Make-up dupes

The best thing in the world is getting almost the exact same thing for a lot less. In the make-up world the term “dupes” refers to getting a high-end quality product, that is cheaper than the original. Obviously dupes are not the same quality as the originals, but they are almost the same color.

Are they okay though? In our opinion, yes, because they’re not bad quality either, they’re just a little less quality for the same look.

Now, we’re not saying all of the dupes are really good and amazing, because let us just say that there are really awful dupes out there. But, make-up changes all around us, and everyday products are selling and attracting customers. You see it all over the Internet, the beautiful and interesting looks Youtubers and people all over the world are creating. One can do so much with makeup, from creating a sharp cat eye to giving yourself faux freckles, but we don’t all have the money to purchase expensive makeup products.

With all this in mind, Evelyn and I decided to get some popular high end makeup products and compare them to more affordable drugstore products.

Kat Von D, is a tattoo artist with a great vegan makeup line. One of her mosts popular products is her Tattoo Liner in the color “Trooper,” but it retails for $21. When looking for dupes we came across the wet n wild proline felt tip eyeliner, which retails from $1.99-$3.99 depending on what drugstore you go to. We tested both on Jennifer’s eyes, and they’re both very similar. Wet n wild was a little less pigmented but you could build up the product. The only difference we found between both of the products was that the wet n wild eyeliner didn’t have a smooth application. But for the most part, the products were basically the same: both waterproof, both last all day, and both come in black and brown.

We also decided to test Maybelline’s “The Rocket” mascara, which retails anywhere from $5.99-$8.99, again depending on whatever drugstore you go to, as a dupe for Benefits “They’re Real” mascara which retails for $24 at or Sephora. The brushes are somewhat similar and they both come in black and brown, but Benefit also has a blue shade of mascara. They both lift the lashes and give lots of volume. They’re both equally great and make your lashes ten times longer.

There are many more dupes out there but we tested some of the everyday products people wear. Hopefully, this helps you save some money so you can buy even more makeup.

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