The Bachelorette recap

In this episode, Michelle meets the families of her final four; Nayte Olukoya, Joe Coleman, Brandon Jones, and Rodney Mathews. She first meets Brandon’s family. Before meeting his family, they went on a little date. After she met Brandon’s mom, dad, and brother, they were all supportive of Brandon and Michelle’s journey to find love. 

Up next was Rodney. They were nice to Michelle, they asked a few questions, and talked about life after the show.

Next was Joe. His sisters-in-law were a little tough on Michelle but they eventually came around at the end.

The final date was with Nayte. His family were not fans of how the show works; they had concerns about if they end up together how they would make the relationship work in the real world.

After she met all four men’s families, she gave her three roses to Nayte, Joe, and Brandon, which means Rodney went home.

The next episode was the “Men Tell All” episode where Michelle comes face to face with 15 of the men she sent packing. The first feud that we didn’t see at the end of the show was with Will and Peter. The two still had their feud going, and they ended up working it out on the stage. 

Up next was Martin who explained all the controversial things he said while on the show. He then got accused of having a girlfriend while he was on the show. After all that drama, the guys got a chance to see Michelle and get closure on why she had to send them home. 

At the end of the episode, they announced Clayton, who Michelle sent home right before hometowns, was the new bachelor. They also showed a preview of his upcoming season. 

Michelle’s journey to find love continued on December 14, after the dramatic “Men Tell All” episode, as she headed with her three remaining men to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The first date of the episode went to Brandon. They went horseback riding, and during the dinner portion of the date Brandon told Michelle that he loved her and Michelle told him that she was falling in love with him. Their date ended the next morning with breakfast in bed. 

The second date went to Joe. They went zip lining but Michelle made it clear that she still needed to learn about him. The next morning, Michelle told him that she could see a future with him.

The last date was with Nayte. The two went on a ride on a catamaran, and during their dinner date, Nayte told Michelle that he was certain about her and that he was falling in love with her. 

Later, Michelle sends Joe home.

Next up, is the three-hour season finale of ‘The Bachelorette’. Who will she choose to propose to her?

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‘Red Notice’ Movie Review

By: Eva Olson

‘Red Notice’ is an action/comedy movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot. It follows the story of an FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson) and a con-man (Ryan Reynolds) who must work together to catch the world’s greatest art thief (Gal Gadot) and steal the last of three treasured golden eggs.

This movie was pretty fast paced and action packed. There also weren’t a ton of deaths. Most of the fighting in this movie was involving guns or hand-to-hand combat. Although there was a good amount of action there wasn’t much blood or gory scenes.

The plot was very interesting and puzzling. There were a ton of plot twists and betrayals throughout the movie which made the movie more fun to watch.

This movie had a lot of double crosses which made me very eager to see what was going to happen next. All of the plot twists really added to the suspense and mystery of the movie.

I liked the cast and recognized a lot of the actors. The actors suited the roles pretty well in my opinion.

All of the characters were pretty funny and I liked most of them. I enjoyed the main characters’ dynamic between each other and how they would get into unnecessary fights over small things. It was also fun to watch Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson act in the same movie together.

All of the costumes were really cool and they made each scene feel more realistic. The scenery also made the movie even more captivating. In general, the movie was very eye-catching.

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10 rating. I recommend it to action/comedy movie fans. You can find this movie on Netflix.

Bachelorette Recap episode 6 and 7

In Season 18, Episode 5, the guys were headed to Minnesota, Michelle’s hometown. The episode starts with the guys walking downtown where Michelle greeted them.

She then took Joe away for a one and one date; they went to Twin Cities stadium and Michelle’s high school. Later, on their dinner date, Joe opens up about a severe injury, where a botched surgery throws him off trajectory. Michelle comforted him and he got a rose. 

The next date was a group date at the U.S. Bank Stadium, where the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings play. On the date, they ate some intense foods, including fermented herring and Viking head hash. At the end of that group date, Clayton got the rose. 

The second one on one went to Nayte. For their date, they went boating with two of Michelle’s good friends, and they grilled him about what his intentions towards Michelle were. During their dinner date, they both opened up about their past relationships. To make this date more uncomfortable, Chris S. crashed the date, and Michelle was not having it. At the end of all that, Nayte got awarded a rose. 

It was time for the rose ceremony, and Michelle sent home Casey, Chris S., and  Leroy, which left Brandon J., Clayton, Joe, Martin, Nayte, Olu, Rick, and Rodney.

Episode 6 was all about who was ready to take Michelle home to meet their families the next week, which meant Michelle had to make some decisions, because she could only keep four of the eight guys for the hometown dates. 

The episode started with Michelle bringing in some of her students to meet the guys.

Next, we had the one and one date with Clayton. They went to a museum, and later, at dinner, he opened up to Michelle about how he had invested so much of his time into his job which has led him to be single for so long. After a bit more chatting, Michelle says he checks all the boxes of qualities in who she is looking for, and if she gives him this rose it would mean that she is ready to meet his family, but she didn’t feel like she could get there in time, so she sent him home. 

Next was the group date. It was a farm date with Rodney, Joe, Nayte, Olu, Rick, and Martin. There, they milled a cow, nurtured the calves, and made butter. Next, they cleaned up poop which is a lesson in that if they want kids they are going to have to learn to clean some kind of poop.

Then, it was time for the evening cocktail party. She had some deep conversations with the guys about family, and at the end of the night, she sent Martin home and awarded the group date rose to Nayte.

It was time for the last one-on-one date of the week with Michelle and Brandon. On their date they went to get ice cream. She then took him to a place where she spends most of her time. At the end of the night, Brandon gave her a bracelet and in return, and she rewarded him with a rose. 

Now, it was time for the rose ceremony, and Michelle sent Rick and Olu home, which meant that in the next episode, she will get to meet Nayte, Rodney, Brandon, and Joe’s families.

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‘Stranger Things’ season 4: What to expect

By: Liv Miller

‘Stranger Things’ announced that they have finished filming season 4 and are ready to return to Netflix in the summer of 2022. If you do not know what ‘Stranger Things’ is, it is safe to say you must have been living under a rock for the past 5 years.

‘Stranger Things’ is the ever so popular Netflix series that has taken the country by storm ever since season one got released in July of 2016. This show takes place in Hawkins, Indiana, during the early 1980s. It focuses on a group of preteen boys who just happen to befriend a strange, bald headed, girl, with special powers, named “11”.

For the past three seasons this group of friends have found themselves battling crazy scientists, Russians, and most importantly, an unimaginable dark force.

People seem to love this show and are antsy for the release of the very long anticipated season 4. On September 19th, 2019, Netflix made the announcement of season 4, along with a teaser that had the caption, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” After this, Netflix continued to release little one minute teasers on the upcoming season.

With the almost three year time gap from the release of season 3 and season 4, the Duffer brothers (creators of ‘Stranger Things’) needed to keep fans from being antsy.

If you missed any of these teasers or updates, here’s what to expect in the upcoming season:

Based on the newest trailer for season 4 we should expect to see Will’s recently moved family (including 11) in a new town, with 11 and Will attending a new school.

Some more exciting information had fans raving with a teaser released earlier this year. We find out that the supposedly diseased character “Hopper” is alive and possibly trapped at a Russian government base, who knows where.

Another thing to expect this season is new characters. According to 4 new characters will be joining the gang back in Hawkins. Vickie, “A cool, fast-talking, band nerd, who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes”; Patrick, a basketballer from Hawkins whose life spirals “out of control”; new guidance counselor, Ms. Kelly; and Chrissy, the head cheerleader from Hawkins High, who has “a dark secret.”

There have been many more exciting things revealed about this new season of ‘Stranger Things’. So, if you haven’t already checked out the multiple teasers released by Netflix, and are an avid watcher of the beloved series, I would suggest doing so.

‘Eternals’ movie review

By: Eva Olson

Warning: this review may contain some spoilers

This movie follows the story of ten Eternals (immortal beings with superpowers), who were sent to earth around seven thousand years ago by the Celestial Arishem to protect the earth from deviants. They have to reunite because the deviants have returned to earth. They are told by Arishem that they cannot interfere with any human conflict except for the deviants which causes some fights between the eternals.

I really enjoyed the characters and a lot of them were pretty funny. I also liked the family-like dynamic between the Eternals. I liked the cast too and saw a few people I recognized including Harry Styles but he didn’t have much screen time, and didn’t appear until the post credit scene.

The costumes were really well made, and I thought it was cool how each of the Eternals’ outfits was different from each other’s. The special effects were really cool and looked really realistic. The different settings were also really interesting to see.

There were a lot of plot twists throughout the film and a lot of betrayal between the Eternals which made the movie even more interesting. A few characters that I liked a lot died throughout the movie which was pretty sad.

I found it refreshing that for this movie you didn’t need any prior knowledge of the Avengers or Marvel to understand it.

One tip I have is to make sure you stay all the way through the movie credits because there were two different post credit scenes that answered a few of my questions after the cliffhanger ending.

I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to Marvel fans or fans of adventure/action movies. Overall, I would give it a 8.5/10 rating.

At this time, the only place you can see ‘Eternals’ is in theaters.

What happened at Astroworld?

By: Sarah VonBerge

Image taken from: Article 5 what-happened-at-travis-scott-astroworld-festival-killed-8-people-including-a-14-year-old/articleshow/87 576857.cms

“I realized people were dying”, said one concert goer after the Astroworld festival while being interviewed by CNN. What was supposed to be a weekend full of music and fun, quickly turned and became the deadliest concert since 1979, on the night of November 5, 2021.

Astroworld is a music festival founded by Travis Scott and was first held in November of 2018. It consists of 2 main stages where many different artists from all different music genres preform.

On November 5th, 2021, around 9 pm, Travis Scott began his main set. There were an estimated 50,000 people attending. Around 9:30 pm, Scott brought Drake on stage, which caused the crowd to surge forward. Everyone became crushed and those who lost their balance were trampled. Scott looked at his audience confused as he watched an ambulance with its lights on drive through the crowd and then continued to perform.

The crowd was so packed that some people began suffocating and others got heat stroke. Since everyone was so crowded, the paramedics were not able to get to those who needed help, so unconscious bodies were crowd surfed in an attempt to get them to the paramedics. Attendees who were in pain themselves had to help others since no one could get in or out of the crowd.

Scott continued performing as he stared at the fans in distress below. It got to the point where fans started chanting “Stop the show,” but he still continued to perform. One fan even climbed onto the stage to tell the cameraman that people were hurt and that he needed to find a way to get the show to stop and he told them to get off.

Hundreds of people were treated on scene, 8 were pronounced dead on scene, and 25 others were taken to the hospital, 5 of which were under 18. Those pronounced dead on scene were: Danish Baig, 27; Rudy Peña, 23; Madison Dubiski, 23; Franco Patiño, 21; Jacob Jurinke, 20; John Hilgert, 14; Axel Acosta Avila, 21.

Brianna Rodriguez, 16; Bharti Shahani, 22; and Ezra Blount, 9, were pronounced dead after they died in the hospital while in medically induced comas.

Laws and policies are put in place where organizers, promoters, and performers need to stop a show if they see even 1 person in danger. Thousands were in danger, crushed together, telling Scott to stop the performance, passing out and begging to be let out of the crowd by security, but the show continued. In the past, Scott has been known to put on extremely intense and dangerous concerts.

As of November 20, 2021, $2.75 billion worth of lawsuits from 177 victims have been filed against Travis Scott.

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The Bachelorette recap

In Season 18, Episode 3 begins with Michelle trying to recover from the drama of last week when Jamie told Michelle that the guys were questioning her character. 

During the first group date of the episode, in which, Martin, LT, Olu, Spencer, Clayton, Nate, Joe, Rick, Will, and Peter were all invited, there was a drama between Peter and Will, when Peter gets mad that Will copied his idea on the group date. 

At the after-party, Peter and Will get into a screaming match with one another, while Nate and Michelle we’re having a heart-to-heart. The fight ends with Peter throwing Will’s jacket into the pool.

The next date goes to Rodney, on their date they played Truth-Or-Dare and opened up to one another. They also rode out in a canoe where Rodney opened up about growing up with a single mother. 

The last group date of the night goes to Jamie, Leroi, Chris G, Casey, Mollique, Chris S, Brandon, and Romeo. On this date, they were all asked to do a performance where they had to give a speech where they had to open up about themselves. 

At the cocktail party, the guys found out that Jamie was the one who was behind all last week’s mess that left Michelle upset. She immediately sends Jamie home, and at the Rose Ceremony, Michelle gave Joe, Rick, LeRoy, Nayte, Casey, Chris G, Chris S, Clayton, Olu, and Romeo roses, so they all got to stay another week.

The next episode starts with a one-on-one date with Martin. He joined Michelle at the BMW Performance Center and spent the afternoon doing stunts and racing. After that, the two cuddled up in a hot tub. They ended the night with a dinner where he was rewarded with a Rose, so he’s saved for next week. 

The next day 12 men attended a group date; they had to wear pajamas, because it was a sleepover themed date. They played board games, made teddy bears, and ate snacks. Later in the date, they participated in a fight contest where the winners got to spend additional time with Michelle. During the date, Olu stood out and he was awarded the group date Rose. 

For the one-on-one date the next day, Rick got to go with Michelle in a gondola ride up a mountain, and they spent the afternoon on nature walks around the park. At the end of the night when they were having dinner, he shared that his dad passed away three years ago. They opened up to each other about their feelings and he go Rose. 

After a week full of dates it was time for the Rose Ceremony and Romeo A, Will U, and Chris G were eliminated. The remaining men packed their bags because they were heading to Michelle’s hometown of Edina, MN.

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‘Dune’ Movie Review

By: Eva Olsen

This movie is set somewhere very far into the future in space. It follows the story of a boy named Paul Atreides, who has to go to a very dangerous planet to guarantee the future of his people and family. A war erupts over spice, the most precious substance in the universe, which is only found on this dangerous planet called Arrakis.

I thought the plot of this movie was very interesting but also kind of confusing. The most confusing part for me was remembering all of the names for the different planets, characters, languages, and objects. All of the advanced and futuristic technology was also really cool to see.

A lot of conflict was shown throughout this movie and most of it was revolving around politics. There were a lot of fighting scenes but they weren’t too bloody

I loved the characters and how they all had such different personalities from one another. It created a lot of suspense not knowing what characters were loyal to Paul and which ones weren’t. There were a lot of sad scenes where characters I liked died or sacrificed themselves. There were also a lot of plot twists in the movie, most of them revolving around betrayal.

The casting of this movie was good in my opinion and I recognized a lot of the actors in it. I thought the acting in it was very good. All of the costumes were very cool and I loved the attention to detail. The special effects were also very captivating and looked very realistic.

Overall, this movie was really good even though it was a little bit confusing at times. I recommend this movie if you like suspenseful action/adventure and science fiction movies. I give this movie a 9/10 rating.

If you were interested in seeing ‘Dune’, it is available in theaters, and online at HBO Max.

Bachelorette Recap

In Season 18, Episode 2, the day begins with Michelle waking up feeling great and ready to start her journey to find love. The first date is a group date with Brandon, Romeo, Rick, PJ, Will, Olumide, Casey, Danny, LT, and Peter. The theme of this date is a teacher theme.

On this date they have to answer math questions without a calculator and spell three-syllable words.

After that date, they all went to a party with Michelle. At the party, Peter got heated with Will for making fun of him for losing. At the end of the date, Brandon J. got the group rose.

The second group date involved Joe, Clayton, Rodney, Martin, Mollique, Chris S., Chris G., Pardeep, Nate, and Spencer on the basketball court. Joe shows off his moves and got invited to the after party even though his team lost, and he also got the group date rose.

The real drama began later in the episode when rumors started about whether or not Joe and Michelle dated before the show. So, Jamie decided to tell Michelle, this turned her into an emotional wreck because Jamie lied and told her everyone was talking about it all day and that some of the contestants were questioning her character.

She then confronted the guys about it, but no one knew what she was talking about so she canceled the cocktail party and skipped right to the rose ceremony. She sent home Alec, Daniel, Pardeep, and PJ. Jamie got to stay because Michelle had no idea that he lied to her, but looking at the next week promo, it looks like it might be his last.

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‘Inception’ review

By: Eva Olson

This movie follows the story of a spy (Dominic Cobb) who steals secrets by entering people’s dreams and extracting information. He is tasked with doing something that is nearly impossible, inception. Inception is where instead of taking something from someone’s mind, you plant an idea in someone’s mind.

This movie was very suspenseful and kept me intrigued throughout the entire movie. I loved the way the movie messed with your mind and made you question everything. I thought the pacing greatly added to the suspense and made it feel very stressful.

I thought they did a very good job with the casting and I recognized a lot of the faces. I thought the acting was also very good and made the movie feel more real.

This movie had a lot of fight scenes in it that kept me on edge the whole time. This movie definitely had a lot of scenes that used guns and knives. Although the movie was very action packed there wasn’t a lot of blood and gory violence shown up close which I liked.

The plot was very interesting and captivating. I loved how everything didn’t go exactly as planned for the characters. There were a lot of unpredictable scenes and plot twists throughout the movie.

This movie was kind of hard to follow at some points but I think that added to the anticipation of what was going to happen next. The ending of the movie was also a cliffhanger and made me wonder what would happen next if they made a sequel.

Overall, I loved the movie and it exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for an action movie that is very suspenseful and will get you thinking, I recommend this movie. I give it a 9.5/10 rating.