A different path for students

As a student grows closer and closer to their senior year of high school, they will have the responsibility of thinking about their future – what they think needs to happen and what would their personal benefit be in doing so? There are some students who think college is absolutely the next step for them after graduating high school, but every student does.

Sometimes, there will be students who have a different mindset about what to do once they have graduated high school. People might not think to go to college because they don’t know what they’re career choice is, even in their senior year of high school.

In any case, there are many different reasons as to why a student does not go on the same path that others follow for the successful future that they have thought about ever since being in high school. Some common reasons that students don’t go to college:

  • Taking a year-off of school: Maybe there are some students who still want to go to college, but just not immediately following their high school graduation. They might consider just taking a year or less off to just relax and do whatever they chose, because they want to get everything such as maturity, a job, or their personal life in order before they go into something even bigger than high school.
  • Struggling to meet the tuition: Some students, even though they’re grades and GPA are good and strong, can’t go to college because of the cost of tuition, either for a private college or public university. The price for some colleges may change each year but as an estimate, a high school graduate who would like to attend college may be looking at tuition costs up to $12,00 a year (in state).
  • Knowing they want to do something else: There will be students who just don’t want to go to college in general, reason or no reason. One important thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t just people who may have bad grades, or such, that don’t go to college. In some cases, there will be a grade A student who has another option in their life to still expand in their field of interest without experiencing the college life. Sometimes, there will be something else that comes along close to graduation that you might have an interest in, and that you could learn a lot from, even though you are not learning from a college classroom.

Don’t feel sorry for the students who don’t follow the path to college, they still have options available to them. Here are some options as to what students not attending college could look into and be intrigued by:

  • Try to help out your community in any way possible. Anything that could better promote your strong and independent place of peace and respect for others that support one another when they need it most.
  • If college is not the place you decide to go, look for an apprenticeship or an internship than can help teach you more about your career choice (if you have decided). The better knowledge you have about your interest, the more you can expand on it and show what you know by presenting your knowledge and skill to the world in any way possible.