Fyre Festival scam

Many millennials were excited a couple of weekends ago about the new music festival deemed the next Coachella or Lollapalooza. The first ever Fyre Festival had its kick off and went to absolute shambles.

The Fyre Festival was advertised as a “luxurious music event with many A-list artists” but none of those artists showed up. The festival organizers, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, were trying their best to make this an amazing event, but things didn’t go to plan. Even the employees don’t know if they are going to get paid. Billy McFarland said, “Just keep working ’til Friday, and we’ll let you know Friday.”

This isn’t the first time one of Billy Mcfarland’s entrepreneurial ideas has gone bad. In August, of 2013, McFarland launched his new black card, Magnises. The black card was geared, and advertised, towards Millennials. It stated it could “unlock your city,” as it included many luxury benefits such as member only concerts from various artists and top seats for certain sport events. The black card was launched originally only in New York City, but then expanded to San Francisco and Washington D.C. Many customers started complaining about the card though. One customer, according to Bussinessinsider.com, stated that they would send the same exact email for every problem, but it was more like a fill in the blanks.

In the end, the Fyre Festival was supposed to be a luxury music event with the average ticket being $12,500. Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival founders, stated they will try again next year, offering free tickets for those who paid this year. For now though, they are facing up to 100 million dollars in lawsuits for false advertisement and not paying employees.

FC Barcelona makes miraculous 2nd leg comeback against PSG

FC Barcelona did the impossible and made a comeback against PSG. In the champions league, during the knockout stages, in each matchup, there are 2 games played – 1 at each team’s stadium. When the away team scores a goal, they have an advantage if the other team doesn’t score. When they are the away team then, they have the tiebreaker.

In the first matchup, PSG decimated Barcelona 4-0 with Barcelona not even getting a measly away goal to give them better odds. Angel Di Maria scored a brace, or 2 goals, as well as Edison Cavani scoring once, and Julian Draxler also scoring once.

In the second leg, Barcelona scored very early in the game. Luis Suarez scored in the 3rd minute of the game, making the comeback look very possible. Kurzawa then scored an own goal, right before half, making it 2-0 before half.

In the second half, Messi calmly made it 3-0. Barcelona at this point only needed 1 more goal to tie it up and send it to overtime, but that changed very quickly as Cavani, PSG striker, scored, giving them the crucial away goal forcing Barcelona to score at least 6 if they wanted to advance to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

In the 80′ minute everything looked hopeless for Barca, but then the fans started to cheer and chant “we are proud of your efforts” and “yes we can.”

In the 88′ minute Neymar, scored a marvelous free kick and the fans began singing the anthem of the football club.  Not long after, Neymar scored again in the 90′ minute off of a penalty after Suarez was fouled in the penalty area.

The ref gave 5 minutes of stoppage time, and in the ’95 minute, Neymar gave a brilliant pass in the box to Sergi Roberto, with the game winner completing the greatest comeback in Champions League history.

2017 is beginning to look like the year of the comebacks. First, the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history, not to mention it happened in the Super Bowl, was completed by the Patriots, and now FC Barcelona has joined the comeback party. Which team could be the next to make the impossible possible?

The wildest ending in Super Bowl history

Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots, defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28, in overtime, to win the Super Bowl.

In the first quarter, not much happened offensively for the 2016/17 season MVP Matt Ryan, of the Atlanta Falcons, as the first quarter ended 0-0.

In the second quarter, Devonta Freemen ran it in for the first Atlanta touchdown. The Falcons then got the ball back and scored again, this time throwing it to the tight end, Austin Hooper, for another touchdown, making it 14-0 very quickly. Even though no team has ever come back from being more than 10 points behind, the Falcons were still relentless. Tom Brady ended up throwing an interception, which was returned for a touchdown by Robert Alford, a starting corner for the Atlanta Falcons, making it 21-0.  The Patriots got some life back by kicking a late second quarter field goal, making it 21-3 at the half.

The Falcons started the second half the same way they did in the second quarter – scoring a quick touchdown making it a 28-3 game. Matt Ryan threw his second touchdown to Tevin Coleman. Brady then finally threw his first touchdown of the game, late in the third quarter, giving Patriots fans hope in a comeback. That hope quickly went away though, as Gostkowski, the Patriot’s kicker, missed the extra point, narrowing the deficit to 19 points going into the 4th quarter: 28-9.

Matt Ryan was sack fumbled by Donta Hightower, but the Patriots could not capitalize with the great field position they had and settled for a field goal making it 28-12 in the 4th quarter, with 9:44 left in the game.  Atlanta got the ball back, but didn’t do much with it as they went 3 and out. Tom Brady then drove down the field, once again, and threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. The Patriots were successful in their 2 point try making it a 20-28 game. The Patriots somehow got the ball back again with 3 minutes left, scoring with less then a minute on the clock making it 28-28 and sending the game to overtime.

The refs called the coin toss for possession in overtime. The Patriots selected heads and the coin flipped heads. The Patriots selected to receive the ball, and they drove down 75 yards and scored the game winning touchdown, making the game 34-28, and completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.


Highland Park falls short of a State appearance once again

The Scots lost for the second time in a row, in the Section Finals, to Fridley, a team they had beat earlier in the season. Had the Scots beat Fridley, they would have made their first State Tournament appearance in the school’s history. The Scots came back from a 28-7 deficit, but it wasn’t enough in the end as they fell 49-40.

This season has been full of many up and downs.  Some of the highlights include beating the Fridley Tigers in the regular season at their homecoming.  The Highland Scots also got the Musket back as they beat the Central Minutemen, at Central, beating them 21-14 and ending a 6 game losing streak in the musket bowl to Central.

Next season the Scots will be facing 5A teams, unlike this year where they faced many 4A teams, so they will see much better competition then they did this year.  The Scots will also be losing key Seniors, such as team captains Will Conzet, Amitri Collins-Westlund, and Antonio Ortiz.

Key Sophomores and Juniors will need to step up in the next offseason if they want to be the first to make it to the State tournament after losing in the section finals the last couple of years.

The Scots end 6 year drought and bring the Musket back to Highland


The Highland Park Scots faced the Central Minutemen at Central for the annual Musket Bowl.  The Scots arrived at James Griffen stadium a full hour before the Minutemen made their flashy entrance 15 minutes before the game began.

The game had started with the Scots receiving the ball first and they scored quickly, but the Minutemen answered immediately the next drive making it 7-7 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Amitri Collins scored a touchdown making it 14-7 at half.

In the third quarter, Opi Aghenu, of the Minutemen, scored his second touchdown tying the game at 14-14.

In the 4th quarter the Scots drove down the field and scored another touchdown.  The Scots held on defensively for a 21-14 victory.

The Scots are heating up after their 1-3 start, winning their last 4 straight, including the Musket Bowl.  The Scots now have a chance to make history and enter the state tournament as they play Fridley once again in the section finals.

Clowns terrorize Saint Paul Public Schools

The new media trend these days is…clowns.  Some people have decided to dress up as clowns and have reportedly lured people into forests and woods and threatened to stab them.

On October 5, 2016 many schools across the state of Minnesota, including school in the St. Paul Public School district, were threatened by clowns reportedly trespassing and terrorizing students and faculty members. These schools were threatened again in another Facebook post by another clown saying, “Friday all Minnesota School beware.”  In response to these threats, SPPS released a statement on the clowns on their Facebook Page.  The statement read:

“We have received reports of several threatening ‘creepy clown’ messages on social media, as well as sightings of clowns in Saint Paul.  Though these situations are believed to be hoaxes, please notify police if you see any unsafe or unusual activity.

School districts across the country are dealing with similar reports.

Additionally, our Department of Security and Emergency Management is monitoring reports and will work closely with Saint Paul Police to ensure safety of our students.

Please remind your children to never accept a friend request from an unknown person (or clown) on social media.”

One teen has already been arrested after being found to be the owner of the page behind Kroacky Klown, the page behind the threat to Minnesota cities.

This situation has de-escalated some since the initial reports, but clowns are still still being spotted everywhere around the Twin Cities and nation wide.

Could a Third Party disrupt the 2016 Presidential election?

As 2016 dwindles down, so does Barack Obama’s time in the White House as he is nearing the end of his second four-year term. This means that a new President must be elected in order to fill that void. This year, the Primary for the Democrats selected, Secretary of State, and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. The Republicans selected as their Presidential nominee, former host of The Celebrity Apprentice and notorious business man, Donald Trump.

Both of these candidates have many controversial stories surrounding their campaigns. For example, in the last 40 years, each nominee has released their tax returns to the public to show whether or not they pay their fair share, but Donald Trump refused to release his. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton used a private E-mail while she was Secretary of State and deleted over 33,000 emails.

Both of these candidates have major cons against them, so voters are deciding to vote for a Third Party candidate. The last polls showed Gary Johnson with 8% of the popular vote. If he can get 15%, he can be submitted into the debates and actually be given a chance to win the presidency.