The spirit and history of FFA week

By: Truman Vang

What is FFA week? For those who don’t know, FFA week is a holiday that happens on the last week of February annually. During this year, the event occured from February 18th to the 25th. This is the time where local FFA chapters help celebrate their pride with the National FFA Organization. Often, students will hold events for the community to indulge in. Whether it be having an Ag Olympics, or doing some community service, FFA members are always at work during this week.

FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, or rather being known as the National FFA Organization. The organization puts students through an immersive experience to learn about agriculture and develop leadership, communication and critical thinking skills. First founded in 1928, the organization has been pushing these values ever since.

Within its youth, FFA decided to create a day for itself, known as the “National FFA Day.” Through its existence, members celebrated their chapters and the organization as a whole. Eventually, in 1947, the day became the week we know it as today.

Its placement within the year also followed George Washington’s Birthday, after the organization had purchased land from him that he owned. In 1948, FFA week officially started, giving us the holiday we know today.

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Through its many years of existence, FFA members have pushed themselves to have wonderful FFA weeks throughout. Our own Highland Park FFA Chapter has been doing many things for this week. For instance, through the past few weeks, members have held an appreciation breakfast for hard working teachers and staff alike. Along with this, we’ve been providing prizes to anyone that’s been able to properly answer trivia questions, as well as being able to find our scavenger hunt emblems.

FFA week stands as a certain period of time that we can celebrate FFA for what it is, whilst promoting it to new students. It’s also a time within the year, just to have fun whilst celebrating something we’re a part of.

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