity Golf vs. Harding @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 3:10pm

Badminton vs. Central @ HP 3:15pm

Varsity Boys Tennis @ Washington Tech. Magnet 3:15pm  (Bus 2:30/5pm)

JV Tennis  @ HP 3:15pm

JV Baseball @ Toni Stone Stadium 3:45pm (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)

Adapted PI Softball @ Humboldt 4:30pm

Adapted Bowl to Midway  (Bus 2:15/4pm)

Boys Lacrosse @ Central HS 6:30pm

Thursday May 4:

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf  vs. Johnson @ Phalen GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity & JV Tennis @ SPA 4:30pm (Bus 3:45 One Way)

Co-Ed Track & Field  True Team Meet @ HP 3:15pm

Adapted PI Softball @ Mpls. South 4:30pm

Friday May 5:

Varsity Boys Tennis @ Como Park 3:15pm   JV @ HP 3:15pm

Saturday May 6:

Sports schedule for: Apr 24-29

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of April 24-29

Monday Apr. 24:

Varsity Boys Tennis vs. Eagan @ HP 4pm  JV @ Eagan Northview Athletic Complex 4pm (Bus 2:15/5:15pm)

Boys JV Golf @ Thompson Oaks GC 2:45pm

Varsity @ JV Badminton vs. Harding @ HP 3:15pm

Varsity Softball vs. Johnson @ Phalen Fields 4pm (Bus 2:40/5:45pm)

JV Baseball vs. St. Croix Prep Academy @ HP 4:30pm

Tuesday Apr. 25:

Varsity Baseball vs. Heritage Christian Academy @ Hamel Legion Park 4:30pm  (Bus 2:45/6:30pm)

JV Baseball vs. Mpls. Washburn @ HP 4:30pm

Wednesday Apr. 26:

Varsity Boys Golf @ Highland National for 9 Hole Duals 1:30pm

Girls Varsity Golf 9 Hole Tournament @ Cedarholm GC 2pm

Varsity & JV Badminton vs. Washington Tech . Magnet @ HP 3:45pm

Varsity & C-Squad  Softball vs. Mpls. Southwest @ HP 4pm

JV Boys Tennis vs. Johnson @ Phalen Courts 4pm  Varsity @ HP 4pm

Varsity Baseball vs. Harding @ HP 4:30pm   JV vs. St. Croix Prep @ Barker’s Alps Park 4:30pm (Bus 2:30/5:45pm)

Thursday Apr. 27:

JV Boys Tennis vs. Mpls. Southwest @ HP 3:15pm Varsity @ Mpls. Southwest 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/5:15pm)

Co-Ed Track & Field @ Harding 3:15pm (Bus 1:45/5:45pm)

JV Baseball @ Legacy Christian Academy 4:30pm

Friday Apr. 28:

Varsity & JV Badminton @ Humboldt 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/4:15pm)

Boys Varsity Tennis @ Rosemount   3:15pm  JV @ HP  3:15pm  (Bus 2:15/5:15pm)

Varsity Softball @ Como 4pm   C-Squad @ North Dale Rec. 4pm (Bus 2:40/5:45pm)

Boys Lacrosse “Bobcats” @ Central HS 5:30pm  Girls Lacrosse @ Woodbury HS 7pm

Varsity Baseball vs. Central @ CHS Field 7pm (Bus 5:15/9pm)

Saturday Apr. 29:

Varsity Softball Tournament vs. Central @ Dunning Field 2:15pm

Varsity & JV Baseball @ SPA 12pm

Sports schedule for: Mar 27-Apr 1

** Due to weather and other changes to the schedule please refer to: for up to date information**

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities  the Week of Mar. 27- April 1

Monday Mar. 27:

Varsity & JV Badminton vs. Como Park @ HP 3:15pm

Boys Tennis Begins

Tuesday Mar. 28:

Wednesday Mar. 29:

Varsity & JV Badminton @ Harding 3:15pm (Bus 2:30/4:30pm)

Thursday Mar. 30:

Varsity & JV Badminton @ Washington Tech. Magnet 3:30pm (2:45/4:45pm)

Co-Ed Track & Field Exhibition Meet @ Johnson 4:15pm

Varsity Baseball Scrimmage vs. New Life Academy @ HP 4:30pm

Friday Mar. 31:

Saturday Apr. 1:

Track and field season wrap-up

After a successful season of track and field, there was one night that everyone was waiting for…and that was the Banquet.


photo courtesy of Asiah Atiq

The Highland Park track team had a variety of people with many different skills. Those skills helped us win track meets, and if we didn’t win we sure put in our all. On May 17, and May 19, the City Conference Track Meet was hosted, which meant “Go hard or go home.” The Highland Park team was determined to make their mark at this meet, and that’s exactly what they did. All the training, and confidence we built as a team, surely helped us get the win for the Conference Champs of 2016. In my eyes, I saw a team that was known for building each other up, not knocking each other down.

This year not only helped me improve some skills and help me get into shape, but it helped me face my fears and made me be more confident into trying new things, and to be more open-minded. The skills and things I was taught this year made me realize that I’m stronger than I thought I was, and made me think “outside the box.” Since I had so much faith in the team, and myself, I made my mark on the team.

Banquets are usually events that bring people together, celebrating accomplishments, and talking over the greatest moments, followed by speeches that include wise words. Monday, May 6th, was the day of Highland Park’s track banquet which recognized and awarded many of our great athletes. One thing I like about banquets is that it shows the different capabilities in people, whether it’s from jumping, to throwing, and even running. We talked about what the team meant, what was expected from the athletes, and how the overall season went.

The coaches had a huge impact on me and the team, because if I wouldn’t have known that there was gonna be obstacles on our way to success, I would have never continued trying to reach my goals, and going outside the box. I achieved blocks, a big part of a race that I havent tried till this year. That connects with the saying “You learn something new every day” – Ray LeBlond. 

Overall, this year was filled with accomplishments, and not only am I proud of myself, but I am also proud of my teammates. I want to thank the Track and Field coaches for making this track season one to remember, and to continue doing what you think is right.

To anyone who wants to join track, or is getting ready for next season…stay true to yourself and know your strengths.

Track and field

Have you ever wondered why people run for fun?  What the significance of track is? Track is what you make of it.

Track and field is a combination of field events such as throwing, jumping, and running: which goes from 50m hurdles – 3600m. Unlike other sports, track is simply a sport that helps you get in shape, and helps you improve skills. Whether it’s from throwing a short distance, to jumping farther than you ever jumped! It’s a matter of commitment and hard work. If you’re not going to put your all into what you do, then it reflects in your races and events.

IMG_0226Track is important to me because it’s very intriguing and lively. Since 5th grade, it has been my favorite sport. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes when you over think about the little things, but you have to keep moving. My past coaches have told me key things that I have kept with me until this day.

“Don’t let the little things knock you down. Sometimes you fall, and when you do you get back up”-Anonymous.

Sometimes when you feel like giving up, it’s better to just think about what you think is the problem, and try to fix it. Giving up won’t make you better, it will only slow you down even more.

Everyone has their own skills, and it takes specific training and strength to bring the talent out of their shell. Each event is not the same, which means more people can try to search what they like best about each one. Being open-minded in a sport like track is good because depending on what sport you play, there is always a better option that you can partake in.

Another key thing with track is setting goals. Some may call it “PR” which stands for personal record. Whether it’s improving a second or a minute, you want to set that up for yourself so not only can you better yourself, but you’re pushing yourself closer to success.

I suggest more people join track no matter what school they go to, because it helps with getting stuff off your mind, improving skills, and getting you fit for your next season, if you play multiple sports. Track and field is for anyone, any age, and is here not only to make you better, but also to help you build a better perspective on skills and exercises.

Track & field at Highland Park High

The Highland Park spring sports are starting and I decided to interview some of the track and field athletes here at Highland.

What is your name/grade?
Asiah: 10th
Ben: 9th
Jillian: 10th

What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport?
Asiah: First place in relay.
Ben: Hasn’t done track yet.
Jillian: Nothing.

What is your biggest challenge?
Asiah: Having asthma.
Ben: Getting shape before season.
Jillian: High jump.

What do you do to manage this challenge?
Asiah: Taking inhaler before running.
Ben: Make sure homework is done before going to sport.
Jillian: Pushing myself.

How is your diet different from when you’re not participating in track, and how difficult is it to control it?
Asiah: Don’t diet. No diet change.
Ben: Healthy. No.
Jillian: No, they don’t make us diet.

Is it difficult to balance school work and sports?
Asiah: No.
Ben: It can be at times like during finals.
Jillian: Yeah.

Did you have any injuries that were serious?
Asiah: Concussion in soccer.
Ben: No.
Jillian: No not yet.

Do you have advice or words of encouragement for younger kids that want to play this sport?
Asiah: If you want to get far, drive for success and don’t give up.
Ben: Don’t be scared to tryout.
Jillian: Be open minded.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Asiah: My teams are supportive and diverse.
Ben: Not really.
Jillian: No.

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