Preview of Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

In this year’s Champions League Final there is experienced Real Madrid looking for a three-peat in the competition most clubs salivate to qualify for, and there is the high-flying mighty Reds of Liverpool that are looking to get their hands on the Coupe de Clubes Champions Europeans trophy.

With both teams leading all teams in goals scored throughout the competition, the game will be played with especially meticulous tactics from the respective managers: Zidane of Real Madrid and Klopp of Liverpool.

Real Madrid will be getting the nod on most bets, but there is plenty of possibility for upset. Liverpool led the competition up this point with a whopping 40 goals through 13 games. The Reds also only let in 15 goals. Because of Real’s experience, the presence of one of the greatest goal-scorers of all-time, the amount of big-time players they have in the starting lineup, their reserves, and intelligence of their manager, Madrid has been given a 56% edge for the match.

Liverpool’s story has been quite enthralling and captivating. With the addition of Mo Salah, the Egyptian magician, Liverpool finished fourth in the EPL, and Salah led them to this Champions League Final shutting up all of the haters on their pressing, energy-enthused squad. The team is a collection of veterans, like James Milner and Jordan Henderson, with plenty of healthy confidence and know-how, plus youth, with plenty of potential in players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joseph Gomez.

With plenty of energy and quality up top from Firmino, Mane, and Salah, the Reds will have to focus on sustaining a balanced midfield throughout the 90 minutes and keeping a composed, yet aggressive backline. While dealing with Madrid’s star-studded midfield, and front line is possible, most think it will come down to how much magic Klopp’s attacking three can produce.

image taken from: Final Liga de Campeones 2018: Real Madrid vs Liverpool – Monterrey 360

In regards to Madrid, and the almost flawless squad they seem to maintain year after year, it is all about execution. Zidane will put forth a master plan to pick apart the Reds, and all the Madridistas must do is follow his instructions, put all of their effort in, and leave everything on the field with nothing to regret. If they do so, most seem to think that is quite plausible that they will come out with the victory for the third straight year.

All in all, the match will be quite intriguing so I suggest you tune in.