Clowns terrorize Saint Paul Public Schools

The new media trend these days is…clowns.  Some people have decided to dress up as clowns and have reportedly lured people into forests and woods and threatened to stab them.

On October 5, 2016 many schools across the state of Minnesota, including school in the St. Paul Public School district, were threatened by clowns reportedly trespassing and terrorizing students and faculty members. These schools were threatened again in another Facebook post by another clown saying, “Friday all Minnesota School beware.”  In response to these threats, SPPS released a statement on the clowns on their Facebook Page.  The statement read:

“We have received reports of several threatening ‘creepy clown’ messages on social media, as well as sightings of clowns in Saint Paul.  Though these situations are believed to be hoaxes, please notify police if you see any unsafe or unusual activity.

School districts across the country are dealing with similar reports.

Additionally, our Department of Security and Emergency Management is monitoring reports and will work closely with Saint Paul Police to ensure safety of our students.

Please remind your children to never accept a friend request from an unknown person (or clown) on social media.”

One teen has already been arrested after being found to be the owner of the page behind Kroacky Klown, the page behind the threat to Minnesota cities.

This situation has de-escalated some since the initial reports, but clowns are still still being spotted everywhere around the Twin Cities and nation wide.

Tailgating 2016

I am writing this article from the shadow of the schoolhouse. The smells of FFA’s grill, and school spirit fill the air. I am currently eating one of their cheeseburgers, supporting my school. The burger I would rate 4.0/4.0, having a perfect GPA.

In front of me is a booth for the HiWay Credit Union, supporting the Highland community by sponsoring the Photo booth. They are giving away candy, and I pick up a vanilla Tootsie Roll. Next to the candy table is the Photo booth. As I am here alone, I do not go in, but I have seen many groups of students enter.

img_0013Next, is some kids playing Highland Hopsotch, and the Thespian Society’s homemade cupcakes. While I think of myself as an adept persuader, I could not get one for free. I had a delicious vanilla cupcake.

Then there is the BSU booth, raising money for BLM. On its left is the Hockey booth, which kindly gave me some free garlic bread. They are here to support the Highland sports teams.

Next, is FFA, which stands for Future Farmers of America. Ms. Wedger says that you may still join, and the club educates its members about agriculture. Then is the Science Club, which is doing a raffle for some cool socks.

img_0014Now, for the most crowded booth, Model UN. They are selling coffee and doughnuts holes. They have meetings every Thursday. On its left is the Highland Park Dance Team. They dance at social events like this.

And now is the NHS booth, offering face painting. It was a big success, they say.

Next, was Student Council, selling spirit wear and candy. Then there is the GSA booth selling “walking LGBTacos.”

Then, there’s the “pretty cool” Anime Club. Next to it is Asian Culture Club, selling egg rolls. And then there’s Union Latina, selling tamales fast. And lastly, there is the Spanish Immersion booth, selling shirts to support it.

This was my first time going to an event such as this, and I must say, it was fun eating food. Some of it was free! I am surprised by my ability of persuasion.

Anyway, from what I can tell the tailgating was a huge success!

Pros and cons of attending a Community College

Community College is an alternate college path, with its cost and resources differing from a traditional four year university. Many juniors and seniors weigh their options carefully, with a community college path being one of them. The questions for prospective students include: What are the differences between universities and community colleges? What benefits would you receive, and what aspects of the system may not correlate with your goals? Is community college a reasonable option for you? The pros and cons below may help some decipher these questions.


Community College is a less expensive option for college, or the beginning of your college path. With tuition at private universities rising 3-5% annually, the difference between community college and universities is almost 50%. 529 money is often accepted through community colleges as well. This is not the case for public and private schools.

Many people also find community college beneficial for getting their general credits done at a lower price before transferring to a public or private university.

Community colleges are also located in populated areas, in state, providing an easy location to get to, and possibly the opportunity to stay at home through college, instead of paying for a dorm.

Another pro is the class variety in times and topics. There is a selection of general education classes as well as individual career programs where you take a mix of general courses along with courses directed towards your career path. Timing of the classes is very flexible as well, with day classes and evening classes available.

These two factors produce smaller class sizes which helps students get a deeper level of learning with easier access to help from their professors. The flexibility has also been found ideal for things like holding steady jobs, teen moms, sports, etc.


As you may know, community college is a less expensive option. While it can be used as a tool to save money and help make a steady plan for your future financially, it can also be a place for less motivated students. Some worry these individuals could be a distraction in classes.

Another concern for people is the fact that most community colleges only offer two year Associate Degrees. While credits can transfer to four year schools, not all do, and it is something that needs to be looked into prior to attending community college if you plan on going for higher degrees.

Another thing some have found difficult is the transition from community college to a university due to the increase in intensity of the workload after the first two years at community courses. Some people are willing to modify and piece together a plan with various colleges, but for others it leads to be too messy and stressful.

Lastly, for those who are looking for the “college experience” on campus with things such as activities and clubs, community college may not fit the description of that because they primarily focus/provide the education aspect of college life.

Either path you choose to take, you will be getting college degree, helping you secure more job opportunities in the future. If you know what you want to major in, research programs at community colleges and universities. Compare curriculum and costs. If you aren’t sure what you want do for your future occupation, community college may be a good way to get your general courses done while thinking about your future plans.

Make-up dupes

The best thing in the world is getting almost the exact same thing for a lot less. In the make-up world the term “dupes” refers to getting a high-end quality product, that is cheaper than the original. Obviously dupes are not the same quality as the originals, but they are almost the same color.

Are they okay though? In our opinion, yes, because they’re not bad quality either, they’re just a little less quality for the same look.

Now, we’re not saying all of the dupes are really good and amazing, because let us just say that there are really awful dupes out there. But, make-up changes all around us, and everyday products are selling and attracting customers. You see it all over the Internet, the beautiful and interesting looks Youtubers and people all over the world are creating. One can do so much with makeup, from creating a sharp cat eye to giving yourself faux freckles, but we don’t all have the money to purchase expensive makeup products.

With all this in mind, Evelyn and I decided to get some popular high end makeup products and compare them to more affordable drugstore products.

Kat Von D, is a tattoo artist with a great vegan makeup line. One of her mosts popular products is her Tattoo Liner in the color “Trooper,” but it retails for $21. When looking for dupes we came across the wet n wild proline felt tip eyeliner, which retails from $1.99-$3.99 depending on what drugstore you go to. We tested both on Jennifer’s eyes, and they’re both very similar. Wet n wild was a little less pigmented but you could build up the product. The only difference we found between both of the products was that the wet n wild eyeliner didn’t have a smooth application. But for the most part, the products were basically the same: both waterproof, both last all day, and both come in black and brown.

We also decided to test Maybelline’s “The Rocket” mascara, which retails anywhere from $5.99-$8.99, again depending on whatever drugstore you go to, as a dupe for Benefits “They’re Real” mascara which retails for $24 at or Sephora. The brushes are somewhat similar and they both come in black and brown, but Benefit also has a blue shade of mascara. They both lift the lashes and give lots of volume. They’re both equally great and make your lashes ten times longer.

There are many more dupes out there but we tested some of the everyday products people wear. Hopefully, this helps you save some money so you can buy even more makeup.

Ask J.A.M.

Ask J.A.M.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-7-43-29-am

Hey Scots! High school is a difficult time for the growing teen, and we would like to help others in this intimidating journey through Highland Park Senior High. It’s not easy to talk about your problems face to face with another individual, so we thought of starting an advice column here in the Highland Plaid Line. For our first article, we would like to introduce ourselves so our audience knows who they are spilling their hearts out to. “We” are J.A.M.: Jane Iverson, Alandra Hickman, and Michelle Bourassa.

Hi guys, it’s me Jane. I’m a sophomore. I know that high school can be hard and we are here to help. High school is a time where kids are figuring out who they are and who they want to become. That can be very confusing and hard sometimes, so if you ever need, or just want to talk, we are always here to help. Last year I played golf, and I figured out that wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. In my free time I enjoy reading mystery novels and spending time up north at Lake Superior. During school, when I’m not learning, I enjoy eating smothered burritos and mashed potatoes. J.A.M. believes in helping others and making this a safe environment for them.

I’m Michelle, a sophomore here at Highland. Last year, I wasn’t too thrilled about Highland or school in general. Over the summer, I made a promise to myself to maintain a positive attitude and spread happiness among our community. This is my first season doing cheerleading, and it is definitely the highlight of my day. It works with my loud persona, giving me a platform for all my energy. I love to laugh and make others laugh, so look out for me if you want to hear a funny joke during your day. Life is hard, so I like to try and ease others stress if only for a second. Despite being more of a “jokester,” I also have a very mature mentality. If you want honest advice, come to me. I believe in facing your problems head on before they face you. I hope to help anyone I can this year!

Hey everyone, I’m Alandra! I’m also in my sophomore year at Highland. Everyone has a different high school experience and I’m here to help make it better! High school offers a myriad of things that every person should be involved in. Here at Highland we have great sports programs, Link Crew, and a variety of clubs! Here at Highland I play JV and Varsity volleyball. While playing, I have made a lot of friends and learned so many things not only pertaining to volleyball, but also life. I’ve learned methods on how to juggle sports, homework, and my personal life. These are things that I am more than willing to help you with. We believe that school can be a wonderful place where we as students should be able to express ourselves and have a wholesome high school journey. If you need advice for anything concerning sports or academics I’m always here!

If you would like to talk to us, contact us at our @askhighlandjam