Tailgating 2017

Before most of our home football games, staff and students gather up for tailgating. Homecoming is no different. Clubs will gather outside the schoolhouse and sell food and/or other things for their clubs needs. This year’s tailgating is tomorrow, October 7th from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM followed by the football game against St. Croix Lutheran High School at 1:00 PM.  

There will be a variety of food there to purchase from clubs like Union Latina, Asian Culture Club, and many more clubs. In the past, ULA has sold tamales and aguas frescas (horchata, jamaica, etc) and ACC has sold egg rolls. Many other clubs will be selling other drinks, types of food and snacks like walking tacos and cookies. There is also clubs selling Highland gear and doing face paint.

This year we’ll be selling shirts, temporary tattoos, and a front page photo!

The Plaid Line shirts, $8 HOMECOMING SPECIAL!!

Temporary tattoos, 50 cents each!

Front page photo, $1

Tailgating is always a blast! Make sure to stop by at our table, get your picture, tattoo and shirt! If you take any pictures make sure to tweet it to us @hpshplaidline!


2017 Summer fashion

Fashion trends change every season. Summer ‘16 was full of wearing slip dresses outside of bed, bomber jackets, and baseball/dad caps. Most of these trends are still being worn, but for summer of 2017 there are many new fashion trends. Here are some of them.

Off the shoulder

Anything off the shoulder is super trendy and chic. Many brands are coming out with not only off the shoulder tops, but also with dresses, rompers, and sweaters. You can easily dress them up with a fancy neckless and a pair of heels. Or dress them down with jeans and white sneakers.


Some people like to show a little skin during the summer, and some don’t. Mesh/Sheer clothing is perfect because you can still see through the clothing, but you’re still technically covered up. Sheer clothing is also great swimsuit cover.





Rompers are essential for summer. They’re super quick and easy to put on, and they’re comfortable enough for you to do all your summer activities. They’re my personal favorite.

Floral embroidery

Floral print has been around for ages, and so has embroidery. Combine the two and you have a new trend! Floral embroidery has been put on all dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and everything else you can think of! This will definitely be around for a while.





Bralettes are a way better version of bras. They don’t have underwire, have little to no padding and are stylish. Many people have been wearing them as tops. Styled with jackets, and nice pants, they’re good for when it’s super hot outside.  

Logo T-shirts

This is the simplest but most popular trend of all of them. People have been styling t-shirts in many different ways. More specifically, oversized and logo t-shirts. Some of the most common logos include Adidas, Nike, and Thrasher. These are easy and affordable to find and can be styled in many ways.


YA! program at CLUES

Throughout the Twin Cities, there are many programs (within and outside of school) to help students prepare for their future/college.

CLUES (Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio) has The Youth in Action! (YA!) program in St. Paul, and for the first time, the program will also be running a CLUES in Minneapolis!

The YA! program is dedicated to help Latino students feel more empowered to become future leaders. Every student in the program is matched with a mentor to support and motivate them. Student and mentor pairs get to know each other during the YA! Institutes, and on an individual basis to help them with whatever they need. YA! Institutes are held every second Saturday of each month, through September and June.

photo courtesy of Tanya Tzwald

Along with mentors, students are given many amazing opportunities to volunteer at places like Feed My Starving Children and Toys for Tots.

Students are also given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by planning civic engagement activities. Civic engagement activities are focused on topics like problem solving for the community, formation/changing of laws, local and national governing bodies, and bettering our communities.

I have been in the YA! program since 2015 (my sophomore year), and I wish I had joined sooner. Since joining, I have definitely seen my leadership skills grow. I have had the opportunity to help/run a civic engagement activity, and volunteer at not only the places I mentioned, but I also became a Play Team member at the Minnesota Children’s Museum.

Applications are out! If you know someone that will be in 9th grade next year, encourage them to apply! Or if you have further questions, please contact Tanya Zwald at tzwald@clues.org or call (651) 379-4235!

More info – http://www.clues.org/wp_english/portfolio/youth-engagement-enrichment/

Mother’s Day ideas

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th. Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and is a time to celebrate our mothers and mother figures. For some people, it’s hard to think of what to give, or do for, our moms/mother figures because they deserve the world for everything that they do. These are some of the things I was able to come up with, and I hope they’ll help you when picking out something for your mom.

Breakfast in bed

This will always make anyone feel special and is easy and affordable. Figure out their favorite breakfast foods, and what they like to drink (coffee, smoothie, tea, etc.) and make it! You can add a flower to make it look prettier. Here are a few easy recipes if you’re stuck on what to make: http://www.foodnetwork.com/holidays-and-parties/packages/mothers-day/photos/mothers-day-breakfast-and-brunch-recipes




Who doesn’t love receiving makeup? Or better yet, getting a makeover! Sephora comes out with gift sets specifically for Mother’s Day. You can also just buy your mom’s favorites (you can add brushes too) and put it in a box and decorate it. Sephora also does makeovers in store, but most hair salons also do makeovers. Or, you can give your mom her makeover yourself!





If you’ve been on social media you would see that bath and shower products are the new hype. Brands like Lush come out with special products for Mother’s Day, which you can buy individually or buy in a set. Other brands also come out with luxury soaps.



image taken from: http://www.fromyouflowers.com/products/big_bright_ blue_skies_bouquet.htm




Flowers are always the easy go to gift. But you don’t have to get the typical red roses. There are so many other beautiful flowers besides roses! I personally love sunflowers, and I know my mom loves daffodils. They’re easy to find at any store, or you can order them online and have them delivered. You can always add flowers to any other gift you give.






Customized anything

Whether you DIY a picture frame and put a photo you know is special, or have your mom’s name engraved onto a nice piece of jewelry, she’ll love it. Customized gifts are nice, and can also vary in prices, so it can fit any budget.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so start looking!

Things to do if you’re not going to prom

This years prom will be on Friday, May 5th. Some people are very excited and are planning on going, while others aren’t. If you are not planning on going, but still want to do something fun with your friends or alone here are some ideas:


Getting a manicure and pedicure done is always fun and relaxing. You can sit back, read a book, watch videos on your phone, or catch up with whoever you went with. Tams Nails (Woodbury) is one of my favorites.

Movie night

By yourself or with family and friends, binging on movies you love is always a good time. Some of my recommendations are Grease and The Breakfast Club. But if you’d rather go to the theater these are some of the movies that are currently playing, The Fate of the Furious, The Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast and Smurfs: The Lost Village.



Bake something new. If you’re into baking, you can find a new recipe online and try out! This is extra fun if you do it with friends or siblings. But if you prefer the easier route, you can head to a grocery store and buy your favorite cake mix. Whatever you make will be great to eat as you watch movies!



Have a photoshoot!

Dress up in your favorite outfit and go to a park or to your friends house and take pictures! You don’t need any kind of fancy camera; your phone will do just fine! Be creative and have fun! You can buy props from places like Urban Outfitters or a dollar store.


Go to a party/teen event

Prom isn’t the only place where you can dress up and dance the night away. If you’d rather go to a more casual event/dance than prom, start looking now for events. Myth Nightclub (Maplewood) sometimes hosts events for teens ages 16-21. There are also more venues in Minneapolis that do events for teens so start looking!

There are many more things you can do if you choose to not go to prom. These are just some of my ideas. Whatever you choose to do be smart and safe.

For even more ideas, go to: https://www.buzzfeed.com/meganbeese/19-things-to-do-instead-of-prom-15s00?utm_term=.xoBlqGdrY#.imgxdoGDr

Great news at Highland

On Friday, March 24th, there was a college fair here at Highland. In the morning two students, Mason Corhouse and Vanessa De La Vega Meza, were presented with scholarships (Dease Scholarship ) to the University of St. Thomas, from a St. Thomas representative.

The Dease Scholarship Program was created by St. Thomas’ 14th President, Dennis Dease. He initiated this program to increase access to a St. Thomas education for students historically underrepresented at the school. These (full-tuition) scholarship are generally awarded to students of color, first generation students, and graduates from urban high schools.

I was able to ask our lucky winners some questions about the scholarship, and how they felt. This is what Vanessa had to say:

photo courtesy of Vanessa

Q: What did you have to do in order to apply for this scholarship?

A: Well in order to apply to the scholarship I first had to be accepted to St. Thomas. Then I had to fill out an application, and write some essays!

Q: Why did you pick St. Thomas?

A: The reason I decided to go to St. Thomas is because it really is such a wonderful school. I have family members who went to St. Thomas and they have always spoken about St. Thomas in such a good manner! I also had a ton of people tell me that it was an excellent school. So I did some research and I was actually excited about this school. I then did a campus visit, as well as an overnight visit and I was thrilled. As I visited the school I noticed a lot of things that I loved about St. Thomas! But the way that St. Thomas treats their students truly got me. They treat their students like actual people, rather than just a number.

Q: Do you know your major? If so, what is it and why did you pick it?

A: The major that I would like to pursue is Civil Engineering. The reason behind this is because I have always been interested by the structures of buildings and bridges and such. At one point I thought I wanted to be an architect, but I realized that just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be a part of the math behind the building, and to be a part of the safety of the building. It was then that I found civil engineering, which incorporates everything that I desired to be in my future.

Q: How do you feel knowing that you were chosen out of the 300 applicants?

A: It feels crazy to think that I was chosen out of 300 applicants! Even thinking of it today I am still astounded to think that I was chosen. It really does feel like I am living in a dream!

Q: Fun fact about yourself? 

A: Hmmm I can’t really think of a fun fact.


photo courtesy of Mason

Here is what Mason had to say:

Q: What did you have to do in order to apply for this scholarship?

A: To apply for the Dease scholarship, I had to be an accepted student, fill out a scholarship application with information about myself, and complete 2 essays. I don’t recall if letters of recommendation were required though.

Q: Why did you pick St.Thomas?

A: I chose The University of St. Thomas because it is a beautiful school with great programs and educational opportunities.

Q: Do you know your major? If so, what is it and why did you pick it?

A:  The major I am seeking is Actuarial Science, and I am seeking this major because it is very rigorous and requires a lot of mathematics which I enjoy.

Q: How do you feel knowing that you were chosen out of 300 applicants?

A: I am very proud that I was selected for the Dease scholarship; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Q: Fun fact about yourself?

A: A fun fact about me is that I can bench my own weight.
Mason and Vanessa both have an incredible things ahead for them. Make sure to congratulate them when you them!


Every culture has different traditions. In the U.S., we have Sweet Sixteens, and in the Latino culture, we have quinceañeras.

Quinceañeras are a rite of passage for fifteen-year-old girls (also referred to as quinceañera) who are going from a little girl to a young woman. Some families also celebrate the quinceañerea when their daughters turn 16, but still celebrate quinceañera style. People that celebrate this might switch it up due to their religion and/or their beliefs, but the celebrations include the same things.

Planning a quinceañera is a long process; people usually start planning 3-4 months in advance considering everything from the dress, to the color, to what kind of dances she wants. Many companies have quinceañera expos where they show dresses, cakes, invitations, decorations, and basically anything you need for your dream party. Here in Minnesota, El Nuevo Rodeo (located in Minneapolis) has a quinceañera expo every year around the end of January, beginning of February.

One of the most important things involved in a quinceañera are the dances the girl will be doing. Usually, there are 3-5 dances which include:

  • Entrance dance
  • Main waltz
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Surprise dance

There will also be a coronation, where the quinceañera will receive her last doll, her crown, a change of shoes, and a surprise gift – usually given by the parents or the godparents. The last doll, and the shoe change (flats/sneakers to high heels) are another way of showing that this is her growing up from a little girl to a young woman. The crown is given not only so the quinceañera feels like a princess, but to show that you are the princess within your family.

Once the coronation is over, the quinceañera will usually have a surprise dance, where she and her court perform a choreographed dance which usually involves an outfit change and the use of props. Once the surprise dance is over, the real dancing begins.

Quinceañeras are a very important tradition in a young Latina’s life. Mine was a day I will never forget.

Día sin inmigrantes

b806420“Día sin inmigrantes” fue el jueves 16 de febrero de 2016. Los Estados Unidos se unieron para protestar. Aquí en Minnesota, tuvimos una marcha que comenzó en el Consulado Mexicano (797 7th St E 55106) pasado centro de la ciudad, todo el camino a la capital. Durante la marcha hacia la capital hubo muchas paradas para ver a los bailarines aztecas. Cerca de 300 personas marchaban, y había más gente allí.

Muchos grandes restaurantes y tiendas estaban cerrados, tales como:

  • El Burrito Mercado
  • Boca Chica Restaurant & Taco House
  • El Nuevo Rodeo
  • La Loma Tamales
  • Las Mojarras
  • Panaderia San Miguel
  • Los Ocampo
  • Taqueria Los Paisanos
  • Los Gallos (las 15 localidades)
  • Salón de Belleza Avandaros

Estos eran sólo algunos de los lugares populares que estaban cerrados, pero había muchas más empresas que estaban cerradas. Mi papá cerró su negocio, J.P Auto Body pero no asistió a la protesta conmigo. En la capital, los bailarines aztecas continuaron actuando y gritando “Un pueblo unido, jamás será vencido”, “Si se puede” y muchas cosas más, Dirigido principalmente a Donald Trump.

Como alguien que tiene inmigrantes en su familia y en su grupo de amigos, esta protesta fue muy importante para mí. Ver el apoyo de no sólo mi carrera, pero muchos más fue increíble. Esperemos que esta protesta trajo a todos más cerca y que trajo más conciencia de cómo los inmigrantes afectan no sólo la economía, sino todo lo demás.


For those unable to read Spanish:

“Day Without Immigrants” was on Thursday, February 16th, 2017. The United States joined together to protest against President Trump and his immigration statements. Here in Minnesota, we had a march that started at the Mexican Consulate ( 797 7th St E 55106 ), went past downtown, all the way to The Capital. During the march towards the capital, there were many stops to watch the Aztec dancers. About 300 people were marching, and there were more people there.

Many big restaurants and stores were closed, such as:

  • El Burrito Mercado
  • Boca Chica Restaurant and Taco House
  • El Nuevo Rodeo
  • La Loma Tamales
  • Las Mojarras
  • Panaderia San Miguel
  • Los Ocampo
  • Taqueria Los Paisanos
  • Los Gallos (all 15 locations)  
  • Avandaros Beauty Salon

These were just some of the popular places that were closed, but there were many more businesses that were closed. My dad closed his business, J.P Auto Body, but did not attend the protest with me. While in the capital, the Aztec dancers continued to perform and to yell “Un pueblo unido, jamás será vencido” ( a nation united, will never be defeated), “Si se puede” (yes we can) and many more things, mainly directed at Donald Trump.

As someone that has immigrants in their family and in their friend group, this protest was very important to me. Seeing the support from not only my race, but many more was amazing. Hopefully, this protest brought everyone closer, and it brought more awareness to how immigrants affect not only the economy but everything else.


Debate en español

Highland es una escuela muy diversa. Tenemos un programa de inmersión en español, varios actividades después de la escuela relacionado a diferente culturas y mucho más. Uno de los actividades incluye debate en español.

b074682Debate en espanol es exactamente igual como el debate en inglés pero en español. La maestra o la “coach” del debate es la Sra. Boe. Ella ha hecho el dabete por al menos 3 años. Ella y alguien de Augsburg College se reúnen para planificar como va ser la temporada cada año. Hablan sobre cuando serán las prácticas, y cuando sean los turneos y otros detalles.

Muchos estudiantes piensan que es difícil el debate. Piensan que va ser como otra clase, tienen que buscar toda su información, escribir más y todo eso. Pero la realidad es que la Sra. Boe te imprime un paquete lleno con toda la información que vas a nececstar. Es mucho más fácil de lo que piensan!

Durante las reuniones/prácticas vamos a leer el paquete que nos imprimió, hacer mimi y prácticas de debates, y otros juegos para poder mejorar nuestro español y la manera que hablamos ( nivel, velocidad, etc.).

Los torneos todavía están en por determinar, pero van a comenzar entre marzo y mayo. El equipo se reune casa jueves en el salon 1211 (salon de frances) de 2:15 hasta la 3:30. Puedes venir a las reuniones aunque no sepas inglés!


For those unable to speak Spanish:

Highland is a very diverse school. We have a Spanish immersion program, several after-school activities related to different cultures, and more. One of the activities includes debate in Spanish.

Debate in Spanish is exactly the same as debate in English, but in Spanish. The teacher, or the coach, of the debate Spanish team is Sra. Boe. She has been doing debate for the last 3 years. She, and someone from Augsburg College, comes together to plan how the season will be every year. They talk about when the practices will be, when the tournaments will be, and other details.

Many students think debate is difficult. They think it’s going to be like another class, that they have to find all the information, write more, and all that. But the reality is that Sra. Boe prints a packet full of all the information you need. It is much easier than you think!

During the meetings/practices we will read the packet that Sra. Boe printed, have mini and practice debates, and play other games to improve our Spanish and the way we speak (level, speed, etc.)

The tournaments are still to be determined, but will be starting between March and May. The team meets every Thursday in Room 1211 (French Room) from 2:15 to 3:30. You can come to meetings even if you do not know English!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is filled with love and happiness, but if you’re a last minute shopper, it’ll be a day of stress for you trying to find the perfect gift for anyone special in your life. Here’s a list of a couple of ideas for everyone.


image taken from: http://www.bigdiyideas.com


If you and your partner struggle to decide what to do on date night, give them a mason jar full of date ideas so when date night rolls around you two are set! This link is a DIY on how to make this gift, http://www.bigdiyideas.com/diy-date-night-jar-for-100-great-dates/





You can never go wrong with giving chocolate and/or candy as a gift! Thankfully, many candy companies come out with heart shaped boxes full of their candy. You can get them at places like Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s and many other stores. Prices go from $1 and up. 




Stuffed animals are also a super easy choice. Again, you can find them in almost any store. Since prices are $5.99 and up, you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget.



image taken from: http://www.gifts.com


If you and your significant other have been together for a while, or you just want to get them something more sentimental you can get them a personalized keychain. Gift.com has this, and many more items, you can customize to give to your significant other. 





Another easy option is to put all of the person’s favorite candies, snacks, and anything else they might like, or need, into a gift basket. You can buy Valentine’s Day themed candies and decorate the box with pink red and white decorations. You can also buy them from various websites. This gift basket is from fromyouflowers.com.





image taken from: http://www.berries.com/


For anyone that enjoys food, chocolate covered strawberries are a must! You can DIY (do it yourself) it and make as many as you’d like, or you can buy them and have them delivered to whoever you’d like. Prices depends on where you buy them, but it will be cheaper if you do them on your own.




image taken from: https://www.etsy.com



If you are really out of time, you can always get a cute, funny, cheesy card, and just write down your feelings for the person you will be gifting this to. Add in a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant and they’ll love it and you!