Cross country world championship results

By: Ellie Moore

3 races took place in Bathurst, Australia on the 18th of February. The first was the mixed relay: 2 girls and 2 boys would run 2k each for a total of 8k. The boys were required to start and run the third leg. The girls would run the second leg and the final leg.

The course was extremely hilly and swampy. As the runners came into the handoff zone and finish, they had to weave between stacks of tires.

The boys started the race. South Africa and Kenya coming into the handoff zone 6 seconds ahead of everyone else. Australia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Morocco, and Canada had a tight chase pack, all handing off to the girls only 2 seconds off of each other.

Australia had a strong second leg, and after the lap handed off in first with a time of 11:34. Kenya close behind at 11:39. Ethiopia and South Africa chasing only 8 seconds behind Kenya. The United States moved up 5 places to lead the second chase pack.

When the third lap started, Kenya took the early lead over Australia. South Africa and Ethiopia stuck together in the chase pack. The United States still in 5th. Kenya handed off 8 seconds ahead of Australia. South Africa and Ethiopia gaining on the lead, only 3 seconds behind.

Kenya ended up making a gap at the start of the 4th lap that was too big to make up, so the race was really for second and third. Australia stayed in front of Ethiopia, but Ethiopia caught up quickly. They ran together until the end when Ethiopia made a big kick, making a gap on Australia.

Kenya ended up winning the race by 7 seconds. Ethiopia got second and Australia got third. South Africa was 24 seconds behind for fourth, and the United States got fifth.

The next race was the women’s U20 8k. The race was a very close race with the top three finishers coming in less than 10 second apart. For the first lap the top 17 runners ran together coming through the lap within 7 seconds of each other. After the second lap the race spread out a bit. The top 11 created a pack running 7 seconds apart from each other. United States, Irene Riggs and Ellie Shea lead the chase pack.

By the end, the race became a lot more spread out. Senayet Getachew from Ethiopia won the race with a time of 20:53. Her teammate, Medina Eisa, 7 seconds behind. Kenya’s Pamela Kosgei came in third with a time of 21:01.

The men’s 12k had a very close finish. The top 3 finished just 2 seconds apart. Like the women, the men’s race started out very close with the 60 in a tight pack. After the second lap they spread out with the top 15 creating a smaller pack.

In the end, Ishmael Kipkurui and Reynold Kipkorir Cheruiyot from Kenya finished first and second only 1 second apart. Ethiopia’s, Baki Diriba came in third just one second off Cheruiyot.

Overall, in the women’s race, Ethiopia won with 15 points. Kenya and the United State in second and third with 22 and 54 points.

In the men’s race, Kenya took first as a team with 22 points. Ethiopia close behind with 23. The United States got 81 points to lead them to third.

Brewing controversy amid Zach Bryan ticket sales

By: Abby Altman

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Zach Bryan is a rising country singer who made himself known after posting videos on YouTube and TikTok, and rising in fame after releasing his single “Something in the Orange” in April of 2022. The song made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 in May of 2022, and hit the top 10 in January.

In December of 2022, Bryan released ‘All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live from Red Rocks)’, a live album recorded at a 2022 concert. With the album, Bryan released a statement against the large increase in ticket prices via Ticketmaster.

In late January, Zach Bryan announced the official Burn Burn Burn Tour across the United States. Bryan, previously expressing his disdain for Ticketmaster, scalpers, and tickets being resold at a higher resale value, utilized a ticket sales site called AXS.

AXS is a sports and entertainment ticket sales outlet, first deployed in 2011.

After announcing the tour, Bryan opened presale registration, with a $1 sign-up fee. Randomly selected fans were then notified several weeks later with the opportunity to purchase tickets, ranging from $40 to $156 at the absolute maximum.

Fans selected to purchase tickets received an email from AXS, which led to fans checking their inbox every 30 seconds for 3 days straight. Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok are filled with fans expressing anger and sadness over “not getting the email”.

Along with using AXS, Bryan is not allowing the transfer of tickets to avoid reselling. The original purchaser of the ticket must be in attendance at the concert, with an ID matching the name of the ticket holder.

While the thought process behind the idea is sound, the resale policy has not stopped scalpers from trying. Tickets for the Burn Burn Burn tour have been appearing on sites such as VividSeats and TickPick for hundreds more than the original sale value. Zach Bryan and his organization have done everything in their power to try and make it clear; These tickets will not be accepted, and no refunds will be given.

Buyers selected to purchase tickets were first notified on February 14th through the 17th. For most concerts, fans were allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets, and for the concerts held at Red Rocks Amphitheater, fans were limited to 2 tickets per purchase.

While the random selection process worked just as Bryan had explained, many fans who were not selected were angry and spoke out publicly on social media.

During the selection process, Zach Bryan deactivated his Twitter account to avoid the harassment and hate. Shortly after tickets had been sold out, Bryan returned to Twitter saying “sorry guys had to avoid Twitter while the tour went on sale. I love you guys all so much and I’m so insanely happy and blessed.”

Bryan disappeared from social media once again a few weeks later after tweeting “Jesus, you guys have taken it out of me, see ya man, tried my best”. He reappeared 2 weeks later, but the complaints regarding ticket sales have not ceased.

Demand for tickets to see Zach Bryan in concert is much higher than the supply of seats to sell tickets to. Aside from adding more tour dates, there’s not much Bryan can do about the overwhelming number of fans who didn’t secure tickets.

Zach Bryan did exactly what he said he was going to do, in reducing ticket prices, eliminating scalpers reselling his tickets, and creating the fairest way possible for people to get access to his show. It’s understandable that those without tickets would be upset, but the amount of heat Bryan has received from upset fans is completely unwarranted.

The Burn Burn Burn tour will begin May 10th in Charlottesville, Virginia, and last until the end of August.

Top 10 Jelly Belly jelly beans

By: Caden Kipfmueller

Jelly beans. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Jelly beans have been around for a while, and though their exact origins are lost in time, they have been a staple in candy stores for as long as anyone can remember. Kicking off in popularity during the 1930s, these beans have been a favorite of many famous people, including Ronald Reagan. In honor of the jelly bean, we will be going through the top ten flavors out there.

10. Juicy Pear
Perhaps one of the most accurate-tasting jelly beans, Juicy Pear is well known for tasting exactly like what it sounds like. It’s an acquired taste, but many appreciate it for its authenticity and accuracy.
9. Piña Colada
If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain then this jelly bean is for you. The Piña Colada jelly bean is fruity and proud of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste great if you eat too many, which is why it isn’t higher.
8. Chocolate Pudding
One of the most underrated jelly beans, Chocolate Pudding has a deep, rich flavor. Unfortunately, it looks exactly like a variety of lower quality beans, and so jelly bean enthusiasts often mistake them for other types.
7. Strawberry Cheesecake
Known for its distinctive pink and red speckle, Strawberry Cheesecake is the type of bean everyone, young or old can enjoy. If only there were other cheesecake flavors!
6. Kiwi
There’s not much to say about Kiwi. It’s just good. 9/10 would recommend.
5. Buttered Popcorn
Easily the most controversial bean on the list, Buttered Popcorn is a savory choice even though most other jelly beans are sweeter. It’s not for everyone, but you may be surprised if you give it a chance.
4. Coconut
One bite of this bean transports you to the beaches of Hawaii, surrounded by palm trees. Perfect for any occasion.
3. French Vanilla
So good it makes you actually believe it’s from France.
2. Blueberry
This bean is so good it might as well actually replace the blueberry.
1. Caramel Corn
This bean is mind blowing. Many claim eating it is an out-of-body experience. It’s a travesty you can’t buy it individually, because the rest of the beans taste bland compared to this.

Why shoebills are the most menacing birds

By: Mae Skold

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Shoebills are human sized birds native to Africa. They can have up to a 7 foot wingspan and be up to 4 feet tall but their most distinctive feature would have to be their beak that can grow up to a foot long. The call, this bird’s beak, allows them to make is what considers them the most menacing bird of all.

The machine gun-like sound these birds emit terrorizes those who come across them in their native land of central Africa. They can often be sighted on the riverbanks of the Congo River hunting for fish. This complicates fisherman’s lives as the birds are very territorial. Locals warn people about their aggressive tendencies and advise that when hearing their bill-clattering sound to leave the area.

When spotted, they are known to look almost statue-like. If approached too intimately their statue-like character will break and they lunge with the beak. Because they have such long legs and beaks, their lunge is very powerful and people can be reached from farther away than you may think. Because of this, shoebills are responsible for 2-3 human deaths every year.

When left alone, these birds lead a normal life on the riverbanks of Africa. They feed on catfish and lungfish which are mainly fed to the young.

Laying season is in the spring, so after laying 2-3 eggs, the parent’s babies can be independent by the following fall. It takes the babies about 3 years to reproduce and continue the cycle of life.

Though shoebills can be a menace to their native African communities, when left alone they are a thriving species that contribute to the native wildlife of Central Africa. As long as their habitat is undisturbed, shoebills and humans can live in harmony.

For more information, please visit:

  • “Shoebill Stork.”