Tailgating 2016

I am writing this article from the shadow of the schoolhouse. The smells of FFA’s grill, and school spirit fill the air. I am currently eating one of their cheeseburgers, supporting my school. The burger I would rate 4.0/4.0, having a perfect GPA.

In front of me is a booth for the HiWay Credit Union, supporting the Highland community by sponsoring the Photo booth. They are giving away candy, and I pick up a vanilla Tootsie Roll. Next to the candy table is the Photo booth. As I am here alone, I do not go in, but I have seen many groups of students enter.

img_0013Next, is some kids playing Highland Hopsotch, and the Thespian Society’s homemade cupcakes. While I think of myself as an adept persuader, I could not get one for free. I had a delicious vanilla cupcake.

Then there is the BSU booth, raising money for BLM. On its left is the Hockey booth, which kindly gave me some free garlic bread. They are here to support the Highland sports teams.

Next, is FFA, which stands for Future Farmers of America. Ms. Wedger says that you may still join, and the club educates its members about agriculture. Then is the Science Club, which is doing a raffle for some cool socks.

img_0014Now, for the most crowded booth, Model UN. They are selling coffee and doughnuts holes. They have meetings every Thursday. On its left is the Highland Park Dance Team. They dance at social events like this.

And now is the NHS booth, offering face painting. It was a big success, they say.

Next, was Student Council, selling spirit wear and candy. Then there is the GSA booth selling “walking LGBTacos.”

Then, there’s the “pretty cool” Anime Club. Next to it is Asian Culture Club, selling egg rolls. And then there’s Union Latina, selling tamales fast. And lastly, there is the Spanish Immersion booth, selling shirts to support it.

This was my first time going to an event such as this, and I must say, it was fun eating food. Some of it was free! I am surprised by my ability of persuasion.

Anyway, from what I can tell the tailgating was a huge success!


  1. Diana Morton. AP says:

    Nice article. Tailgating was one of the best ever this year. I thought FFA stood for Future Farmers of America?

  2. There was some talk last year about the organization changing the meaning of the acronym, but after double checking, they ended up not making the change official. Thanks for noticing!

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