Link Crew (Get involved, have fun, meet someone new)

Link Crew is a program created by the boomerang project, that deals with students’ transition into high school and starting out as a Freshman. The Link Crew leaders help the new students feel welcome to high school and make them feel comfortable when meeting new people and seeing a whole new side of education.  In […]


New lunch schedule

This year’s HPSH lunch schedule changed to first lunch being after 3rd hour and second lunch being after 4th hour, whereas the last school year  had first lunch after 4th hour and second lunch after 5th hour. Since I had first lunch last year, I was interested in seeing what they do the same and what […]


Senior year of high school

Senior year of high school leads to a lot of “lasts,” but for the first time students will be navigating the college admissions process while trying to make the most of what’s left of high school. Start senior year focused and prepared by knowing what to expect and how to solve any challenges you may […]



New and improved nutrition labels

On May 20th, First Lady, and health advocate, Michelle Obama unveiled the new nutrition labels that will be used on every day food … [Read More...]


California tobacco laws

Starting June 9th, the legal age for purchasing tobacco products in California will be changed from 18 to 21. Another new California law … [Read More...]


Are St. Paul students undisciplined?

Recently, on Wednesday, May 4, a St. Paul elementary school teacher was injured by a student in the first grade. The agitated student flung … [Read More...]



Spring break trip: Washington State

Washington State is a great place to go and visit. Over spring break, I got a chance to see a lot of Washington, from Mount St. Helens to the University of Washington. There is a lot to see and do. You can usually find affordable tickets all year around ($300-$318). When you are in Seattle you […]


Road trip essentials

As we all know, summer is quickly approaching and that means road trip season. Road trips can either be very fun or very boring, it all depends on how you prepare for them. This list of tips and tricks will help you have the best summer road trip experiences possible! Wear comfortable clothing – If […]

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