Clowns terrorize Saint Paul Public Schools

The new media trend these days is…clowns.  Some people have decided to dress up as clowns and have reportedly lured people into forests and woods and threatened to stab them.

On October 5, 2016 many schools across the state of Minnesota, including school in the St. Paul Public School district, were threatened by clowns reportedly trespassing and terrorizing students and faculty members. These schools were threatened again in another Facebook post by another clown saying, “Friday all Minnesota School beware.”  In response to these threats, SPPS released a statement on the clowns on their Facebook Page.  The statement read:

“We have received reports of several threatening ‘creepy clown’ messages on social media, as well as sightings of clowns in Saint Paul.  Though these situations are believed to be hoaxes, please notify police if you see any unsafe or unusual activity.

School districts across the country are dealing with similar reports.

Additionally, our Department of Security and Emergency Management is monitoring reports and will work closely with Saint Paul Police to ensure safety of our students.

Please remind your children to never accept a friend request from an unknown person (or clown) on social media.”

One teen has already been arrested after being found to be the owner of the page behind Kroacky Klown, the page behind the threat to Minnesota cities.

This situation has de-escalated some since the initial reports, but clowns are still still being spotted everywhere around the Twin Cities and nation wide.

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