NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are starting. We will see round one matchups of: Rockets vs. Timberwolves, Thunder vs. Jazz, Warriors vs. Spurs, Pelicans vs. Trail Blazers, Raptors vs. Wizards, Bucks vs. Celtics, Cavaliers vs. Pacers, and Heat vs. 76ers.

This year’s playoffs should be much more interesting than last year’s. Last year, the playoffs were made up of predictable series, and a very predictable finals. Some series this year are very exciting. The Heat should be able to force the 76ers to 6 or 7 games, and New Orleans should have an interesting time trying to slow down Damian Lillard. I personally believe that we will see the Rockets play the Warriors in a very exciting 7 game Western Conference Finals series.

This may be the first time in four years where we will not see LeBron James in the NBA Finals. The Cavs will have a very difficult time trying to reach the Finals. They will likely have to face Indiana, Philadelphia, and a Toronto team that looks ready to redeem their last few playoff losses. We seem prepared to see Houston play talented teams such as Minnesota, Oklahoma City, and Golden State.

NBA fans are gearing up for an interesting and unpredictable playoffs. With any luck, injuries will not ruin the postseason as they have the regular seasons. Injuries cost teams like the Timberwolves, Warriors, and Spurs, who were hampered by injuries. The NBA Playoffs will be very fun in 2018, and NBA fans will have a lot of fun watching.

Boys basketball: Playoff edition

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

Highland Park Scots 2nd Round Playoffs

The Highland Scots made a good run to make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. In the first round, the Scots played Harding again, and came over on top at their home court.

photo courtesy of Maddie T.

After Highland defeated Harding, we celebrated our victory and were able to advance to the 2nd round. The 2nd round was tough, and we had a very competitive game against St. Croix, who played very hard. They moved the ball well and got a lot of fastbreak points off of turnovers.

Highland and St. Croix battled to the end, playing like it was the last game, which it was; it was win or go home. St. Croix wanted it more than us though, and they played team ball more than us.

The Highland Park Scots pregame talk was nice, we talked about how we can defeat them and how to out work them. It applied to us in the first half, as it was a back-and-forth game, but the second half was an upset as the Scots let St. Croix wheel their way past us.

It was play hard, or go home, and we didn’t play as hard, so that was the last of the Highland Park Scots boy’s basketball season. It was fun while it lasted, but also depressing at the end.

– Great playing
– Forced/Bad shots
– Foul trouble
– Depressing loss
– A bunch of T.O.

Since this year’s team was a pretty veteran team, with a lot of seniors, next year’s team will be a fairly young one, but one with some experience.

Sports schedule for: Mar 5-10

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of March 5-10 

Monday Mar. 5:
Adapted Bowl Opening day

Adapted Softball Opening Day

Badminton Opening Day

Tuesday Mar. 6:
Boys Basketball Section@ Harding  7pm (Bus 5:45/8:30pm)

Wednesday Mar.7:

Thursday Mar. 8:

Friday Mar. 9:

Saturday Mar. 10:

Go Scots!

NBA All-Star Weekend Festival

By: Riley Lumpkin and Gabe Mattick

The National Basketball Association’s All-Star Weekend was held from February 16-18th. There were 6 main events: The NBA All-Star Game, the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest, the JBL Three-Point Contest, the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, the Mountain Dew Kickstart Rising Stars Game, and finally, the All-Star Celebrity Game presented by Ruffles.

All of these events were held in Los Angeles, California. The Rising Stars Game and the Celebrity Game were held on Friday night. The Dunk Contest and the Three-Point Contest were held on Saturday night. And the biggest event of the weekend, the NBA All-Star Game, was held on Sunday night. You can find rosters for the NBA All-Star Game here: 

For the Rising Stars Game here:

And rosters for the Celebrity Game here:

The first event, the Rising Stars Game, was a blowout, with the two teams, World and the US facing off. The World Team beat the US Team 155-124. Bogdan Bogdanovic took home MVP honors with a respectable stat line. He posted 26 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, and 9-16 shooting from the field.

The All-Star Celebrity Game was the next game of the night. Popular rapper Quavo took home the MVP honors in this one. The rapper posted an impressive 19 points and led Team Clippers to a 75-66 victory over Team Lakers. He was playing against the likes of Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx.

The Dunk Contest was on Saturday night, and featured great dunkers in the league like Donovan Mitchell, Victor Oladipo, Larry Nance Jr., and Dennis Smith Jr. Donovan Mitchell stole the stole and took home the Dunk Contest Trophy. His last dunk, a 50 (the highest score possible), was a throwback to a dunk done by Vince Carter, a 360 dunk.

In the Three-Point Contest, it included great Three-Point shooters like Klay Thompson and Paul George but ultimately it was Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker who took home the Three-Point crown. He posted the most ever points in a Three-Point Contest round with a score of 28.

The last event of All-Star Weekend was the All-Star Game. This game was between Team Lebron and Team Stephen. Team Lebron, which Lebron James was the captain of, was victorious over Team Stephen, 148-145. Lebron came away with the KIA MVP and posted an impressive stat line of 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Highland Park Scots basketball

Tray Garner
Mason Ferguson

Highland Park basketball

photo courtesy of Mustafa Aden

On February 21st, the Highland Park Scots took on Johnson High School in was a very competitive game. Both teams went back and fourth in scoring, but Johnson managed to go up by 15 points in the first half.

In the 2nd half, Johnson didn’t execute like they did in the first.

The Scots went on a 12-4 run and managed to catch back up, and tie the game, with less than 10 minutes left on the clock.

We had multiple chances to take the lead, but just couldn’t execute. Johnson played very hard until the end, and the final score was 77-68. They played better offense than us, which gave them the extra boost to beat our Highland Scots.

– 15 T.O.
– 4 players in foul trouble
– Free throws 4-15 (horrible)

On February 23rd, the Highland Park Scots took on Como. Last time we played Como we came out on top with a victory, and score, of 74-69. Highland played well that game.

The lack of communication on the defensive side cost us the game this time, and the turnovers on the offensive side also cost us the game.

Como played hard, and hustled to everything, but they also played at a steady pace. When Como took the lead they did what they had to do to stay out in front.

The Highland Scots played O.K., but it wasn’t enough to beat Como again. We played lazy and selfish instead of playing as a team.

– 20 T.O.
– 2 players fouled out with a few others in foul trouble
– Free throws 10/22 (If we made at least 5 more of those Free throws, we would have has a chance to win)

The Highland Park Scots are currently on a 4 game losing streak due to: selfish plays, poor ball movement, poor talking on defense, and nobody stepping up to be a leader on the floor.

We have 2 more game left: Minneapolis Southwest for our last season game, and our first sections game March 6th.

If we can go out and do what we have to do, like limit our turnovers, slow down, and play smart, we can win our last season game, and our first round sections game.

From the next game on, it’s either “Go Hard Or Go Home.”

Flip Saunders Night in Minnesota

On Thursday, Feb 15, the Minnesota Timberwolves raised Flip Saunders name to the rafters of the Target Center. The ceremony began at 7:15PM with speeches from family and friends of Flip Saunders.

Flip Saunders was head coach of the Timberwolves during their best years as an organization. He coached the Wolves in the 03-04 season where they lost to the Lakers in a dramatic Western Conference finals. If it hadn’t been for some injuries, there is a possibility that Flip could have lead the Wolves to the NBA Championship.

Saunders took a team that had a great player, in Kevin Garnett, and a few other good players, like Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell, into the Western Conference finals. The Wolves have not made the playoffs since that historic season. Flip Saunders left the Timberwolves a few seasons later. These years, after Flip left, were not good years for the Wolves. Sure, they had All-Star Kevin Love, but he was constantly injured and the talent around him was not very good.

Saunders returned to the Wolves and started his comeback by drafting Super-Star Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns has been the Wolves best offensive player in just his first three years. Saunders coached Towns to a Rookie-of-the-Year Award. At the start of Town’s second season, Saunders was diagnosed with cancer and died on October, 25, 2015. Flip’s legacy is now remembered in the players he coached, the people he affected, and now the banner that hangs in the rafters of the Target Center.

Sports schedule for: Feb 26-Mar 3

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Winter Sports: Boys Swimming, Co-Ed Adapted Floor Hockey. Girls Basketball,
Girls Hockey, Co-Ed Nordic Ski, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys Hockey, Boys
Basketball, Alpine Ski

Activities the Week of February 26-March 3

***At present there are no scheduled events for the week of Mar. 5-10 other than possibility of boys and girls basketball advancing in the section playoffs – We will be transitioning from Winter activities to the Spring Sports Season***

Monday Feb. 26

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. Minneapolis Adapted  @ Humboldt 4:30pm

Tuesday Feb. 27:

Wednesday Feb. 28:

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. South Washington County @ East Ridge HS 4:30pm

Varsity Girls Basketball Section game TBD 7pm

Thursday, Mar.1:

Boys Basketball @ Minneapolis Southwest  C-Squad 4  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm

Adapted PI Floor Hockey vs. Dakota United @ Humboldt 4:30pm

Friday Mar. 2:

Saturday Mar.3:

Boys Basketball Twin Cities Game TBD @ St. Paul Site

Go Scots!

Sports schedule for: Feb 19-24

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Winter Sports: Boys Swimming, Co-Ed Adapted Floor Hockey. Girls Basketball,
Girls Hockey, Co-Ed Nordic Ski, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys Hockey, Boys
Basketball, Alpine Ski

Activities the Week of February 19-24

Monday Feb. 19:

Presidents Day

Tuesday Feb. 20:

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. Owatonna @ Humboldt 4:30pm
Adapted PI Floor Hockey vs. Rochester Raiders@ Freidell Middle School 5:30pm
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Johnson @ HP  6pm

Wednesday Feb. 21:

Boys Basketball @ Johnson C-Squad 4  JV @ 5:30   Varsity @ 7pm (Students will need student ID to attend game at Johnson)

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. Winona @ Winona Middle School 4:30pm

Thursday, Feb. 22:

Adapted PI Floor Hockey vs. Dakota United @ Apple Valley HS 6:30pm

Friday Feb. 23:

Boys Basketball @ Como Park  C-Squad 4pm  JV 5:30pm Varsity @ 7pm

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. Winona @ Humboldt 4:30pm

Saturday Feb. 24:

Go Scots!

Highland Park basketball

Mason Ferguson
Tray Garner

Highland Park Basketball

image taken from HPSH Basketball Senior Night poster

*The Highland Park Scots boys basketball team recap of the last 3 games this past week.

These 3 games left the Highland Park Scots on a 2-1 streak. A win against Como Park, a loss against Fridley High School, and a win against Washington Tech High school.

On Tuesday, Jan 31, the Highland Park Scots had a conference game against Como Senior High School. It was a home game that consisted of a lot of teamwork and hard play. The starting line-up for Highland was: Benny H., Ian G., Mohamed B., Naseem L., and Abdalla M. During the tip off, Como received the ball and it all started from there. The Highland Park Scots team came put on top with a home victory against Como; the score was 74-69. It was a tough competitive game for both teams, and both teams played great.

Friday, February 2nd, the Highland Park Scots played a non conference game against Fridley High School. It was a tough game for the Scots, as Fridley beat your Highland Park Scots with a score of 81-66. The Scots played well, but it wasn’t enough to beat Fridley. They came out hard, and ready to play, as they played smart and at a steady pace.

On February 5th, we played Washington, and it was a good game; both teams played very well. Your Highland Park Scots came over on top with a score of 73-64. Highland was in foul trouble but managed to keep the good team work up, and score on our possession. Everyone on the bench was engaged in the game and cheering on the Scots.

On February 8th, we took on our down the street rival for many years, and more years to come: Central! It was going to be a tense battle. Stands would be packed with fans & family. Last time we played the Minutemen, it was a tough one. We lost bad. 99-69. They came out aggressive and wanted it. For our game on the 8th, we were missing our best offensive scorer Evan B. He was out with an injury. So, other players were going to have to step up and wear that SCOTS on their chest with pride and play with heart for one another. It was a very tough and competitive game but Central came out on top in the end.

Stats Against Como Park:
– About 16 T.O.
– No foul outs
– 14 for 18 free throws
–  Shooters on the other team; defense for HP was good

Stats Against Fridley:
– Had 18 T.O.
– Nobody fouled out, but a few players in foul trouble
– 7/20 of free throws (horrible)
– We matched up well with Fridley, had size and speed on them, the Tigers just wanted it more.

Stats Against Washington:
– About 12 T.O.
– Foul trouble (1 fouled out)
– 11/22 Free throws
– HP good defense

Stats Against Central:
– Had 25 T.O.
– 12/24 of free throws
– 1 fouled out

Sports schedule for: Feb 12-17

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Winter Sports: Boys Swimming, Co-Ed Adapted Floor Hockey. Girls Basketball, Girls Hockey, Co-Ed Nordic Ski, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys Hockey, Boys Basketball, Alpine Ski

Activities the Week of February 12-17

Monday Feb. 12

Adapted PI Floor Hockey vs. South Suburban @ Bloomington Kennedy 4:30pm

Varsity Boys Hockey vs. Bloomington Kennedy @ Highland Arena 4pm  JV @ Bloomington-Kennedy 3pm (Bus from rink 1:30/5pm)

Co-Ed Nordic Ski @ Phalen 3pm (Bus 2:30/4:30pm)

Tuesday Feb. 13:

Girls Basketball @ Harding C-Squad 4  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 2:45/8:15pm)

Boys Basketball vs. Harding @ HP  C-Squad & JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm

Wednesday Feb. 14:

Girls Basketball @ Mpls. Southwest C-Squad 4  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 2:45/8:15pm)

Adapted CI Floor Hockey vs. Dakota United @ Eastview HS 4:30pm

Co – Ed Nordic Ski to State Tournament @ Giants Ridge, Biwabik ( Bus 7:30am)

Thursday, Feb. 15:

Co-Ed Nordic Ski State Tournament @ Giants Ridge- Biwabik (Bus return time 8:30pm)

Girls Basketball vs. Humboldt @ HP  C-Squad 4  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm

Boys Basketball @ Humboldt  C-Squad 4  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3/8:30pm)

Friday Feb. 16:

Boys Hockey vs. Henry Sibley @ Highland Arena  JV 5pm  Varsity @ 7:30pm

Saturday Feb. 17:

Boys Hockey vs. Johnson-Como @ Phalen Arena  JV 5  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3:30/9pm)

Go Scots!