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The best thrift stores in St. Paul and Minneapolis

By: Emilia Moberg

For those who enjoy thrifting, the Twin Cities is a great area to shop in. Throughout the cities, there are countless stores, each with unique features that make them a must-visit. However, the copious amount of stores can feeling daunting, so here’s my curated list of a few of the best thrift stores in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Best women’s clothing: Encore Consignment Boutique

Encore is my pick for the best women’s thrift store in St. Paul/Minneapolis, because of its wide selection of brands and reasonable prices. Encore uses the consignment selling model, which means you give them your clothing, and get a partial profit back when the clothes are sold. At a regular thrift store, clothing can be only donated. Consignment and other more curated stores ensure that you will be looking through quality clothing.

Encore sells an array of pants, dresses, shoes and accessories, and features jewelry from local artists. I personally like Encore because they feature items from a variety of higher-end brands such as Ambercrombie and Kate Spade, as well as good-quality items for 10-20 dollars. They even have a bin of mostly vintage, graphic t-shirts for 2 dollars each. At Encore, I’ve found some of my favorite dresses and sweaters that I consider staples in my closet.

Best vintage: Time Bomb Vintage

Time Bomb is the place to go if you’re looking for quality, vintage items. They have a significant selection of t-shirts, dresses and pants, as well as vintage games, toys and records. The prices at Time Bomb can be higher compared to other places, ranging from 25 to 150+ dollars. However, when I do purchase an item, it is something I love and know is a quality piece. Similarly to Encore, the selection at Time Bomb is curated and they specialize in vintage items.

Best bargain: Salvation Army Bins

Sometimes when you’re out thrifting, you just want to buy a lot of items for cheap. If this sounds like you, try out the Salvation Army Bins. The clothes are presented in large bins and the prices are done by weight. While you have to spend time digging through piles of clothing, at the Salvation Army in North Loop, the price for a pound of clothing is slightly under 2 dollars! While the selection is not curated, I have found high-quality and oftentimes brand name items in good condition.

Iris Van Herpen’s debut couture collection

By: Emilia Moberg

Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch designer, born in 1984, in the small town of Wamel, Netherlands. In her youth, she enjoyed painting and dance before being introduced to fashion as an art form in high school. During those formative years, Van Herpen learned the building blocks of fashion design, which inspired her to pursue an education at the Artez Institute of the Arts Arnhem. Her influences include Alexander McQueen and Claudy Jongstra, whom she interned for before starting her own brand in 2007. 

Since then, Van Herpen’s style has been defined by a futuristic, fantastical, sci-fi use of non-conventional materials, including 3-D printed garments. She has collaborated with a variety of other designers, artists and choreographers whom have further inspired her unique sensibility. Her work has been featured in the MET in New York City and the Royal Museum in Toronto, and has received various other accolades. 

One of the notable collections out of her repertoire is her debut couture collection, Capriole. It was presented during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. The show contains highlights from previous collections, but the heart of the show revolves around 5 new designs. These designs are intended to convey the feeling one experiences “Just before and during a free-fall parachute jump”. 

The first of these designs is a tangled knot of black plastic tentacles formed into a the shape of a mini dress. According to Van Herpen, the piece is a representation of one’s state of mind before skydiving. The three dresses to follow utilize geometric shards of black and translucent plastic material, which sculpt and expand from the models body. The collection’s final dress, called “The Skeleton Dress”, was created through 3-D printing technology. The dress loosely follows the structure of a human skeleton, with abstract ribs, spine and hip bones. Van Herpen likens the garment to the feeling of being “turned inside out” while falling through the air. 

“The Skeleton Dress” – Image taken from:
“The first of these designs is a tangled knot of black plastic tentacles formed into a the shape of a mini dress.” – Image taken from:

Rating Halloween costumes

By: Stephanie Caballero

Candy, spooky decorations, and scary movies! Who doesn’t love Halloween?

Don’t forget the costumes, the best part about Halloween is dressing up! Dressing up gives people the opportunity to bring out their creative side. Some people choose to become something that interests them, others choose to go all out on the spooky theme. The most important part is that everyone has fun coming up with the costumes. Here are some of the costumes this year and that I will be rating.

Image taken from: Credit for picture: Maitreyi on Instagram

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Maltreyi is known best for her role as Devi in the Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever’. Maitreyi’s costume this year was very original as she chose to be the Energizer Bunny from the Energizer battery brand. Her creativity and originality with this costume is very unique as you can tell it was probably put together by herself, I however enjoy costumes that have lots of details. I would give this costume a 6/10. 

image taken from: Credit for picture: Cibelle Levi 

Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhardt and Madelaine Petsch

These actors are known for their roles in Netflix series ‘Riverdale’; Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl. For their costumes they chose to come together and follow one theme. Their theme was the famous movie ‘Hocus Pocus’ which came out in 1993. Dressed as the three Sanderson sisters. They went for the spooky theme this year. I would give their costumes a 8/10.

Image taken from: Credit for picture: Shutterstock

Paris Hilton  

The star Paris Hilton is known for her family’s reputation and music. This year Paris dressed as Sailor Moon. The character Sailor Moon is from an anime popular amongst anime fans. I think that her costume is not as original as the others but it’s definitely unique as she is one of so many to do something from an anime. I would give this a 7/10.

Image taken from: Credit for picture: Stephen Lovekin

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, a judge from one of the biggest shows ‘America’s got talent decided to do something very different this year. Heidi dressed up as a giant worm, and not those cute worms, no. This worm shocked and spooked most, she was a very realistic and detailed 6 foot worm. I would give this costume a 10/10. It was unexpected and very scary.

Overall, there were some really new and unique costumes this year, but there really wasn’t much of the spooky theme.

Comparing online second-hand stores

By: Emilia Moberg

Image taken from:

Now more than ever, it’s easy to buy clothing online. There are thousands of different brands, high-end to cheap, well-established to newly created. However, there are other ways to engage with fashion online besides purchasing brand-new clothing.

Thrifting is a widely popular way to buy clothing, due to the often low prices, unique pieces and participation in sustainability. In recent years, there has been a shift of focus to sustainable clothing. Upcycled clothing, clothing made in ethical work environments and thrifted clothing are a few examples of sustainable clothing options.

While some still opt for “fast fashion” for a variety of reasons, including lack of accessibility to sustainable clothing, or the cheap price points, there are many online retailers that sell second-hand clothing. In this article, I will be comparing two of these sites.

Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman, as a clothing marketplace app focused on combining the social aspect of Instagram with online buying and selling. Before Depop, Beckerman ran an arts and fashion magazine called PIG. However, as the internet cemented itself in our modern culture, Beckerman saw the decline of print media and felt a need to switch to a digital platform.

Image taken from:

Grailed was started in 2013 by Arun Gupta as a high-end menswear resale platform. The site includes a variety of luxury brands like Supreme, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs and many more. Grailed streamlined the high-end clothing buying process through their app, whereas in the past these items were not as easily accessible online.

Both companies have similarities and differences. The pair were started to fulfill a need in the fashion industry and have a majority young audience, with 90% of Depop’s users being under 26. Through the app interface, users are able to sell items from their homes.

However, the two platforms cater to different audiences. Depop is a one stop shop for thrifted items; it’s easy to look up general keywords and find something close to what you’re looking for. Grailed is more geared towards consumers looking for specific, luxury pieces.

All about ‘Heaven’ by Marc Jacobs 

By: Emilia Moberg

Marc Jacobs is a luxury fashion brand founded in 1984 by designer Marc Jacobs. It was highly successful in the 90s and early 2000s and is credited with creating the grunge aesthetic. Despite its accomplishments in fashion, the brand slowly started to lose revenue in the 2010s.

 Throughout history, fashion brands, large and small, have found the need to reinvent themselves to stay on-trend. One way brands combat irrelevancy is often by catering to a new, younger audience to help revitalize the image of the brand as a whole. In a quote from Marc Gobé, founder of an international design and branding company, Gobé states, “The mature brands lose the younger generation. The younger generation gravitates towards brands that are culturally relevant to them”. Marc Jacobs did just that with the launch of its new project, ‘Heaven’ by Marc Jacobs. 

Heaven by Marc Jacobs is an off-shoot brand of mainline Marc Jacobs. The idea for the brand was originated by Jacobs and Ava Nirui, the special projects directors for Marc Jacobs. Started in the fall of 2020, the brand’s designs focus on a combination of the 90’s grunge look and modern youth culture to engage its Gen Z and Millennial audience.

Heaven features items such as printed baby doll dresses, platform heels and boots, baby tees in muted colors, silver statement jewelry and hand and shoulder bags. Movie posters, zines, and CD’s are also sold at the brand’s online store and Los Angeles location. Heaven has featured design collaborations with Doc Martens, Thai brand Nong Rak, and musical artist Bladee, as well as celebrity campaigns with Nicki Minaj, Beabadobee, Steve Lacy, and Bella Hadid. 

Marc Jacobs designs from the 90s – Image taken from:

According to fashion financial executive, Jean Jacques Guiony, Marc Jacobs as a brand began to increase in profits after the release of Heaven for the first time in 5 years. The brand represents the success that can be had when a young creative and an established, yet open-minded designer collaborate. 

Nike’s rise in the basketball industry and how it can rise even further

By: Musab Mohamud

Brief Overview: 

Nike’s basketball line is a wildly successful and popular part of Nike’s global brand. With world-famous athletes such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving being the face of their brand, Nike was destined to succeed in the basketball world.

Nike has not always been the leader of the basketball shoe industry, however, that changed when they began to focus on marketing through athletes, actors, and influencers of the time. 

Due to the lack of social media, these were the best ways to introduce their shoes, athletic or lifestyle apparel, and other products to the masses. Nike always found success in marketing physically and generally being an iconic brand, however, they continue to pass up a golden opportunity in social media marketing.

Rarely do you see Nike ads for their basketball products, the exception seems to be 3rd party reseller apps that advertise their own stock. Apps such as StockX, GOAT, and Stadium Goods have blown up by advertising on social media; their ads are prominent on apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Nike, while formerly miles ahead of its competitors in the aspect of basketball products; they are coming under the risk of being caught by competitors like Adidas and Puma. These two brands share the idea of signing glamorous young athletes, letting them promote themselves on their own social media platforms, and reaping the benefits. Adidas and Puma followed the Nike route to success by letting their signature athletes design their own shoes, thus making the shoe more desirable and marketable.

Nike fails to release new lines and market them on social media, which renders them vulnerable to the rising popularity of their direct competitors. Nike could solve their issues by allowing more creative freedom for their young superstars; this could convince more prospects to sign with them, and more shoe sales, which would ultimately lead to more consumer satisfaction.

Target Market and its importance. 

A target market will not be difficult to find for a Nike basketball shoe. With such a widely watched and played sport, many people of different backgrounds can enjoy a wide range of Nike products. People who value performance shoes should be the main target audience, with their insistence on progress, Nike can always create new lines of shoes and further sales.

Nike continues to enjoy success at the top of the basketball shoe industry, however, their underutilization of social media could boost their competition past them. If Nike targets young people who are prominent on apps such as Instagram and YouTube, they could potentially secure them, along with their followers as customers. Nike would massively boost sales if they promoted their basketball shoes not only in their stores and on their website, but also on social media apps for impressionable, young, and trendy teens.

Met Gala 2022

The 2022 Met Gala is held every year, on the first Monday of May, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme this year was “The Gilded Glamour”. Celebrities were encouraged to wear something from the late 19th century with a modern spin on it. 

Kim Kardashian wore a Marilyn Monroe dress, the dress she wore in 1962 when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. Kim wore the dress with a white fur coat and walked the carpet with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, wearing a Dior suit. Even though this was an iconic dress it wasn’t on theme.

Jodie Turner-Smith wore a Gucci gown and Stuart Weitzman heels. She went full 1920s; she was dressed in a fringed leotard with a full skirt. Her makeup was on point, and it embraced the era, but her outfit wasn’t on theme. 

Gigi Hadid wore a Versace suit and Chopard jewelry. She wore a burgundy latex catsuit and paired it with a  huge, floor-length puffer coat. Her outfit was all about volumes which went with the theme of Gilded Glamour.

Khloe Kardashian made her first appearance ever at the Met Gala, she wore a Moschino floor-length glittering gold gown. She completed the look with gold sunglasses and a long-sleeve black coat with black gloves. Her look was okay. The gloves matched up with the theme, but the outfit and gloves didn’t pair well together. 

The best dress of the night was Blake Lively, she knows how to make an entrance. She went with one of her go-to brands for the red carpet Atelier Versace, in a design inspired by New York City. The star arrived in a shimmering, rose gold, gown with a bow attached to the side. This idea was based on Manhattan’s intricate architecture and the Empire State Building. Her second look was revealed halfway up the red carpet stairs when the bow on the skirt was untied to reveal a cascading blue train, which was designed to inspire the decor of Grand Central station. The crown she wore symbolized the Statue of Liberty, which has seven rays. When ask about her look she said that “Instead of looking to fashion to influence the dress, I looked to New York City architecture and the classic buildings.”


By: Julia Swee

Image taken from:

Throughout the years, ‘Supreme’ has managed to amass a large and growing following as it has come to symbolize the underground streetwear that has taken over the fashion game. 

‘Supreme’ started 26 years ago as a small skateboarding and apparel brand that was famously shy about publicity. It launched in 1994, when a designer by the name of James Jebbia opened a ‘low key’ skateboarding and clothing store on Lafayette Street, in SoHo, the heart of New York’s high end fashion scene. 

Jebbia claims he was drawn to the “edgy and effortlessly cool style of the young skaters of New York City” in the late 90’s. 

It took 10 years before ‘Supreme’ opened their second store in Los Angeles. Today the brand has two stores in New York City, six in Japan, and outposts in Paris and London, as well as a singular location in San Francisco.

Instead of choosing to promote their brand consistently, ‘Supreme’ laid low and waited for the people to come to them. This added to the level of value to their clothing items. ‘Supreme’ would launch sales for one day, and only the most informed and high class members of society would become aware of them. This allowed the brand to transform into a luxury staple, as each piece was one of a kind and worn publicly by influential figures. 

The idea of keeping their launches very low key allowed for the brand to flourish as each piece was originally bought for a cheap price from the first sell, and due to its uniqueness, the buyer would resell the piece for at least 4 times the price it was bought for. The price goes up for each of the pieces as the designs get older and older. Along the way of becoming a huge name brand, ‘Supreme’s’ street cred has been bolstered by collaborations with other high end fashion brands such as Nike, Vans, Levis, and Louis Vuitton.

With the large amount of street credit came the die hard fans for the store. These fans were dubbed ‘Supreme heads’ or ‘hypebeasts’. These fans would line up for hours on end outside of ‘Supreme’ stores just for product release events that sometimes can sellout in a matter of minutes. ‘Supreme’ shoppers will pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for a hat or shirt, and from $150 to $450 for a sweatshirt or jacket.

In order to attend a ‘Supreme’ in store release, you have to register online for that day. The registries close extremely fast, and fill up almost immediately. If you manage to get registered, you will likely receive a text message confirmation telling you the time and date to show up at the store. You must show the store your photo ID and credit card, that you used to register, in order to be allowed inside the store.

The lines outside of the store can last for around 3 to 4 hours at times. The lengths that people go to, to end up paying extreme amounts of money on these items show how die hard the ‘Supreme’ fan base is about the brand. 

Throughout the years, ‘Supreme’ has grown an enormous amount. Today ‘Supreme’ is considered a high end fashion brand, with people all around the world friending to get their hands on anything by the name. Personally, I think that the brand is a prestigious, notable line that represents the ways that the fashion game has molded to the 21st century. Wearing ‘Supreme’ not only gives you a sense of style, but transports you into a world of class

Guide to men’s fragrances

By: Salman Said

Image taken from: (Designer & Niche Fragrance Collection)

Many people love to keep up their hygiene to live up to high societal standards. If that’s bleaching your teeth white, using fake hair, or even getting surgery. Some may feel content with who they are but others want to change. Sometimes the drastic change people are looking for comes in a more simplistic form; the way we smell.

The way you smell is more important than you think. Human’s strongest sense is their sense of smell. It is 150,000 times stronger than sight, and people can detect over a trillion varying odors. Scents can also elicit vivid memories or intense emotions. Scents travel directly to the brain’s olfactory bulb, which is linked to the amygdala and hippocampus. The amygdala is the part of the brain that deals with our more intense emotions such as fear, rage, and even pleasure. The hippocampus, on the other hand, is the part of our brain that deals with memories. 

The way you smell can be the one-and-all for some people, and if you’re trying to make the best first impression, smelling good is one of the best ways to do so. It can trigger positive memories for some people and studies show that a woman’s sense of smell is much stronger than a man’s. In recent research in Europe, women tend to choose men who smell better in a first reaction stand point than any other factor.

Fragrances are measured in milliliters or ounces. The standard fragrance sizes are 1.7, 3.4, and 6.7 ounces (50, 100, and 200 milliliters are the alternative sizes). These are the sizes that most bottles come in. The concentration of the bottles is also specified. The amount of actual scent in the bottle is referred to as the concentration. The majority of the bottles are made up of alcohol and the actual fragrance. The duration and strength of the fragrance are determined by the amount of fragrance in the bottle. The longer it lasts, the higher the concentration. Eau Fraiche has the lowest concentration, with only 1-3 percent. Then it moves on to Eau De Toilette with a concentration of 5-15%, Eau De Parfum with a concentration of 15-20%, and finally Parfum with a concentration of 20-30%. These are going to be the main types and most fragrances come in EDT (Eau De Toilette) or EDP (Eau De Parfum).

Fragrances are classified by different brands and each brand is called a House. Popular Houses are Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Each house has fragrances and most likely their flankers. Flankers are just a different variation of a fragrance. The Dior Sauvage EDT and Dior Sauvage EDP are two different flankers of the Sauvage fragrance and both hail from the same house: Dior.

There are two types of houses. Designers and Niche. Designers are the popular ones mentioned before. Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, etc., but Niche are the more lesser known fragrances. Popular Niche fragrances are Creed Aventus and Mancera Red Tobacco. Niches aren’t as well known as designer houses, and tend to be higher quality and more expensive.

If you were looking for a safe and easy way to buy your fragrance you can do retail. Retail chains like Macy’s, Sephora, and Ultra all sell Designer fragrances at typically higher prices. But you get to smell, test, and buy your fragrances safely and efficiently, and of course, you get the highest quality all at the same place. For some, that peace of mind is worth the price.

But, if you’re not trying to spend more for your favorite fragrances you can shop at Discounters. Discounters are typically the same popular Designer and Niche fragrances but at a lower price. Discounters can be the only places people can purchase Niche fragrances since they aren’t popular enough houses to be sold at retailers. Discounters are cheaper because often they are imported from different countries that sell the same fragrance for different prices. Typically, houses import the fragrances to retailers, and the cost of shipping and handling is reflected in the price at retail. Discounters cut the middle-man and get the fragrances straight from the source. This results in cheaper fragrances, and more options. 

Fragrances have distinct smells and each fragrance is marketed for different settings. Dolce and Gabbana The One is a popular date night fragrances that smells like tobacco and amber. While Prada L’homme and Bleu de Chanel are summertime fragrances that are designed to smell fresh and even soapy. The difference between a date night, club, and seasonal fragrances can be detrimental. You don’t want to wear a highly concentrated soapy fragrance during a date where they are sitting so close to you. 

Fragrances are divided into three notes. The top note is usually the shortest to last. It’s the first thing you notice when you spray the fragrance, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the scent. The middle note, which lasts much longer (usually after the first hour) and is the main note that fragrances are intended to smell like. Finally, there is the fading note, which is the base note. After all of the other notes have broken down in your skin, the base note usually outlasts them and smells like a blending of everything else.

You should use fragrances on your heat points (wrist, neck, sides of your chest close to your armpits, and the insides of your elbows). This is how you get the most out of your sense of smell. When applying, simply spray it on the heat points and leave it alone. Don’t spray it on your clothes because it’ll stain them. Don’t rub your skin after applying; the notes in the fragrance will be destroyed and the smell will not last as long.

Lastly, don’t over-spray; after the top note, our noses become nose blind to the smell, and we don’t notice it at all because it can be so overpowering. Just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean no one else can. Ask someone after applying, “Can you smell me?” If they don’t, apply more. If they do, don’t.

The history of ‘Vogue’

By: Julia Swee

‘Vogue’ is a high end fashion magazine based in New York City, New York. ‘Vogue’ is currently one of the most powerful and recognized publication businesses of the fashion industry, but it took a while before it would ever reach the amount of fame it has today.

Arthur Baldwin Turnure was an American businessman in New York in 1892, and had been in the market for a new weekly newspaper. He founded ‘Vogue’ with the intent to create a publication that celebrated the “ceremonial side of life”. The first issue was published on December 17 of the same year, with a cover price of just 10 cents. 

The very first editor of ‘Vogue’ was a woman by the name of Josephine Redding, who served from 1892 until 1900 and is credited for naming the magazine. At this time, women in high positions was very uncommon, and the hiring of Redding was a step forward for the women’s rights movement.

For the first 17 years of its existence, ‘Vogue’ was published every week for the general public. This changed when a largely known American publisher, by the name of Conde Montrose Nast, purchased ‘Vogue’ in 1909. This helped to grow the magazine, changing the targeted audience to both males and females and changing the publishing to every other week. 

In July of 1932, ‘American Vogue’ released its first color photograph on the cover of the magazine. This sparked more interest in the magazine as people were attracted to the pictures. 

As photography and color began to transform the magazine throughout the years, it gained more and more traction. In December of 1962, Diana Vreeland became editor in chief of the magazine.

After Vreeland came Grace Mirabella, who took up the position in 1971 through 1988. Mirabella enhanced the magazine to value many different interests by adding texts with interviews, arts coverage, and serious health pieces.

As Mirabella finished up her time with the magazine, Anna Wintour took her place at the end of 1988. To this day, Wintour is widely appreciated for her work on the magazine, and the fashion industry in general.

‘Vogue’ has been around for many many years, and throughout these years the magazine has influenced everyday lifestyle and fashion within America. 

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