Homecoming football spirit

A typical Homecoming week at a high school consists of a home football game and a dance. Highland Park Senior High had their Homecoming week starting on Monday, September 25th. The weekdays were the days that had themes which mostly had something to to do with your clothing. To end the week a pep fest was held during 7th hour on Friday. The after school activities were where the real fun started for Homecoming week at Highland though.

The Homecoming dance was held on Friday, September 30th in the field house. The theme this year was “A Dance in Paradise” which brought along some cool decorations. The Field House was decorated in colorful green, yellow, and red leis with green wallpaper hung up. The dance itself had about 100 students attend, which was down from last year’s attendance numbers. The DJ at the dance was the same as the Boat Dance from last school year, and did an okay job, but we felt like the people at the dance could have had more energy.

The dance seemed to be the culmination of a lack of spirit during the weekdays of Homecoming at Highland. Homecoming is an opportunity to have fun with your friends and support your school, but we didn’t feel like that’s what was happening at our school for most people.

The bright spot of Homecoming week, by far, was the football game. We felt that this was the exception because people really wanted Highland to win and we felt like that made a great atmosphere on a beautiful day.

homecomingThe Homecoming football game was on the Saturday after Homecoming week, against the St. Anthony Village Huskies. The game had a very positive start, with a rushing touchdown by Amitri Collins within the first few minutes of the game, and at half time, the Scots were ahead of the Huskies.

During half time, the dance team debuted a new dance that they had been working on to the song “Salute” by Little Mix. The HPSH band also played a moving tribute to Prince by marching and playing to the song “1999.”

After half time, the Scots continued to score more touchdowns, and by the end of the game, the Scots had brought home an impressive win with a score of 64-28. This improved Highland’s record to 2-3 on the season.

Homecoming this year was rather lackluster in many people’s opinion, including the author’s of this article. The week itself had themes that most people did not participate in, and even the Homecoming dance itself, an event that is usually looked forward to by the students, was not much of a hit at all, based on its low attendance. In the end though, the next day, during the Homecoming football game, the big win by the football team definitely raised everyone’s school spirit back up.