Senior Vs. Staff basketball game

The Senior vs. Staff basketball game took action on Friday, May 18th. This game was a way to keep the seniors and teachers blood flowing as … [Read More...]

The Senior Send-Off

The Senior Send-Off is an event that Highland Park Senior High School does every single year. This event takes place a week before the … [Read More...]

Lunch Lady love

Lunch time is many students' favorite period of the day. It's a time where people can be themselves while nibbling on some food. But have … [Read More...]


58 dead in border protests after US embassy in Israel relocated to Jerusalem

On Monday, May 14, according to Vox, Gaza had its bloodiest day since the 2014 war. In total, 58 … [Read More...]

Mother’s Day

What is Mother’s Day and why is it important? Mother’s Day is an important day to show … [Read More...]

Melania Trump’s “Be Best”

Last night, May 7th, Melania Trump released her First Lady Agenda. In this agenda she expressed that … [Read More...]


St. Croix Section 3AA Tru Team and Harding Relay Meet

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson Track Meet @ Saint Croix Lutheran Sections 3AA Tru … [Read More...]

Sports schedule for: May 21-26

**GAMES AND MATCHES MAY CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS** For a full calendar of events please … [Read More...]

Western Confrence Finals predictions

The Golden State Warriors, and Houston Rockets, will play a seven game series for a trip to the NBA … [Read More...]

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