Unwritten rules in high school

In high school, there are many unwritten rules that occur inside and outside of class. Following these rules will make it easier to have a good time in school. Some of these rules are simple pet peeves that will anger people, and some are long held traditions that have been enforced for years. Either way, following these rules will help you have a good time in and out of school

The biggest unwritten rule is to not walk slow/stand in the hallways. This is the easiest way to make everyone behind you mad. Walking slow in the hallways can backup the whole hallway behind you, as well as angering everyone behind you. 

Another rule is not to be loud in the morning. No one wants to hear people screaming when they just woke up 30 minutes before. Some people like to yell across the room to their friend, and being in between them is somewhere everyone has been, but no one likes to be. So if you ever wish to speak to a friend before class starts, I’d walk over to their desk.

At football games, seniors are in the front row of the student section and freshman are in the back of the student section. This is just fair to everyone, because everyone’s been a freshman at one point and everyone will be a senior at one point. If a freshman were to sit in the front row, they may be politely asked to leave or they may stay there if no one speaks up. Either way, as a general rule to follow, you sit by grade level.

Overall, these rules will help everyone have a better time in and out of school.

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