Why students need 8 hours of sleep

by Toby Groves Maintaining a good sleep schedule is one of the most important things a student can do. Getting a good night’s sleep … [Read More...]

The effect homework has on high school students

High school students live busy lives. With school, work, and social lives, it can be hard for a teenager to find free time during the school … [Read More...]

PTSA is raising money for OUR school!

Last year, more than 100 donors/families donated an average of $91 each. This year our goal is 150 donor/families and an average gift of … [Read More...]


Black Friday

By: Vivian S As the great day of destroying and devouring a turkey approached, so did another … [Read More...]

Santa Clarita school shooting

On November 14th, there was a school shooting that occurred in Southern California, in the Los … [Read More...]

The benefits of planting trees

Trees provide many things for humans and are very important to the world. They produce oxygen from … [Read More...]


Sports schedule for: Dec 2-7

MONDAY DATE:   December 2nd TIME BUS … [Read More...]

Sports schedule for: Nov 25-30

MONDAY DATE:   November 25th TIME BUS … [Read More...]

Sports schedule for: Nov 18-23

MONDAY DATE:   November 18th TIME BUS … [Read More...]

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