How likely are you to make a living off of TikTok

By: Olivia Miller

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TikTok is an app that has blown up over the past year. Formally known as Musically, TikTok is a social media app that allows you to connect with others around the world through short videos. These videos can be anything from funny skits, dances, lip sync videos, and many many more.”

Although TikTok is mainly targeted to kids and teens, people of all ages are using it. No matter what your age, and where you’re from, TikTok is probably one of your most used apps; if not your missing out!

By submitting a video to TikTok you’d be sharing it with your followers on the app. These followers are usually your friends and family, but TikTok is an app where, when you submit a video, it goes on the Foryou page. The Foryou page is a place where, when you submit a video, people from all over the world, who have the app, can see it and interact with it. If your video gets on enough peoples Foryou pages… it can go viral.

“How can I go viral?” you may be asking.

Well, if you create a video that you think people will like, it will show up on their Foryou page and they can comment, share, and give it a heart. If you get enough hearts your video is considered viral. Viral videos can have from 10,000 likes all the way up to 10,000,000 likes. Crazy, I know!

Creators who have many viral videos start to get followed by people who like their content and want to see more of it. These creators are called influencers, and influencers can make money. How much money? Well, lets find out.

According to ​ t​here are many ways to make money off of TikTok. These include gifts from livestreams, selling merchandise, and doing sponsored videos.

You have to gain a following before you can actually start making money off of TikTok though. This can be hard; you have to make videos daily that get enough views and likes. Most people who have the app can agree that even having one viral video can be super hard to accomplish, so having TikTok be your only job is not a dream most people chase. But how likely are you to make a living off of TikTok?

Although there isn’t an exact percentage on how likely you are to be lucky enough to make a living off of TikTok, most people could tell you it’s very very slim. Under the very rare circumstances that it does happen, boy are you lucky.

The most successful people on TikTok have net worths from 1-5 million dollars. TikTok also open doors for creators to start their own music career, makeup line, or even acting career.

So, even if your chances are slim, don’t shy away from posting that video you may think has potential, you never know what’s going to happen.

Xbox X Series overview

By: Jalalaisa Geleto

The Xbox X Series is the latest Xbox to be released by Microsoft. The Xbox X Series will join the PlayStation 5 in being the first consoles of the 9th generation.

The Xbox X Series and PlayStation 5 are going to be competing this holiday season. I’ll give you an overview of the Xbox to help you make an informed purchase of either console.

The Xbox X Series has better specs than the PlayStation 5 and It’s the most computer-like gaming console yet.

According to the official Microsoft site, these are the specs of the Xbox X Series:

  • Processor:
    • CPU – 8X Cores, 3.8GHz, Custom Zen 2 CPU
    • GPU – 12 TFlops, 52 CUs, 1.825GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU
  • Memory and Storage:
    • Memory – 16GB GDDR6 Memory Bandwidth – 10GB@ 560GB/s, 6GB@336 GB/s
    • Storage – 1TB Custom NVME SSD

Microsoft claims that their console can run all games at 4K 60fps. They also claim that the console could run games up to 120 fps. These claims have been tested by early reviews, by testers like Austin Evansand, have been proven true.

Though the real question is: Can the Xbox X Series keep this up with future games, or can it only do this with 8 gen games?

The Xbox X Series is also a multimedia platform that allows for the highest quality streaming and video play. The Xbox X Series can play videos in 8K. 8K screens aren’t even available for the general public.

The Xbox has a lot of consumer friendly programs like, Smart Delivery and Game Pass, that allow people to spend a lot less money playing video games on any platform and on Xbox.

The Xbox X Series is coming on November 10, 2020. Hopefully, this quick overview can help you make your decision on whether you want and Xbox or a PlayStation.

The effects of social media on its users

By Irene Cohen and Ellie Mulvaney

In this day and age, it’s no secret that social media takes up most of our time. People of all ages are devoting so much of their lives to scrolling and posting that it has become second nature to the majority of the population. However, now that entertainment is just the click of a button away, what happens to our patience to be interested in real life situations? Technology may be very detrimental to our attention spans, especially as its use becomes more and more ingrained into society.

To put this effect into perspective, let’s look at just how big social media is. ‘Statista’ reports that, in America alone, 244 million people used social media as of 2018. That’s approximately 79% of our total population helping to rake in roughly a $6.7 billion dollar revenue for last year. This industry is obviously thriving, which means that more and more users are affected by it.

A California University study, conducted by Larry D. Rosen, l. Mark Carrier, and Nancy A. Cheever, exemplified the obstruction of attention by social media in a group of students. They were reported to study, on average, for only 6 minutes before switching to technology, and, further, the students on Facebook were even recorded to have lower GPAs than their counterparts.

With the addition of social media for mainstream consumption, it’s become a staple distraction for people performing tasks like homework, as exemplified in the aforementioned research. People have become used to quickly moving visuals and easily changed subjects at their fingertips, leaving a need for breaks and distractions during longer and more tedious activities.

Students who need to complete their studies are finding it harder and harder to concentrate, as they are so used to social media, and therefore, a generation with lower attention spans and work ethic is being made.

The sheer amount of information that social media can provide for one single person is more than any piece of media has been able to in the past. Since there is so much information packed into small frames of people’s time, those who consume a lot of social media have trained themselves to focus on things for a shorter amount of time so that they can ingest more content. In fact, according to ‘Griffin Webstudios’ the average attention span of someone in the year 2000, was 12 seconds, compared to now where it has dropped all the way down to 8 seconds.

That’s not the only place we can acutely measure this decrease in attention span among social media users. Studies have shown that those who use different social media for short bursts of time, alternating between them, have actually been shown to have less grey matter in the brain in areas associated with attention and concentration.

Social media platforms and influencers are fighting hard to maintain viewer retention when their viewers have gotten used to such a quick delivery of information. Many people suspect this factor has been a great help in popularizing the social media app, TikTok. These bite sized videos are easy for someone to watch quickly and in huge volumes.

Social media’s influence has shortened the attention span of its users, and this can be shown in many different scientific studies. This decrease in attention span has affected many areas of people’s everyday lives. However, this relationship is not a one way street. This decrease in attention span has forced social media platforms to alter their formats so they can maintain viewership for a longer amount of time.

Nike Training Club app review

By: Joxery Mezen Camacho

At the beginning of the quarantine I was looking for a way to stay active since all of my activities had been either canceled or postponed. I luckily found the Nike Training Club app. 

This app has video workouts that you can follow. These videos have a person demonstrating the workout along with a voice over giving directions and tips on how to improve your form. This voice over also gives encouraging words from time to time to help you stay motivated as you listen to music. 

The app works best with the Apple Music app because it allows you to listen to your music right in the app as you workout. 

There is a “browse” section where the app divides their workouts into 8 different sections: Muscle Group, Workout Focus, Equipment, Trainer-Led classes, Whiteboard Workouts, Short Workouts, Athlete Workouts, and All Workouts. I believe this is great because there are options for everyone! This especially helped me be consistent with working out, since I have tried many different workouts after getting bored of the one I had been doing. 

There is also the Nike Training Club Premium which is free to all Nike members. It includes expert tips, different programs, and workouts which are led and given by Nike Master Trainers.  

In the section called “Expert Tips”, there are different groups which include sections for training, nutrition, recovery, mindset, and sleep. 

There is also a “For You” section that personalizes the workouts and nutrition plans suggested based on your goals and current interests. 

I especially enjoy the achievements you can get. You can get trophies, milestones, workouts in a week, and streaks. These can help motivate you to keep pushing yourself and be consistent with your workouts. 

With all that the Nike Training Club app includes, while still being free, I am compelled to give this app a 5/5 and encourage you to give it a try!

The switch to the Switch: How the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly increased and continues to increase the sales of the Nintendo Switch

By: David Meyer

A picture depicting the new Nintendo Switch Lite. Image taken from: (

Nearly four years ago, the Nintendo Switch was released and received amazing reviews immediately, and within the first six months the console had sold over 20 million units. The console has continued to grow since then and has accumulated over 60 million units sold, with nearly half of the sales being within the past fiscal year. And although about 10 million of these sales were within the holiday season, the overall rate of the sales of the Switch has increased on average by over 200 percent: the best year of sales, of the Nintendo Switch, over three years after its release.

A large part of the Switch that attracts many customers is the wide range of games you can play on the console, with popular titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey.’

However, as quarantine started to become a necessity to slow the spread of COVID-19, a new game from a series nearly 20 years old was released: ‘Animal Crossing (New Horizons).’ For many casual gamers, this was a big deal because the previous main series title was released almost a decade earlier. However, this game significantly started to attract newcomers as well, being a sandbox style game that has a very small learning curve with nearly endless hours of playtime. This, coupled with the fact that many people would be staying in their homes for long periods of time, made both the sales of the game, the Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch Lite skyrocket.

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released by Nintendo in late 2019 as a way to get more customers interested in the Switch and the games that come with the console (although, many people that ended up buying the new console already had a Nintendo Switch). But, with the lowered price of the newer console, and many people eager to try out ‘Animal Crossing’ during quarantine, this console’s popularity grew and its sales followed suit.

Going forward, the Switch announced some very large titles recently, including ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’; a collection of the three first 3D Mario games to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros’ initial release. This collection includes three of the highest rated games of all time, all having a score of 97 or above out of 100 on Metacritic which is a very respected source on the popularity of video games.

Additionally, these games are all dated, and especially with one of them, ‘Super Mario Sunshine,’ being nearly two decades old. This made many Mario fans ecstatic, and resulted in the game being sold out for pre-orders within the first three days worldwide. And although the limited time release of the game is partly to blame for this rush, the dramatic sales of this series of nostalgic games for so many will no doubt continue to increase the sales of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite in the near future.

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Review

Persona 5 Royal is an Japanese role playing game (JRPG). Persona 5 Royal is basically a remastered, and rethought with more extra plot, version of the original game Persona 5. This fixes a lot of the problems in Persona 5 making Persona 5 Royal a great JRPG. Even though Person 5 Royal is taken from the original game, it did not just address its flaws; it develops more plot and flows very smoothly.

When I first got this game I thought it would be ok, but I was mistaken and it’s now one of my favorite video games I have played.

In Persona 5 Royal, you play as a teenage boy in Japan who is falsely accused of a crime and ends up with a criminal record. You make friends with other kids who have been screwed over by evil adults, and they discover the power to make those evil adults feel remorse and confess their crimes.

They can do this by stealing their heart’s desire, or also known as a treasure. They use a place called Mementos to find where the evil adults are, but Mementos is the public’s overall heart.

Palaces are the evil adults’ distorted hearts that have been corrupted by their selfish actions. You fight monsters through these palaces to get to their treasure and steal it to make them confess their crimes. Also, there are hidden ‘will seeds’ through palaces and if you find all three they turn into a help tool you can use. 

While you are going through palaces you have a normal life as a student. Meaning you have to manage your time to study, interact, have a job, and more.

The time span of Persona 5 Royal is one year that you have to manage your time correctly, so it is easier to complete the game. While you go about your daily life you can interact with the world around you, talk to people and buy items to help you in your battles.

Overall this is one of the best games that you can find and play, from its art styles to its music, and even its unique combat style. If you are looking for a new game to play on your PS4, this is the game I would recommend.

“Unturned” the free steam game, is it worth the download?

By: Courtney Smith

I would definitely recommend this game for people looking for adventure and combat. Anyone
familiar with the game DayZ will find this similar but not as difficult. It can also be compared to a
game on Roblox named Apocalypse Rising.

The game modes are easy, medium, and hard. Those determine how many zombies there will be, how strong they are, how much supplies there will be, and other commodities. This game can be played in multiplayer or single player.

This review is based on the single player gameplay experience.

This game’s scene is set post zombie apocalypse, where NPCs are the main predators. These
coded zombies attack you and deal damage to your in-game character. There are many types
of zombies. There are firemen, police officers, farmers, mafia members, lumberjacks, campers,
and chefs.

Those zombies can also come in different forms. Sprinter zombies run on all fours, they are extremely fast, super difficult, and my least favorite! Some zombies crawl and some walk.

When a zombie is killed it may drop supplies, for example if it’s a farmer zombie, it can drop a straw hat or pitchfork.

There are multiple maps in which you can play on, this includes: Washington (home to the
Seattle Space Needle), Russia, Hawaii, and many more regions. This scene diversity makes the
game more interesting; you can find different structures and supplies. For example, in the
Russia map there are mafia houses and in Washington, the famous Space Needle.

Defeating a zombie will give you skill points. You can use skill points to upgrade your characters
expertise. The upgrades include: stamina/speed, attack speed/damage, agricultural skills, and
many more! I enjoy this because if you don’t have the equipment to protect yourself, you can
upgrade the character to fight, farm, and run better.

The object of the game is to explore and collect supplies to aid you in your travels. There is
clothing and backpacks which can be salvaged for their components, or used to increase the
player’s inventory. Weapons, camping gear, hunting equipment, and many more items are
found all over the areas.

You have a radiation bar on your screen, if it reaches zero your character slowly loses health, same with your thirst and hunger bars. To maintain health, you need to search for food! Food can lower your radiation bar if it’s damaged. Finding medicine is key to keep your radiation and health safe.

Structures can include houses, barns, stables, warehouses, apartments, pharmacies, hospitals,
fire departments, police stations, jails, military bases, and many more.

There is a lot to find in this game and to experience; you can even craft, repair, and build items.

My favorite part about this game is the diversity you find all around, it’s extremely creative with the environment.

Are video games good for you during quarantine?

During quarantine there is a little more free time for people to decide what to do.

Some people want to complete or start a video game. If you play video games in quarantine is that good for you?

It is good for you to a certain extent, meaning that you don’t want to stay up till 1am playing the video game. Video games help improve your mind with puzzles and strategy with interactive experiments throughout the game.

Video gaming is up 75% on Verizon’s networks. This means, if you go online to play with a stranger you are likely to find someone to play with.

Gaming helps you keep your mind off things, kills time, fun, and a good way to “social distance.”

With the new systems of gaming there are popular games that are really good that I personally also enjoy. With these popular games you can connect with your friends and play together.

Then though, video games have been stereotyped like “waste of time” but this is the perfect time to unwind, and hangout with friends.

Overall, video games are good for you during quarantine.



There are lots of things to do during this time.

You could draw or play board games.

You could do so much, but most people just like to chill on their phones.

That’s okay too!

Since we have a lot going on in our day, we have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. We should all try and do our best to make good habits that can last us until after quarantine. If you already have good habits that you want to stick to there are some fun games to pass the time below as well. 

1. Headspace

This app is a really good way of keeping track of your mental and physical health. It’s good for stress, and is a good way to help wind down for the night.

On Google Play it has a 3.5 star review and over 10 million downloads. 

2. Brain Test:Tricky Puzzles

This app is so much fun! It’s a fun way to find new ways of solving problems and it is a really good way to spend time playing! It’s not really an IQ tester but it’s fun to play around on. 

It has a 4.6 star review and over 50 million downloads.

3. What’s up? – A Mental Health App

This app has a lot to offer, it keeps track of your good days, when you rate them on a scale of good to bad. It’s almost like an online diary to help you reflect on the past. It has habit trackers and uplifting quotes. 

It has a 4.3 star review and over 500 thousand downloads.

4. Bored Button – Games 

This app offers a bunch of games and puzzles! A great way to pass the time with many levels and games to choose from. Once you finish up school work this app has a lot to give.

It has a 3.8 star review and over 5 million downloads.

5. Houseparty 

This app is one of my favorites! It’s a great way to connect with others through a video chat! There are built in games that you can play with your friends from a distance! If you get your friends to download it you can play with a bunch of your friends! It’s a great way to stay connected and have fun! 

It has a 4 star review and over 10 million downloads!

I hope this was a helpful article! I know how hard it is to find ways to spend your time since we’re all stuck at home. Stay safe!

Are old video games just as good as new video games?

In finding out if old video games are just as good as new video games, we have to cover many video games.

There are many points of view on this topic, and with evidence, this agreement could go either way depending on the game or even the system it is played on.

In what I have seen, I think old video games are just as good as new video games. This revolves around nostalgia; it is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. Even though old video games have worse graphics and other flaws, nostalgia fills in those flaws by having good memories about that game.

Also, old video games can be just as good as current games because of the characters, plot, or even they’re just as fun to play. And, according to a non-scientific study, old video games are actually slightly better.

There will always be good and bad video games, and older isn’t really better or worse than current video games.

In the end, it depends on how you determine “better or good.” Do you want better graphics? Do you want an interesting game play? Want tactical combat? These are only some of the things you can base your opinion around.

In my opinion, old video games are just as good as new video games.