Sports schedule for: Feb 27-Mar 4

3:40pm / 5:00pm2:45pm | 6:00pmBoys Basketball vs. WashingtonWashington Technology
4:15pm / 6:00pm 6:00pm Boys Basketball vs. HardingHOME
7:00pm Girls Basketball vs. DeLaSalleDeLaSalle High School
4:30pm / 4:30pm 6:00pm Boys Basketball vs. MPLS SouthHOME
8:00am Wrestling Individual State TournamentXcel Energy Center
8:00am Wrestling Individual State TournamentXcel Energy Center

Roblox game reviews

By: Sophie Johnson & Biftu Osman

Roblox is a video game platform with hundreds of mini games and millions of users daily. Since this is an interest of ours, we decided to play a few games and rate them.

The first game we will be reviewing is “Survive the Killer”. This is a thrilling game where one person is randomly chosen to be the killer. The rest of the players have a mission to hide from the killer, help to save other players, and make it out of the round alive.

This is one of our personal favorite games on the Roblox app. It has a gripping element that keeps players on their toes and it also has a horror element to it.

In this game, there is a timer at the top of the screen and once the timer gets down to one more minute, the exits open. At this point, the killer can see where all the players are and it is their last chance to kill any of the players who they haven’t found yet. It is a race to the finish and either you win or the killer wins.

We rate this game a 10/10 because it is very exciting and fun.

“Natural Disaster” is another game where players are put in a simulation where they have to survive a natural disaster. Some of the disasters include acid rain, tornados, floods, fires, and volcanoes. The game announces which of the disasters will happen and the disaster begins soon after.

Players have the task of surviving and have limited health. If the health declines all the way and reaches zero, the player will be eliminated from the round. The way to win is by surviving the whole round and escaping to safety from the natural disaster.

This game is exciting because the players don’t know which disaster will come when the round starts and they have to figure out different ways to survive based on the disaster.

We would rate this game an 8/10 because some of the rounds are easier than others and you don’t have to do much to win, and we wish it was a bit more challenging.

Another game we are reviewing is “Hungry Nora”. This game is based off of the characters in the show ‘Dora the Explorer’, just under different names. In this game, the player’s goal is to collect the money from the characters and return to the safe zone without the characters catching you.

This game is thrilling because as soon as you take the money from one of the characters, they start chasing after you.

We rate this game a 7/10 because it is a simple game and is easy to understand, but other than collecting money, there is not really another point.

“Flee the Facility” is a Roblox game that was largely influenced by a different video game: “Dead by Daylight”. It’s one of the platform’s most played games since its creation in 2017. The main goal is for survivors to escape a map while evading the Beast, who captures and freezes the survivors into Freeze Pods.

To escape, the Survivors must hack a specific set of computers to unlock the Exit Doors. If a survivor is kidnapped by the Beast, the other survivors in the game can free them from the pods before the timer runs out and they’re completely frozen.

Once a round ends, the players are rewarded with XP or experience points at the end of each round, which can be used to purchase crates which provide alternative skins for hammers and jewels.

We would rate this game a 10/10 because we really enjoyed how intense it was and liked how it kept us on our feet.

The next game we’re going to review is “Rainbow Friends”. This is a multiplayer horror game consisting of 5 chapters. The first chapter opens with a group of players going on a field trip to an amusement park. The bus veers off the path and crashes when an unidentified person flips the directional sign. The players are then hauled away and sent to a mysterious facility, where they must gather items every night while evading the monsters that dwell there.

The players who have made it through each of the five nights are brought back to a safe room and given a 30 second debrief period before the next chapter.

We would rate this game an 8/10 because it was enjoyable but we wish it was more difficult to make it through each night.

The last game we are going to review is “Adopt Me”. This is a role-playing game in which you can design a home and raise a family.

When the game was first released, you could start off as either a parent or a child and then build your family from there. Since then, the game has changed and improved, and its main focus is now the role of a pet owner who can trade pets with other players.

Since its debut in 2017, this game has consistently ranked among the most played on Roblox.

We would rate this game a 2/10 because it doesn’t cater to our interests in games, but we would understand why younger children enjoy playing it.


By: Jessica Garcia Saligan


A good show to recommend if you like watching Drama and Supernatural shows is ‘Manifest’, there’s 4 seasons.

There’s a group of people that get on a plane and next thing you know, once they get off, passengers think it has been only a few hours but in reality it’s been 5 years.

Each season has around 10-16 episodes and each episode is 42 minutes long. ‘Manifest’ starts off with the airport offering people to give up their seats for an amount of money, the only thing is that they will arrive later.

The group of passengers and crew of the commercial airline get on a plane; 828. The flight starts off like a normal flight and all of a sudden a storm appears. At first it was only a little turbulence but that’s when a really big storm hit and made the plane start to shake and started going all over the place. The plane lost signal and couldn’t get anyone on the line.

After a little while they finally made a stop at this one airline and that’s when the whole plane was surrounded by cops, news, and and even the government. All the passengers were all confused on why the plane was surrounded and that’s when the governor tells them that they have been missing since April 7th, 2013, and when they returned, it’s November 4th, 2018. They had been missing for 5 years and were presumed dead.

A few of the passengers have a little voice in their head that tells them to do something where they are at, when they try to ignore it the voice gets louder and louder, and that makes them follow what the voice is telling them. But the voices are somehow connected with the investigation the passengers are doing.

Throughout the episodes, and the season, a few passengers try to figure out what happened to them, to see if it was set up by the government like an experiment.

If you want to find out more, you can watch the show on Netflix.

Sports schedule for: Feb 20-25

6:00pm4:30pm | 8:00pmGirls Basketball vs. HumboldtHumboldt High School
4:15pm / 6:00pm Girls Basketball vs. WashburnHOME
5:30pm / 5:30pm 7:00pmJV/C: 3:15pm V: 5:45pm | 8:45pmBoys Basketball vs. WashingtonWashington Technology
4:30pm / 4:30pm 6:00pm3:15pm | 8:45pmBoys Basketball vs. Mound WestonkaMound Westonka High School
5:00pm3:30pm | 8:00pmBoys Swimming and Diving SectionsArt Downey Aquatic Center
7:30pm Boys Hockey Sections vs. St. Paul AcademyAldrich Arena
4:15pm / 6:00pm Girls Basketball vs. Minneapolis EdisonHOME
 6:00am | 3:00pmWrestling Individual SectionsNorth Branch High School
12:00pm10:45am | 3:00pmBoys Swimming and Diving SectionsArt Downey Aquatic Center

JS The Bean Factory recommendation

By: Calla Fragassi & Mackenzie Malek

Image taken by: Mackenzie Malek

The Bean Factory is a small coffee shop located in St. Paul, just off of Randolph. The name JS, or Just Steves, comes from the owner Steve who established the shop in 2001 and now runs the independently owned, local coffee shop and roastery.

Now that you know a little bit about The Bean Factory, let’s take you inside.

The menu is filled with a large variety of drinks, from different coffees to Italian sodas. We can’t forget about the choice of pastries such as donuts and croissants. They also sell a selection of local art, skin and body care products, as well as some of their own merchandise, such as hats and sweatshirts.

The Bean Factory, hence the name, produces their own coffee beans, so you will be guaranteed to have a fresh cup every time. They serve three different coffees daily; one decaf and two regular coffees from different countries. If you don’t find your favorite coffee on the menu, they will make you an individual cup of coffee at their brew bar. Just ask and they will brew it for you!

They are also able to make accommodations or changes to any drink you want to suit you. The Bean Factory offers a punch card where once you buy nine drinks, you get the tenth one free for a drink of your choice. They also offer seasonal drinks like apple cider, pumpkin flavored drinks, and more.

JS is very environmentally friendly, having all compostable lids, cups, straws, and napkins!

Some of our favorite things to get at the Bean Factory are an iced chai latte or a blended mocha for on the go! If we have a bit of time to sit and study or catch up we either get hot chocolate or Steve’s double smoky coffee. If you’re planning on sitting in, you can get your drink in a JS coffee mug, or if you’re on the go you can get one of their compostable cups.

When the temperature is warming up there are outdoor seating options along with the inside seating all year long. The outside patio has an overhead shelter and is decorated with festive lights. If you are lucky enough you will get to hear some local live music that plays at JS every once in a while.

JS is right between the Macalester Groveland and Highland Park neighborhoods, which is a very welcoming community. Welcoming communities build connections between newcomers and long-term residents by strengthening relationships, and communicating shared values. Along with the community itself, the staff is very friendly and inviting.

In 2019-2020, a new Starbucks was supposed to be built on the corner of Randolph and Snelling Ave, but the community expressed their opinions on the new building and how it would take away business for The Bean Factory. After a communal vote was held, the project was moved down to the corner of Snelling and Stanford Ave which is far enough away that the small coffee shop was able to keep their business and their customers.

Their mission is to serve the community by bringing only the best coffees, roasted to perfection. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality coffee beans from a variety of different countries. The Bean Factory has also been very thoughtful to the HPSH community as they are one of our hockey team’s silver sponsors this year! They have continuously supported the team and our players throughout the season, and we cannot wait for the partnership to grow!

After many visits to the bean factory and getting to know the friendly staff and welcoming community, trying the variety of drinks and food, buying the merchandise, and getting to enjoy the local coffee shop feel, JS has become one of our favorite places, because of all it has to offer.

For more information, please visit their website at:

“Doesn’t Anybody Ever Get It Right?”: A retrospective on the original Broadway production of ‘Carrie: The Musical’

By: Bijou Kruszka

In 1974, Stephen King released his novel ‘Carrie,’ a story detailing the horrific experiences of a teenage girl dealing with high school bullies and an aggressively devout Christian mother. The book quickly became very popular, and its iconic film adaptation in 1976 only boosted its reputation.

Few people would see the source material and think that the obvious next step was a Broadway musical; but Lawrence Cohen, Dean Pitchford, and Michael Gore had a creative vision. They spent years writing it, casting it, and
getting enough money to get it off the ground. By 1984, they had enough of their project to start production.

Cohen, Pitchford, and Gore partnered with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain to begin production of ‘Carrie: the Musical.’ However, since the writers lived in America, they handed off creative control to a British director, Terry Hands. This was where things started to go awry. Miscommunications between the creatives were abundant. The most famous was between Hands and producer Fran Weissler.

When discussing costuming over the phone, Weissler commented that she wanted the high school students to look similar to the classic musical ‘Grease’. Somehow, Hands misinterpreted ‘Grease’ for Greece. Yes, you read that right, Greece, like the country. Hands then made the artistic choice for all the students to wear togas, while doing dances at prom and in gym class.

This only foreshadowed the catastrophes to come.

Another bizarre creative decision was found in the set. The creative team really wanted to highlight the show’s finale, in which Carrie and her mother die. So, they constructed an enormous white staircase for the two to sing their final song on. This staircase took up a significant portion of the $8 million budget, and appears for a mere 10 minutes. These creative decisions were incredibly strange, and would only be a part of the overall failure of ‘Carrie.’

On top of bizarre creative decisions, there were also many technical failures. One way things did not go as planned was the blood. Anyone who is familiar with ‘Carrie’ knows that the most infamous part of the story is when Carrie gets pig blood poured on her after she is crowned prom queen. So, it was a key element in the adaptation. However, with test runs of corn syrup mixtures, it became very clear Carrie could not actually be covered in blood. The mixtures clogged Carrie’s microphone, and would cause all her cast mates to slip and fall. Instead, the creatives opted for a bright red laser light show. Now, Carrie appeared as more of a rockstar than a bullied teen.

Once this light show started to go off, a screen descended from above the stage in order to divide the character Sue, from the rest of the cast. However, this massive screen’s quick descent was automated and couldn’t be controlled easily. This led to multiple near-decapitations.

All these technical problems should have postponed the show’s opening, but unfortunately, the show went on as scheduled.

On May 12, 1989, ‘Carrie: The Musical’ opened on Broadway. Critics and theatre-goers alike were horrified at what they saw. The togas and laser light shows were nothing like the ‘Carrie’ viewers knew and loved. The songs, while some were good, felt odd and misplaced in the story.

One song that particularly upset the audience was “Out for Blood,” in which characters Billy and Chris kill a pig to use for blood to prank Carrie. With the ensemble chanting “blood” and “kill the pig” while the leads danced and sang under bright red lights, the audience was unsettled to say the least.

Every night it performed, after the final blackout, the audience erupted with boos. Once the lights went up, there was some applause, a pitying compliment towards the actors for doing what they could with what they had. The critics were less pitiful though, with every major theatre review absolutely scorching the production.

After five days of performing, ‘Carrie: The Musical’ closed, cementing itself as one of the shortest runs of a musical ever, and one of most horrible failures in Broadway history.

Hammer attack on Paul Pelosi. What does the assailant want?

By: Jasmine Williams

On October 28, 2022, in San Francisco, California, a man named David DePape broke into Pelosi’s house. Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was not home at that time when he broke in.

The assailant broke into the house with the hammer he had brought. While Paul was sleeping, DePape asked who he was and where Nancy Pelosi was. Although Paul Pelosi told him she will not be back for some days, he desired to stay in his house until she had arrived as stated by the federal complaint.

According to the ‘Washington Post’, a reporter named Amber Lee was told by DePape that freedom in the United States was “being killed systematically and deliberatively” and that he had discovered “names and addresses” of those he assumed was the problem.

The cause was the midterm election, where a Trump mob attacked the White House on January 6, 2021, due to the election “being rigged.” The mob wanted to keep Trump in power. As assumed by other people in Congress, DePape’s reason for the attack was that he was influenced by Donald Trump supporters. But otherwise, he had confirmed with Paul that Nancy was second in line for the presidency. DePape said, “They are all corrupt” and ”We’ve got to take them out.”

When the police had opened the door, Paul and DePape were wrestling for the hammer. DePape was told by police to let go of the hammer, but he refused. DePape managed to get the hammer out of Paul’s grip and hit Paul Pelosi on the head, leaving him unresponsive for three minutes in a pool of blood.

Good news, Paul is recovering and has had surgery. But the assailant wasn’t aiming for Paul Pelosi, he was in the way. His target was Nancy Pelosi. He claimed that she was “the leader of lies” and he was to break her kneecaps. He stated that, “She would then have to be wheeled into Congress, which would show other Members of Congress there were consequences to actions.”

For more information, please visit:

Lunar New Year

By: Julia Yang

It’s Chinese New Year, a new year is a new animal. This year, we explore The Year Of The Rabbit. Did you know that in Chinese culture, the rabbit represents mercy, elegance, and beauty? It’s said to be the luckiest animal of the twelve.

Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. It lasts for fifteen days and is the most important festival in China.

The rotation of the twelve animals is based on the tale of a “Great Race” consisting of the twelve animals, created by the Jade Emperor— a god in Chinese mythology. According to the tale, animals had to overcome a rapidly-flowing river in order to get to the finish line. The results came in the following order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Those born in the years 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 and so on (every twelve years) are born in The Year Of The Rabbit. Each animal has their own years assigned to them. With that, everyone has their own Chinese zodiac assigned to them.

Although these are the twelve zodiac animals for Chinese culture, some animals can switch out based on where it’s celebrated. In Vietnam, the ox is replaced with a water buffalo, and the bunny with a cat. In the “Great Race” tale, the cat was not included in the Chinese zodiac cycle because the rabbit failed to inform the cat of the race, even after promising to do so.

Nobody is confident in how the cat came to be in the Vietnam zodiacs, but there is speculation that the ancient words for rabbit and cat sounded similar. So, technically, it is also The Year Of The Cat.

China has several traditions that come with the New Year, traditions that include putting up decorations, eating reunion dinner with family on New Year’s Eve, giving red envelopes and other gifts, firecrackers and fireworks, etc.

If you wish to learn more about The Lunar New Years, feel free to visit the sources given below.

Police brutality takes another life in Memphis

By: Isabelle Baidoo

Image taken from: Courtesy of Kris Volker

Law enforcement has failed another young black man in America. Tyre Nichols was a free spirited man, a father, and the youngest of four siblings. Nichols’ entire world revolved around his family, especially his son. Ben Crump, one of the families attorneys, stated in a press conference “Everything he was trying to do was to better himself as a father for his four year old son.”

His mother says that he had moved to Memphis before the COVID-19 Pandemic and got stuck there when everything shut down. But he was perfectly content with the situation because it meant he could spend even more time with his mom and family. Nichols had worked as a Fed Ex worker for about nine months during his time in Memphis and often skateboarded at Shelby Farms Park; this is the park he had skated at since he was only 6 years old.

On January 7th, 2023 Tyre Nichols was initially stopped by Memphis Police for reckless driving.

This traffic stop would lead to Nichols being violently beaten for roughly three minutes. Nichols was hospitalized and three days later, on January 10th, he died. The five officers at the scene have all since been fired from the Memphis Police Department and on January 26th, were charged with second degree murder for Tyre Nichols’ death.

According to information released by his family’s lawyers, the autopsy found that Nichols “suffered extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating.” Antonio Romanucci, one of the Nichols family’s lawyers, stood by Tyre Nichols’ mother, RowVaughn Wells, and stated: “He was a human piñata for those police officers. Not only was it violent, it was savage.”

RowVaughn Wells stated in a press conference that “He always said he was going to be famous one day. I didn’t know this is what he meant.”

Nichols’s funeral was held on February 1, at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the service saying to Nichols’ family “The people of our country mourn with you.”

Nichols was a lover of the arts and one of his many passions was to take photos of sunsets.

In this last quote from Nichols’ personal blog, he writes:

“My vision is to bring my viewers deep into what I am seeing through my eye and out through my lens. People have a story to tell why not capture it instead of doing the ‘norm’ and writing it down or speaking it. I hope to one day let people see what I see and to hopefully admire my work based on the quality and ideals of my work.”

All Tyre Nichols ever wanted to do was to support his family and see the sun rise and set everyday, and that opportunity was abruptly stripped away from him due to America’s deeply corrupt law enforcement system.

‘Pie De Limon Con Galletas De Maria’ recipe

By: Pablo Contreras

Ever since I was little I always liked baking and I was getting tired of making simple things that are from the United States. I wanted to try something new that’s not from America. I wanted to try to make something new from somewhere else. So, I asked my mom for help and she told me about this recipe and I wanted to try it out.

While making this I found out that this dessert is really easy to make; it’s not complicated, it doesn’t have so many steps, and it doesn’t take long to make. The only part that takes a long time is waiting for the pie to freeze.

Once the pie was done I was a little hesitant to try it at first, but the second that I tried this delicious, crunchy, and creamy pie I loved it. Its crunchy and creamy flavor tastes so good together, plus its lime flavor made it even better.

This dessert really brings together the best of the worlds of crunchy and creamy, and I feel like everyone should try this, so here I am sharing it with everyone. Plus, if you really like these textures then this dessert is perfect for you.

Note: Just in case some of you don’t know where to find Maria cookies, you can find them at a Walmart or a Mexican store.

Now let’s get into the recipe:

Here’s a list of the ingredients that you are going to need:

  1. 4-5 limes
  2. Half a packet of cream cheese
  3. 1 can of condensed milk
  4. 1 packet of Maria cookies

Now that you hopefully have everything that we are going to need, let’s get into the steps to make this:

  1. First, cut 3 limes in half
  2. Then, grab a bowl and squeeze the lime juice into the bowl and set aside the bowl
  3. Now, clean your cutting board. Grab 10 Maria cookies and cut them in half and set aside
  4. Now, to make the filling, in a blender, put in half of a packet of cream cheese, add in the lime juice and the condensed milk, and mix completely
  5. Next, grab a pie pan and use the Maria cookies that we cut in half to cover the bottom edge of the pie pan to form the first layer. And in the center of the pan use whole cookies to cover the rest of the pie pan
  6. Then put some of the mix in the pan and spread it around with the spatula
  7. Now, fill in with more Maria cookies the same way we did it for the bottom of the pie pan and put in more of the mix and spread it around with the spatula. In total, you will have three layers
  8. For the final touches, cut some small lime slices and add them to the top, and use a lime and a cheese grater to sprinkle some of the lime peels onto the pie
  9. Lastly, freeze for about 1 to 2 hours
  10. When it’s fully frozen, take it out cut yourself a piece and enjoy 🙂

Here’s a picture that I took to show you all how the final product should look, and if you didn’t look at the photo at the beginning of his article, you will see the picture I took of a slice of pie that I cut for myself.