Beyoncé at Coachella

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Coachella successfully evolved in its music festival this year; Beyonce made history during Coachella in 2018, as she was the first black women to headlined Coachella. She also had a stage full of people dancing and singing with her, and had more than 100 dancers and marching band members.

Beyonce delivered a cultural performance which really set an unforgettable performance. Beyoncé’s theme for the set was “homecoming,” because she wanted to evaluate black history, and she also wanted to honor black college students.

And if that wasn’t enough, she brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny’s Child reunion. They sang their hit songs “Say my name,” and “Soldier.” The crowd went wild. Nobody knew she was going to bring them on during her Coachella performance. It was a shock. She also brought out her husband Jay-Z and her sister Solange, as surprise guests, during the first weekend’s performance. For weekend two, she brought out J Balvin and they sang “Mi Gente.”

Each time Beyoncè went on stage to perform a new song she came out with a different outfit. Beyoncé first entered her performance wearing a Balmain look because she wanted to channel the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Her dancers wore catsuits. Her yellow Balmain hoodie was a casual change for Beyoncé, she styled it with denim cutoffs and Christian Louboutin boots that complemented the style. The letters on her hoodie meant a lot of things like: the queen is Bak, and B, K are her initials, but we really don’t know what it actually means.

The next outfit was a glittery mesh Balmain top that said “Beyonce 2018,” but the crest on it also had an image of an Egyptian Royal, a fist to represent “black power”, a black panther, and a bee.

She then wore the black latex bodysuit and jacket to complete her Coachella performance.

Gabe Mattick golf profile

By: Gabe Mattick & Riley Lumpkin

Taken by Riley Lumpkin, at Voyager Village Golf Course, 2017

I have been playing golf on the Highland Park Varsity team since 7th grade, and I’ve lettered each year. Our team has also won conference 4 times since I have been on the team. I have had the privilege to be coached by Gary Podus, who has been the Highland Park golf coach for over 40 years. He has helped me become a better golfer with his instruction and guidance. As a team, Highland Park has done very little in sections, and I, as an individual, have never made it past sections.

This winter I have been hard at work trying to better the weaker parts of my game. I have been asking my uncle, Cameron Beckman, a former PGA tour pro, and a 3-time PGA tour winner, for advice and guidance. I have been asking him for advice on my putting and short game, as this is the area I feel I am the weakest, and where I feel I lose the most strokes.

Other than Highland Park golf, I am a junior member at Southview Country Club. I have been a part of the club since the summer of 2013, and it has helped me improve my game immensely. I have worked with the Assistant Golf Professional, Will Drestch, for the past two summers. I plan to work with him more this summer before I head off to Saint John’s next fall. He has helped me with my weight shift, in my golf swing, and to achieve better body rotation through my golf swing.

As of now, I am currently a 10.5 Handicap. I mainly base this off of my scores at Southview Country Club and Highland National Golf Course. I am going to work hard to lower my handicap this summer. My goal is to have a 3 Handicap by the time I am at Saint John’s this summer. It may be a lofty goal, but through determination and hard work, I believe I can achieve it.

Fans of Netflix show ‘On My Block’ demand a recast of character

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On the Netflix show On My Block, there is a character named Olivia; a Mexican girl whose parents were deported.

There are screenshots of Ronni Hawk, Olivia’s actress, openly supporting Trump. She once tweeted “go @realDonaldTrump please bring America back!!!” In the early morning of when Trump was elected, she also tweeted two American flag emojis and one heart emoji.

Not only does she support Trump, but she also is not Mexican herself; she is white. On My Block has been praised for its near all person of color cast, but the crew still cast a white woman to play a Mexican character.

There is irony in having a Mexican character, whose parents were deported, being played by a white woman who supports Trump. Mexican people were just one of the many minorities targeted by Trump during his campaign and through his current presidency.

Many people have called for either Olivia to be killed off, or recasted, as this news about Hawk has surfaced. Not only does it play into misrepresentation, and the disadvantage minority actors face to play roles made for them, when a white person is cast instead, it also plays into this irony of such a progressive and diverse show supporting a person who believes in the oppression that Trump’s administration brings about.

Many fans have gone to Twitter to voice their opinions on the future of the character Olivia. Some want a recast, and others want her to be killed off. Many people have called for fans to stop supporting Ronni Hawk because she supports Trump and auditions for Hispanic roles as a white woman.

Since season 2 of the show has not come out yet, the fate of Olivia and Ronni Hawk has not been revealed.

Lowering the voting age

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The debate of lowering the voting age has been going on for a while now, and there are a few pros and cons. The age of voting is 18 right now, but some people are arguing that it should be lowered to 16. There are 19 states that let 17-year-olds vote as long as they are 18 by Election Day: Connecticut, Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Ohio,
Oregon, Virginia, Vermont, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Washington.

Here are some of the Pros to lowering the voting age:

  • More people might turn up to vote. Only about 50% of people go to the polls to vote during elections, and letting 16-year-olds vote might get them in the habit to keep voting through their lifetime.
  • More voices mean more ideas and different contributions to public discussions.
  • A lot of 16-year-olds have jobs, can drive, and pay taxes, so they should get to help decide how our country is run and what their taxes go to.

Here are some of the Cons to lowering the voting age:

  • Some worry that teenagers’ opinions are easily swayed and could be heavily influenced by their family, their friends, and people they look up to.
  • Others think that teens take things that they see and hear as truth without doing some fact checking.
  • Teens need more time to see what policies are important to them, and learn about what their political ideology is.

Personally, I think that the voting age should be lowered because the arguments that teens can’t think for themselves and that they aren’t mature enough to vote doesn’t make sense to me. They trust 16-year-olds to drive cars, but cars can do way more damage than an irresponsible voter. More pros come from lowering the voting age and more kids could get involved in politics. By the age of 16, teens can measure pros against cons and make well thought out decisions.

Track and field

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

The Highland Park track team has had 2 outdoor meets so far, and have done a good job in both.

photo courtesy of David

Highland’s first outdoor track meet was at Roseville High School. It was a good track meet; everybody did their best. Sprinters, long distance, jumpers, and throwers did as much as they could. Everyone was showing good sportsmanship, shaking the runners hands after a race, or the jumpers hand after a good jump. Since that was the first track meet, everyone was kind of rusty. Highland placed 5th out of 8 schools overall.

Highland’s recent meet was at Harding High School; Highland competed against Harding and Como. Highland’s boys and girl came out on top with the boys earning 85 points, and the girls earning 96 points. Harding came in 2nd place, and Como Park took 3rd. Each Highland team had the fastest results in each event including the: sprinters, distance, hurdles, relays, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, and discus throw.

100m Dash
HP-(G) 13.81 (B) 11.40
Harding-(G) 14.37 (B) 11.73
Como-(G) 13.91 (B) 12.02

100/110m hurdles
HP-(G) 18.94 (B) 19.72
Harding-(G) 20.35 (B) 16.12
Como-(G) 20.87 (B) 16.97

200m Dash
HP-(G) 29.44 (B) 23.70
Harding-(G) 31.07 (B) 24.67
Como-(G) 29.85 (B) 25.53

300m Hurdles
HP-(G) 53.72 (B) 46.69
Harding-(G) 1:02.85 (B) 43.51
Como-(G)1:00.96 (B) 43.12

400m Dash
HP-(G) 1:09.86 (B) 58.45
Harding-(G) 1:17.16 (B) 58.64
Como-(G) 1:14.77 (B) 1:05.32

800m Run
HP-(G) 2:48.36 (B) 2:11.07
Harding-(G) 3:35.95 (B) 2:19.72
Como-(G) 2:51.43 (B) 2:14.49

1600m Run
HP-(G) 6:01.16 (B) 4:44.85
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 5:20.96
Como-(G) 6:14.76 (B) 5:15.72

4x100m Relay
HP-(G) 1:02.59 (B) 51.44
Harding-(G)1:00.59 (B) 48.74
Como-(G) 57.08 (B) SCR

4x200m Relay
HP-(G) 2:13.29 (B) 1:46.09
Harding-(G) 2:08.10 (B) 1:43.99
Como-(G) 2:16.79 (B) SCR

4x400m Relay
HP-(G) 5:16.65 (B) 3:57.04
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 4:21.55
Como-(G) 4:53.87 (B) 4:06.06

4x800m Relay
HP-(G) 11:07.45 (B) 9:13.17
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 11:07.57
Como-(G) N/A (B) 12:55.62

Discus Throw
HP-(G) 62-02.50 (B) 108-07.50
Harding-(G) 84-05 (B) 92-10
Como-(G) 70-09.50 (B) 98-10

Shot Put
HP-(G) 33-00.00 (B) 35-11.00
Harding-(G) 25-05.00 (B) 37-07.00
Como-(G) N/A (B) 38-08.00

High Jump
HP-(G) 4-06.00 (B) 5-04.00
Harding-(G) N/A (B) SCR
Como-(G) N/A (B) 5-07.00

Long Jump
HP-(G) 14-02.00 (B)18-00.00
Harding-(G) 13-05.00 (B) 20-09.00
Como-(G) 13-07.00 (B) 14-03.00

Triple Jump
HP-(G) 34-00.00 (B) 39-04.00
Harding-(G) 24-02.00 (B) 42-03.00
Como-(G) 25-02.00 (B) DQ