Could a Third Party disrupt the 2016 Presidential election?

As 2016 dwindles down, so does Barack Obama’s time in the White House as he is nearing the end of his second four-year term. This means that a new President must be elected in order to fill that void. This year, the Primary for the Democrats selected, Secretary of State, and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. The Republicans selected as their Presidential nominee, former host of The Celebrity Apprentice and notorious business man, Donald Trump.

Both of these candidates have many controversial stories surrounding their campaigns. For example, in the last 40 years, each nominee has released their tax returns to the public to show whether or not they pay their fair share, but Donald Trump refused to release his. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton used a private E-mail while she was Secretary of State and deleted over 33,000 emails.

Both of these candidates have major cons against them, so voters are deciding to vote for a Third Party candidate. The last polls showed Gary Johnson with 8% of the popular vote. If he can get 15%, he can be submitted into the debates and actually be given a chance to win the presidency.

New Chinese teacher


New Chinese teacher, Ms. Lin

This year at Highland Park Senior High, there is a new Chinese teacher known as Patty Lin. Ms. Lin was born on May 10th, and she is teaching Chinese 1 and 2. Ms. Miao, Highland’s veteran Chinese Teacher, will be teaching the higher levels of Chinese, and Chinese Immersion, this year.

I first asked how Ms. Lin felt about Highland, to which her reply was, “I felt very welcomed and I also enjoy being here.”

Then I asked about her favorite part of Highland, and she replied, “I like the IB School. They foster the environment of thinking beyond yourself and the subject you’re taking.”

My next question was asking her why she decided to teach. “I grew up with good teachers who foster teaching and discovery. I want to be a similar spark for students.”

After that, I asked her about her favorite and least favorite parts of teaching. Her favorite part of teaching, she replied was, “Getting to know students and learning more about teaching with students.” Her least favorite part, she said was, “It’s challenging to balance what I’m going to do each day.”

The last question related to school was what hour did she like to teach best to which she replied,” My sixth hour because I like my Freshman.”

I asked her about her hobbies and what she likes outside of school. Ms. Lin likes to play music, photography, and also Scuba dive even though she doesn’t really have time for it. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite movie is The Incredibles.

Ms. Lin is a really nice teacher, she’s funny and she makes sure her students understand the context. Hopefully, this first year at Highland will go great for her.