Preview of Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

In this year’s Champions League Final there is experienced Real Madrid looking for a three-peat in the competition most clubs salivate to qualify for, and there is the high-flying mighty Reds of Liverpool that are looking to get their hands on the Coupe de Clubes Champions Europeans trophy.

With both teams leading all teams in goals scored throughout the competition, the game will be played with especially meticulous tactics from the respective managers: Zidane of Real Madrid and Klopp of Liverpool.

Real Madrid will be getting the nod on most bets, but there is plenty of possibility for upset. Liverpool led the competition up this point with a whopping 40 goals through 13 games. The Reds also only let in 15 goals. Because of Real’s experience, the presence of one of the greatest goal-scorers of all-time, the amount of big-time players they have in the starting lineup, their reserves, and intelligence of their manager, Madrid has been given a 56% edge for the match.

Liverpool’s story has been quite enthralling and captivating. With the addition of Mo Salah, the Egyptian magician, Liverpool finished fourth in the EPL, and Salah led them to this Champions League Final shutting up all of the haters on their pressing, energy-enthused squad. The team is a collection of veterans, like James Milner and Jordan Henderson, with plenty of healthy confidence and know-how, plus youth, with plenty of potential in players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joseph Gomez.

With plenty of energy and quality up top from Firmino, Mane, and Salah, the Reds will have to focus on sustaining a balanced midfield throughout the 90 minutes and keeping a composed, yet aggressive backline. While dealing with Madrid’s star-studded midfield, and front line is possible, most think it will come down to how much magic Klopp’s attacking three can produce.

image taken from: Final Liga de Campeones 2018: Real Madrid vs Liverpool – Monterrey 360

In regards to Madrid, and the almost flawless squad they seem to maintain year after year, it is all about execution. Zidane will put forth a master plan to pick apart the Reds, and all the Madridistas must do is follow his instructions, put all of their effort in, and leave everything on the field with nothing to regret. If they do so, most seem to think that is quite plausible that they will come out with the victory for the third straight year.

All in all, the match will be quite intriguing so I suggest you tune in.


St. Croix Section 3AA Tru Team and Harding Relay Meet

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

Track Meet @ Saint Croix Lutheran Sections 3AA Tru Team

photo courtesy of: R. Wahlberg

It was the section 3AA @ St. Croix meet, and the schools that attended were: St. Paul Johnson, Simley, St. Thomas Academy, South St. Paul, Hill-Murray, St. Paul Washington, Minneapolis Roosevelt, St. Paul Como, St. Croix Lutheran, and St. Paul Highland. It was a limited meet. There were only 2 people per event. The top 2 fastest runners, jumpers, throwers from each team were the ones who participated. The team with the most points, at the end of the meet, was going to state.

The Highland boy’s team almost came over on top. It was down to the last 3 events, and the Highland boys were in the lead, the St. Croix boys were in 2nd place, and the St. Thomas boys were in 3rd place.

In the last 3 events, Highland came in 3rd or 4th place, and St. Croix Lutheran took the lead by 24 points, and during the last event, St. Thomas also got in front of Highland, so that put the boys in 3rd place overall.

Relay meet @ Harding High School

The schools that attended this meet were: Highland, Harding, Central, Johnson, Washington, Cretin-Derham Hall, Humboldt, and Como. The Highland Park boy’s team was in first place.

The Highland park boy’s 4x100m dash first leg fell, and dropped the baton, handing it off to the 2nd leg. Highland was in last place, but ended the race in 3rd place.

The boys 4×100 relay team said that they were going to make it up in the 4x200m dash.

The 4×200 teams were with Central, Como, Harding, Johnson, Humboldt, Cretin, and Washington. The Highland boys made a comeback in the 4x200m relay by coming in first place over every team.

Sports schedule for: May 21-26


For a full calendar of events please refer to:

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of  May 21-26

Monday May 21:

Varsity, JV & B-Squad Softball Twin Cities Game TBD (Bus 2:45/5:15pm)
Boys Varsity Golf 18-Hole Tournament @ Highland National GC 8:30am
Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Rochester Century @ HP 5pm
Baseball vs. Bloomington Kennedy JV & B-Squad @ HP 4:30pm Varsity @ Red Haddock 4:30pm (Bus 3/6pm)

Tuesday May 22:
Boys Varsity  Golf Conference Tournament @ Highland National GC TBD 8:30am

Girls Track Conference Prelims @ HP 4pm  Boys @ Harding 4pm (Bus 2:45/7:15pm)

Varsity Baseball Twin Cities Game TBD 4:30pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Mpls. Washburn 6pm

Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Mankato East 5pm

Wednesday May 23:

Girls Varsity Golf 18-Hole Tournament @ Phalen GC 9am

Baseball @ Henry Sibley (all levels) 4:15pm

Thursday May 24:

Co-Ed Track @ Harding HS 3pm (Bus 1:45/6:30pm)

Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Woodbury HS 7pm

Friday May 25:

Co-Ed Track @ Como Park HS 4:15pm (Bus 3/6:30pm)

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Columbia Hgts. @ Central HS 5pm

Saturday May 26:

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Duluth East @ Denfeld HS Stadium 12:30pm

Go Scots!

Western Confrence Finals predictions

The Golden State Warriors, and Houston Rockets, will play a seven game series for a trip to the NBA Finals, and a chance to play either the Celtics or Cavaliers.

The Rockets are coming off of two series that they won handily in five games a piece. These series were against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Utah Jazz.

The Warriors also played two five game series against the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orlean Pelicans. The Rockets will have home court advantage in this series after finishing the regular season with the best record in the entire NBA. This means that should the series go seven games, the Rockets will play the last game at home.

The Warriors were happy to get Stephen Curry back in game two, of the second round, against the Pelicans. Curry has had some very good games in this last round, including a 28 point performance in his return to the lineup.

The Rockets are still reveling in their acquisition of Chris Paul this offseason.

This last offseason was all about dethroning the Warriors. Teams like the Thunder acquired stars in order to compete with the Warriors super team, of course the Thunder’s “super team” was not very super as they were knocked out in round one by the Utah Jazz.

The Celtics acquired Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, who has been injured for the playoffs, and the whole year, respectively. The Celtics still managed to make the Eastern Conference finals, and may be the favorites if not for their injuries.

It is very likely that this Western Conference Finals champion will be the NBA Finals champion, as the Cavs do not have the talent to defeat either the Warriors or Rockets, and the Celtics would would need their players to magically heal right now.

The Warriors are looking to win their second straight championship, and their third championship in four years. And the Rockets are looking to win their first since the mid 90s, when Hakeem Olajuwon was the best player in the league (remember that Jordan was retired).

After everything that has happened to the city of Houston this year, the people there deserve a championship. Will the Rockets win? Will the Warriors go back-to-back? We will have to wait, but let’s hope it’s worth is.

Review of NBA playoffs: Round 1

With the beginning of the NBA Playoffs, there are teams just happy to make the playoffs, contenders for the Larry O’Brien trophy, and some unfamiliar dark horses.

Looking specifically at the Eastern Conference, starting with the matchup of the #1 seed Toronto Raptors vs. the #8 Washington Wizards. With hopes of winning the conference and moving on the Finals with a top five offense and a top five defense the Raptors are well coached and have a solid bench. The Wizards, although an 8 seed, have quite a lot of talent with John Wall running the show, and Bradley Beal topping the scoring table most nights at the shooting guard position. The Wizards were lacking offensive chemistry, and consistent communication on defense: Toronto won, 4-2.

Next, the #2 seeded Boston Celtics were matched up with the #7 Milwaukee Bucks boasting the “Greek Freak,” MVP candidate, Giannis Antetokounmpo. With the young stars of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, along with the veteran Al Horford, the Celtics were able to consistently score on the Bucks. Defending, however, was a far more difficult task. Antetokounmpo was finding ways to the hoop and kicking out to his shooters, Kris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon. Excellent coaching and hard-nosed defense enabled the Celtics to overcome a valiant effort from the Bucks for a 4-3 series victory.

Next, there was the matchup of the #3 seeded Philadelphia 76ers vs. the #6 seeded Miami Heat. With a top 5 defense, the Miami Heat gave the 76ers some toruble in games 2, 4, and 5, otherwise, Philadelphia cruised through and ended the Heat’s Cinderella story with the addition of experienced star Dwyane Wade late in the season.

Finally, the #4 seeded Cavaliers played the #5 seeded Indiana Pacers. This was the most interesting, gripping, intriguing series of them all. While the Cavs have the best player on the planet, and arguably the best player of all-time, Lebron James, the rest of the team was struggling quite mightily. The defense was out of sorts, and the marksmen of the team had not been hitting the net consistently after the All-Star break.

The Pacers, however, had been on a roll and everything was falling into place at the perfect time. Consequently, they were giving the Cavs lots of problems with the size of Myles Turner inside, the three point shooting of CJ Myles, Victor Oladipo, and the expert facilitation from the lightning quick Darren Collison.

Lebron had to put the Cavs on his back in order to beat the Pacers, and that he did: averaging 34.4 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. Lebron almost single-handedly, with the help of Kevin Love late in the series, advanced the Cavs in a grueling seven game series.


Sports schedule for: May 14-19


For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of  May 14-19

Monday May 14:

Varsity Baseball vs. Humboldt @ HP 5 Inning Double-Header 4pm  JV vs. Nova Classical Academy @ HP 4pm

Varsity @ JV Softball  vs. Harding @ HP 5 Inning double-Header 4pm  C-Squad @ Homecroft Field 4pm

Varsity Girls Golf Invitational  @ The Royal Club GC 9am   Varsity Match @ Highland Park Nine-Hole 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf @ Highland Park Nine-Hole 2:45pm

Adapted PI Softball @ Eagan HS 4:30pm

Badminton @ Eden Prairie (Bus 3/5pm)

Tuesday May 15:

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pmBoys Varsity Golf @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Adapted PI Softball @ Humboldt 4:30pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Central HS 5:30pmCo-Ed track @ Irondale HS (Bus 5:15/7pm)

Wednesday May 16:
Boys JV Golf @ Highland Nine-Hole GC 2:45pm

Varsity Baseball 5 Inning Double -Header @ Johnson HS 4pm JV @ HP 4:30pm  B-Squad @ Phalen Fields 4pm (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Varsity Softball 4:30pm vs. Mpls. South @ HP 4:30pm

Thursday May 17:
Girls Varsity  9-Hole Tournament @ Cedarholm GC 1pm  JV @ Cedarholm GC 1pm

Boys “Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Hermantown @ Central 5:30pm

Friday May 18:
Varsity @ B-Squad Softball  One 7- Inning Game vs. Humboldt @ HP 4pm  (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Grand Rapids @ Central HS 7pm

Varsity & JV Baseball 5 Inning Double-Header vs. Como Park @ HP 4pm

Saturday May 19:

JV Softball Tournament @HP 10am

Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Central HS 11am

Go Scots!

NFL draft

Well, the Browns managed to mess up their draft again. The Browns are gaining a track record of drafting quarterbacks who have off the field problems. The Browns drafted Johnny Manziel only a few years ago. Manziel is still trying to work his way back into the NFL. The Browns could have easily taken running back, Saquon Barkley, with the first pick and taken Mayfield three picks later.

The New York Giants ended up getting Barkley, from Penn State. Barkley has wowed the NFL scouts with his combination of speed and cutting ability. Running backs in the NFL now have to be able to block, run, and receive passes. This is why Barkley will make a great NFL player.

One of the biggest stories in the draft was the potential selection of a one handed linebacker. Shakeem Griffin was drafted in the 5th round by the Seattle Seahawks. It just so happens that his brother is also playing for the Seahawks. Griffin has been through a lot. If he had been born with two hands, he might have been a first round pick. If I know anything about Griffin, it is that his low draft selection will only fuel his in his future career.

The NFL Draft is always very interesting, but the best part of this year’s draft was probably when the Eagles’ former kicker stood in front of Cowboys fan and pointed out to them that the last time they (the Cowboys) won a Super Bowl, the current draft format was not even in existence. Sports are fueled by competition, and sparking more hatred from the Cowboys fans may be the best way to insure that you will lose to them the next season.

The draft is over, and I for one am ready to see the season start back up. We have an interesting new crop of rookies, and with any luck they will add some intruding to this already interesting season.


Sports schedule for: May 7-12


For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of  May 7-12

Monday May 7:

Varsity & B-Squad Softball @ Washington Tech. Magnet 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Varsity Girls Golf @ Phalen GC 2:45pm
Boys JV Golf @ Highland Park Nine-Hole 2:45pm
Varsity Boys Tennis vs. Como Park @ HP 3:15pm JV @ Como Park 3:15pm
Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ The Breck School 7pm

Tuesday May 8:
Varsity & JV  Badminton Twin Cities Tournament TBD @ St. Paul Site TBD

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Johnson @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Varsity & JV Boys Tennis Twin Cities Game 3:15pmTBD @ St. Paul Site

Co-Ed Track  True Team Meet @ St. Croix Lutheran 3:15pm (Bus 1:30/7:30pm)

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ St. Croix Prep 5pm

Adapted PI Softball @ Rochester Century HS 5:30pm

Wednesday May 9:

Varsity & JV Baseball 5 Inning Double Header vs. Como Park @ HP 4pm (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Varsity & B-Squad Softball 5 Inning Double-Header vs. Johnson @ Phalen Rec. Ctr. 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Boys JV Golf @ Highland Nine-Hole GC 2:45pm

Girls Varsity Golf vs. Johnson @ Cedarholm GC 3:15pm

Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Simley @ HP 3:15pm

Varsity & JV Badminton Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Columbia Hgts. HS 6pm

Thursday May 10:

Varsity  & B-Squad Softball @ Como Park 4pm (Bus 2:45/5:45pm)

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf @ Como Park GC 2:45pm

Co-Ed Track Varsity Meet @ HP 3:30pm

Varsity Badminton Conference Tournament  @ Humboldt 4pm  JV Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Varsity & JV Baseball vs. SPA @ HP 4:30pm

Boys ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse vs. Minnehaha Academy @ Central 4:30pm

Varsity & JV Badminton Conference Tournament @ Central 4pm

Friday May 11:

Varsity & B-Squad Baseball vs. Washington Tech. Magnet @ HP 4pm 5 Inning  Double-Header (Bus 3:15/6pm)

Varsity Boys Tennis @ Henry Sibley 3:15pm  (Bus 3/5:15pm) JV @ HP 3:15pm

Girls ‘Bobcats’ Lacrosse @ Robbinsdale Cooper 6pm

Saturday May 12:

Varsity & JV Softball Tournament vs. De La Salle @ Bryn Mawr Park 10am (10:15am/3:30pm)

Boys ‘Bobcat’ Lacrosse @ Grand Rapids HS 3pm

Go Scots!

Gabe Mattick golf profile

By: Gabe Mattick & Riley Lumpkin

Taken by Riley Lumpkin, at Voyager Village Golf Course, 2017

I have been playing golf on the Highland Park Varsity team since 7th grade, and I’ve lettered each year. Our team has also won conference 4 times since I have been on the team. I have had the privilege to be coached by Gary Podus, who has been the Highland Park golf coach for over 40 years. He has helped me become a better golfer with his instruction and guidance. As a team, Highland Park has done very little in sections, and I, as an individual, have never made it past sections.

This winter I have been hard at work trying to better the weaker parts of my game. I have been asking my uncle, Cameron Beckman, a former PGA tour pro, and a 3-time PGA tour winner, for advice and guidance. I have been asking him for advice on my putting and short game, as this is the area I feel I am the weakest, and where I feel I lose the most strokes.

Other than Highland Park golf, I am a junior member at Southview Country Club. I have been a part of the club since the summer of 2013, and it has helped me improve my game immensely. I have worked with the Assistant Golf Professional, Will Drestch, for the past two summers. I plan to work with him more this summer before I head off to Saint John’s next fall. He has helped me with my weight shift, in my golf swing, and to achieve better body rotation through my golf swing.

As of now, I am currently a 10.5 Handicap. I mainly base this off of my scores at Southview Country Club and Highland National Golf Course. I am going to work hard to lower my handicap this summer. My goal is to have a 3 Handicap by the time I am at Saint John’s this summer. It may be a lofty goal, but through determination and hard work, I believe I can achieve it.

Track and field

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

The Highland Park track team has had 2 outdoor meets so far, and have done a good job in both.

photo courtesy of David

Highland’s first outdoor track meet was at Roseville High School. It was a good track meet; everybody did their best. Sprinters, long distance, jumpers, and throwers did as much as they could. Everyone was showing good sportsmanship, shaking the runners hands after a race, or the jumpers hand after a good jump. Since that was the first track meet, everyone was kind of rusty. Highland placed 5th out of 8 schools overall.

Highland’s recent meet was at Harding High School; Highland competed against Harding and Como. Highland’s boys and girl came out on top with the boys earning 85 points, and the girls earning 96 points. Harding came in 2nd place, and Como Park took 3rd. Each Highland team had the fastest results in each event including the: sprinters, distance, hurdles, relays, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, and discus throw.

100m Dash
HP-(G) 13.81 (B) 11.40
Harding-(G) 14.37 (B) 11.73
Como-(G) 13.91 (B) 12.02

100/110m hurdles
HP-(G) 18.94 (B) 19.72
Harding-(G) 20.35 (B) 16.12
Como-(G) 20.87 (B) 16.97

200m Dash
HP-(G) 29.44 (B) 23.70
Harding-(G) 31.07 (B) 24.67
Como-(G) 29.85 (B) 25.53

300m Hurdles
HP-(G) 53.72 (B) 46.69
Harding-(G) 1:02.85 (B) 43.51
Como-(G)1:00.96 (B) 43.12

400m Dash
HP-(G) 1:09.86 (B) 58.45
Harding-(G) 1:17.16 (B) 58.64
Como-(G) 1:14.77 (B) 1:05.32

800m Run
HP-(G) 2:48.36 (B) 2:11.07
Harding-(G) 3:35.95 (B) 2:19.72
Como-(G) 2:51.43 (B) 2:14.49

1600m Run
HP-(G) 6:01.16 (B) 4:44.85
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 5:20.96
Como-(G) 6:14.76 (B) 5:15.72

4x100m Relay
HP-(G) 1:02.59 (B) 51.44
Harding-(G)1:00.59 (B) 48.74
Como-(G) 57.08 (B) SCR

4x200m Relay
HP-(G) 2:13.29 (B) 1:46.09
Harding-(G) 2:08.10 (B) 1:43.99
Como-(G) 2:16.79 (B) SCR

4x400m Relay
HP-(G) 5:16.65 (B) 3:57.04
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 4:21.55
Como-(G) 4:53.87 (B) 4:06.06

4x800m Relay
HP-(G) 11:07.45 (B) 9:13.17
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 11:07.57
Como-(G) N/A (B) 12:55.62

Discus Throw
HP-(G) 62-02.50 (B) 108-07.50
Harding-(G) 84-05 (B) 92-10
Como-(G) 70-09.50 (B) 98-10

Shot Put
HP-(G) 33-00.00 (B) 35-11.00
Harding-(G) 25-05.00 (B) 37-07.00
Como-(G) N/A (B) 38-08.00

High Jump
HP-(G) 4-06.00 (B) 5-04.00
Harding-(G) N/A (B) SCR
Como-(G) N/A (B) 5-07.00

Long Jump
HP-(G) 14-02.00 (B)18-00.00
Harding-(G) 13-05.00 (B) 20-09.00
Como-(G) 13-07.00 (B) 14-03.00

Triple Jump
HP-(G) 34-00.00 (B) 39-04.00
Harding-(G) 24-02.00 (B) 42-03.00
Como-(G) 25-02.00 (B) DQ