Read Brave

By: Vivian S Are you looking for a new book to read, despite the fact that you never get around to reading anything, and your pile of … [Read More...]

Mr. Zeitchick’s Thrift Store

Mr. Zeitchick is a teacher at Highland Park Senior High. He teaches an elective called Current Events, another one called African American … [Read More...]

Why students need 8 hours of sleep

by Toby Groves Maintaining a good sleep schedule is one of the most important things a student can do. Getting a good night’s sleep … [Read More...]


Bee puns really sting

Bees are very interesting insects. In one way they are defying the natural law of weight compared to … [Read More...]

Global warmings effect on the ocean

We love our oceans, or so I hope. The ocean is the heart of our great Earth. Water on this planet … [Read More...]

London Bridge attack

On November 29, five people were stabbed in London, England, at around 2 P.M. The stabbing resulted … [Read More...]


Sports schedule for: Jan 20-25

MONDAY DATE:   January 20th TIME BUS DEPART/RETURN EVENT DETAILS Notes 11:30 a.m. / … [Read More...]

Sports schedule for: Jan 13-18

MONDAY DATE:   January 13th TIME BUS … [Read More...]

Sports schedule for: Jan 6-11

MONDAY DATE:   January 6th TIME BUS DEPART/RETURN EVENT DETAILS Notes   4:00 … [Read More...]

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