Ask J.A.M.

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Hey Scots! High school is a difficult time for the growing teen, and we would like to help others in this intimidating journey through Highland Park Senior High. It’s not easy to talk about your problems face to face with another individual, so we thought of starting an advice column here in the Highland Plaid Line. For our first article, we would like to introduce ourselves so our audience knows who they are spilling their hearts out to. “We” are J.A.M.: Jane Iverson, Alandra Hickman, and Michelle Bourassa.

Hi guys, it’s me Jane. I’m a sophomore. I know that high school can be hard and we are here to help. High school is a time where kids are figuring out who they are and who they want to become. That can be very confusing and hard sometimes, so if you ever need, or just want to talk, we are always here to help. Last year I played golf, and I figured out that wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. In my free time I enjoy reading mystery novels and spending time up north at Lake Superior. During school, when I’m not learning, I enjoy eating smothered burritos and mashed potatoes. J.A.M. believes in helping others and making this a safe environment for them.

I’m Michelle, a sophomore here at Highland. Last year, I wasn’t too thrilled about Highland or school in general. Over the summer, I made a promise to myself to maintain a positive attitude and spread happiness among our community. This is my first season doing cheerleading, and it is definitely the highlight of my day. It works with my loud persona, giving me a platform for all my energy. I love to laugh and make others laugh, so look out for me if you want to hear a funny joke during your day. Life is hard, so I like to try and ease others stress if only for a second. Despite being more of a “jokester,” I also have a very mature mentality. If you want honest advice, come to me. I believe in facing your problems head on before they face you. I hope to help anyone I can this year!

Hey everyone, I’m Alandra! I’m also in my sophomore year at Highland. Everyone has a different high school experience and I’m here to help make it better! High school offers a myriad of things that every person should be involved in. Here at Highland we have great sports programs, Link Crew, and a variety of clubs! Here at Highland I play JV and Varsity volleyball. While playing, I have made a lot of friends and learned so many things not only pertaining to volleyball, but also life. I’ve learned methods on how to juggle sports, homework, and my personal life. These are things that I am more than willing to help you with. We believe that school can be a wonderful place where we as students should be able to express ourselves and have a wholesome high school journey. If you need advice for anything concerning sports or academics I’m always here!

If you would like to talk to us, contact us at our @askhighlandjam

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