Negativity towards LGBTQ+

Highland is a very diverse and open school. From what we have seen, Highland tries to make students feel welcomed, accepted, and feel like they have someone to talk to. While the school does accomplish that, some of the students still feel un-welcomed or that they can’t be themselves here.

As students here, we hear so much throughout the day: positive and negative. But something we have noticed is that students tend to make fun and use phrases that are offensive to the LGBTQ+ community. Phrases like “that’s so gay” or the word “fag” are still being thrown around like it’s nothing. Most people don’t think twice before they talk/say anything.

We asked some of the students at this school that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and supporters, about their thoughts on this situation. A member in the community, who chose to stay anonymous said, “It does annoy me. There is no point of using words or phrases like that. It’s pointless and stupid.”

Someone else we asked, who also chose to stay anonymous said, “We aren’t taken seriously. We are made fun of all the time and no one is doing anything about it. People are getting in trouble for saying the “n” word but not for using ‘gay’ or ‘fag’.”

As people that have many friends in the LGBTQ+ community, it hurts us when they’re hurt due to the things people are saying about them, or when people throw around “gay” and “fag” like nothing.

We should all work together, not only as a school, but as a community and friends, to try to fix this issue. We certainly can’t control what others say, but we can try to persuade them to be kinder.

Unwritten rules in high school

In high school, there are many unwritten rules that occur inside and outside of class. Following these rules will make it easier to have a good time in school. Some of these rules are simple pet peeves that will anger people, and some are long held traditions that have been enforced for years. Either way, following these rules will help you have a good time in and out of school

The biggest unwritten rule is to not walk slow/stand in the hallways. This is the easiest way to make everyone behind you mad. Walking slow in the hallways can backup the whole hallway behind you, as well as angering everyone behind you. 

Another rule is not to be loud in the morning. No one wants to hear people screaming when they just woke up 30 minutes before. Some people like to yell across the room to their friend, and being in between them is somewhere everyone has been, but no one likes to be. So if you ever wish to speak to a friend before class starts, I’d walk over to their desk.

At football games, seniors are in the front row of the student section and freshman are in the back of the student section. This is just fair to everyone, because everyone’s been a freshman at one point and everyone will be a senior at one point. If a freshman were to sit in the front row, they may be politely asked to leave or they may stay there if no one speaks up. Either way, as a general rule to follow, you sit by grade level.

Overall, these rules will help everyone have a better time in and out of school.

The Ken Bone phenominon

During the highly anticipated second debate of the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, one winner would be crowned but no one expected it to be an audience member. Kenneth Bone, a member of the town hall style debate, came into the spotlight later in the debate when he asked the question to the candidates, “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

Ken Bone was praised for his lovable exterior, and honest question about the energy policy that the candidates would bring if they were elected. People found that Ken Bone was something that could distract them from the harsh presidential cycle of 2016. With the candidates both having the lowest approval rating for candidates of the two main parties in a long time, people wanted someone better. So when he showed up wearing a red sweater, glasses, and a mustache, the people of America chose him as their hero.

This has happened before where a certain person, object, or animal has become the focus of an entire nation during election week. For example, during the 2008 election the whole nation focused on Joe The Plumber, who was the Ken Bone equivalent of the time. He asked a question about small businesses, and the nation obsessed over him just as they are with Ken Bone right now.

In recent months, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been appearing all over the Internet, but ever since  Bone made an appearance in the most recent presidential debate, and he has been an Internet star. People fell in love with him almost instantly after his debut. Ken said that as soon as he checked his phone after the debate, he had already gained hundreds of Twitter followers. Since then, he has shown up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CNN, and many other talk shows as well. Now the base of, a popular Halloween costume, a trending meme, and even a fan club, what hasn’t Ken Bone done?

Well, there is a lot of speculation circulating through the Internet about whether or not Ken Bone is a good person. This is primarily based off of his unprotected Reddit history, but most of this has been proven to be a hoax, constructed by various people on the Internet trying to make controversy out of the man. His popularity has dropped because of some of things that have been said about him, which don’t appeal to most Americans.

The legacy of Ken Bone may have seemed to come to an abrupt end due to the discovery of his Reddit history, but like most other Internet stars, his fame would have ended soon anyway.