Trump’s cabinet

With the recent change of power in the White House, there have been a lot of changes. One of these changes is a whole new cabinet handpicked by Donald Trump himself. His choices have been heavily criticized, being called the most uneducated and whitest cabinet in modern history. Some of the appointees, such as Betsy DeVos and Rex Tillerson, have had huge controversy surrounding them, including that they don’t have the correct qualifications for the job.

Rex Tillerson, former Exxonmobil chief executive, was certainly an interesting choice for secretary of state. The secretary of state’s main job concerns foreign affairs and building relationships with other countries. This raises concerns to many, choosing a business man. The democrats in the senate expressed their concern about whether or not he would put Exxon or the people first. Tillerson has also been heavily criticized for his close ties to Russia; a concerning relationship for the secretary of state to have.

Jeff Sessions, appointed attorney general, is also a concerning pick for many. Attorney general is arguably the most important job in the cabinet, having control of law jurisdiction. He’s originally a senator from Alabama, so people aren’t questioning whether he has experience for the job. However, his views on climate change in particular are worrying. He is considered a “skeptic,” besides the recent facts coming out proving global warming, as well as 2016 being the hottest year ever. He’s also been tagged as a racist, with former colleagues saying he made jokes about the Ku Klux Klan. This is a major concern to the American population considering he would hold a very high position of power.

Overall, Trump’s cabinet has caused a lot of worry in the American population so far. Without them getting the chance to actually make actions, it’s hard to come to conclusions, but based on many of their track records, the citizens have a right to be concerned.

Carrie Fisher’s life and legacy

With the recent passing of Carrie Fisher, everyone should take a look back at her life achievements. She suffered a heart attack on December 27, 2016, but she will be remembered for years for all she did. Carrie Fisher was most known for her role in Star Wars as Princess Leia, but that was not nearly all that she did. She was an established author who wrote many books as well as a screenplay for her most well known book, Postcards From the Edge.

She made her film debut in the 1975 film Shampoo, and 2 years later starred in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.  This movie kicked her successful career off, and her acting performance gave her many future jobs.

Carrie wasn’t the only famous person in her family. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was a very well known actress and singer. She unfortunately passed away, only one day after her daughter, following a severe stroke.

Fisher wasn’t only known for her accomplishments on screen. She publicly came out as someone who suffers from Bipolar disorder, a mental condition that causes major mood shifts very regularly. She also has said she suffered from drug addiction, even admitting she used cocaine during the filming of the Empire Strikes Back. Because of her openness, she was seen as a role model to those who have been through, or are going though, these things.

Carrie’s legacy will be remembered for many years to come; she was a motivation to many – young and old alike.

The life of John Glenn

With John Glenn’s passing in 2016, everyone should look back at what he did for us while he was alive. He lived a life of many achievements, and is an inspiration for many.

John Glenn was a man of many talents. He was born on July 18, 1921, in Columbus, Ohio. He was first in public eye in World War II, where he was a successful fighter pilot. He continued his success into the Korean war as well. However, that is not all he’s famous for. He was selected as one of the “Mercury Seven” which was a group of pilots selected by NASA in 1959 to train to orbit the Earth. In 1962 he became the 5th person to ever be in space, and the first American to orbit the Earth. Not only that, but he was also a U.S. Senator. He won a seat in the 1974 election, and continued to serve for 24 years. In 1998, he became the oldest person to fly in space at 77 years of age.

John Glenn lived a life full of achievements. He’s won over 20 various awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 2012. Other recipients of this award include Ronald Reagan and Stephen Hawking. He was an inspiration to future engineers, astronauts, and politicians alike.

He recently passed on December 8, 2016, in his home town of Columbus, Ohio. But even though he died, that doesn’t mean he will be forgotten. He will be remembered as an engineer, astronaut, and senator and on top of that an all round good person.

Top Ski resorts in the U.S 5-1

Skiing is a hobby popular all across the globe. With Colorado bringing in $4.8 billion annually from skiing, the skiing industry is big and is only growing. Today, I will be continuing my discussion of what I think are the best ski resorts in the U.S, covering every region (#5-1).

  1. Vail

Vail is one of the most known skiing resorts in the U.S, being the key destination for tourists and out of towners. However, it deserves this reputation, because of its land area and terrain suitable for those of all ages and skill levels. When someone thinks of a ski resort, they likely think of Vail, due to its vicinity to Denver and accessibility to all types of skiers and snowboarders.

  1. Alta/Snowbird

Located in the Wasatch Range in Utah; Alta and Snowbird are in the same valley. What’s special about Alta, however, is that it does not permit snowboarders to ride on their runs. This is one of the only resorts to have a rule like this, and has been the target of much dispute from snowboarders and lawyers alike. These mountains host some of the most famous skiers and terrain, attracting expert skiers to see how they can contend with it’s dangerous slopes.

  1. Big Sky

Being the largest ski resort in the U.S, this resort has no shortage of runs for everyone. From some of the steepest runs in the whole country, to the mellowest of slopes perfect for a young child to learn on.

  1. Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley is full of skiing and snowboarding history. Located on the California side of Lake Tahoe, it’s one of the most well known and visited ski resorts in the United states. It has some of the biggest cliffs, the steepest runs, and the famous skiers. Skiing legend and adrenaline junkie Shane McConkey called it home as well as many other amazing skiers.

  1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is my personal favorite ski resort in the U.S by far. I’ve never visited, but it has the the best terrain for an avid skier such as myself in the world. Having the runs like Corbet’s Couloir, the steepest run in the US, makes it what it is.

Top 10 Ski resorts in the U.S: 10-6

Skiing is a hobby popular all across the globe. With Colorado bringing in $4.8 billion annually from skiing, the skiing industry is big and is only growing. Today, I will be discussing what I think are the best ski resorts in the U.S, covering every region (#10-6). 


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  1. Mount Bohemia

Mount Bohemia, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is not known for the land it covers, or its wide access to land. It’s known for its steep runs, backcountry territory, and the legendary bus that brings you back to the base. It may not compare to some of the resorts out west, but it’s the best of the best in the midwest.

  1. Stowe

Stowe is located in the northern part of Vermont, and boasts a vertical drop of 2,360 feet. Vertical drop is from the base of the mountain to the top. This number is comparable to those out west, and averaging 314 inches of snow every year makes this a prime place to ski.

  1.  Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is located in Colorado, and is a very famous skiing destination, with around 100,000 visitors every ski season. Known for its famous tree skiing, Champagne Powder, and family friendly accommodations, Steamboat is great for the old or the young, and anywhere in between.

  1. Aspen

Aspen is also located in Colorado, but what is special about it is that it is 3 mountains in 1, providing a huge number of runs compared to other ski mountains in the area. A great choice for beginners as well, with one of the mountains devoted to mellower runs that are great for learning.

  1. Silverton

Silverton is different than any other skiing resort in the U.S. With only one actual chairlift, it isn’t easy to access a lot of the terrain. Most of the good terrain requires hiking, bus ride, or a helicopter – depending on your budget. Silverton is a bad place for beginners and intermediates, and only really worth your time if you consider yourself an expert.

Hockey merge

On the night of Wednesday, October 26, Saint Paul Public Schools merged the Central and Highland hockey teams. For the past 5 years, Highland Park Hockey has been it’s own team, with Como and Central being merged together. There are mixed feelings about the merge, on one hand it brings in new, good players. However, on the other hand Central/Como were Highland’s biggest rivals.

In an interview with Charlie Dombrow, a Junior at HPHS, and #14 on the hockey team, he says “I don’t think it was necessary because they [SPPS] admitted they had enough players, just not the amount of quality players. This is the exact situation that we were in 2 years ago.” His viewpoint is interesting, and valid as well. Scots hockey has struggled for the past couple of years but showed promise last year, and looked like a good team even before the merge this year.

Gabe Nelson, a Junior at HPHS and #12 for Scots hockey, is divided on the issue. “I think it’s good for the future of the team because it’ll encourage more players to join and play. We’ll have a JV team that will develop varsity players,” he says. “But it sucks for the community this year because the Highland families worked really hard to get us where we are.” Highland just got a brand new locker room at the Schultz Arena, designed specifically for them. The locker room was made with help from the parents and community around the team, and it makes sense why they would be hesitant to share it with their ex rival.

Overall, Scots hockey could benefit from this merge. With the increase of players having the opportunity to join, and having new talent on the team, the Scots could improve. However, it just doesn’t feel right for some of the players. The rivalry with Central has been fueled for years in all sports with intense games and heartbreaking losses. Either way, I will still support Scots hockey this year.

Unwritten rules in high school

In high school, there are many unwritten rules that occur inside and outside of class. Following these rules will make it easier to have a good time in school. Some of these rules are simple pet peeves that will anger people, and some are long held traditions that have been enforced for years. Either way, following these rules will help you have a good time in and out of school

The biggest unwritten rule is to not walk slow/stand in the hallways. This is the easiest way to make everyone behind you mad. Walking slow in the hallways can backup the whole hallway behind you, as well as angering everyone behind you. 

Another rule is not to be loud in the morning. No one wants to hear people screaming when they just woke up 30 minutes before. Some people like to yell across the room to their friend, and being in between them is somewhere everyone has been, but no one likes to be. So if you ever wish to speak to a friend before class starts, I’d walk over to their desk.

At football games, seniors are in the front row of the student section and freshman are in the back of the student section. This is just fair to everyone, because everyone’s been a freshman at one point and everyone will be a senior at one point. If a freshman were to sit in the front row, they may be politely asked to leave or they may stay there if no one speaks up. Either way, as a general rule to follow, you sit by grade level.

Overall, these rules will help everyone have a better time in and out of school.

Exchange students

Exchange students visit Highland every year, and every year Highland Students are exchange students. Exchange students will say that it’s one of the best parts of their life so far. Usually, exchange students enjoy it here and vice versa for students of Highland that went to a foreign country.

Usually, an exchange student will stay with a host family. Host families are a family consisting of at least one parent and one child under the age of 18. Host families sign up to take care of an international student for the school year. They feed the student and introduce them to the culture of America.

A recent example of exchanges students coming to our school were the Indian exchange students that visited our school. They came for only a week, but chose a good week in Homecoming week. They had the chance to see, and compare, how a public school in Minnesota, America compared to their school in Delhi, India.

To have the chance to be an exchange student, one could go to You have to apply, but you can pick the country that you’d be interested in staying in. One thing the program won’t be is free. To visit Germany for example would be almost $8000 U.S dollars. Another program that is commonly used here at Highland is SHARE. This organization will organize everything for you, including a host family and placement. When I visited the counselor, this was the first program they mentioned.

An exchange student doesn’t always have to go out of country either. National Student Exchange (NSE) is a program that allows college students to go to another university in U.S states and territories, such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

At the end of their experience, exchange students often love their time in a new country/state, and the ability to learn about a new culture is often priceless for many.

Comparing ways to get to school

Students have a lot of options to get to school in the morning, and this article will be reviewing the pros and cons of each option. The three most popular ways to get to school are: by school bus, biking, and driving. Each of these options have good and bad things about them.

Bussing is a great option to get to school for many reasons. One main reason is that it’s reliable. Unlike biking and driving, one doesn’t really have to worry abut weather because bus drivers are much better trained than a high school driver in terms of heavy weather driving, and biking is pretty much out of the question unless you are willing to get soaked. Bussing also is a great place to talk with your friends that live near you. Another pro about bussing is that you can take it all season, unlike biking unless you own a winter bike.

However, there are also cons about bussing to school. One major con is not being able to stay after school to talk to a teacher, retake a test, or study in the library without having to take an alternate way home. Another con to bussing is that you may have to leave earlier than other options, because the bus stops so many times.

Biking is also a great way to get to school, weather permitting. Biking has mostly the same pros as driving, with a few exceptions. Biking is also a great excercise and can be fun.

Some cons to biking is that we live in Minnesota. Winter lasts ⅔ of the school year which makes it very difficult to bike for most of the school year.

Driving has both a lot of pros and cons. Some pros are being able to leave your house relatively late, compared to biking and bussing. Also, driving gives you the freedom to stop for food before or after school if you’re hungry. You can keep textbooks in your car too, if you don’t want to carry them around all day.

Some cons to driving though are having to worry about parking and paying for gas. Paying for gas can get expensive if you drive to school everyday.

Overall, there are many good options to getting to school. I personally drive, but I have both bussed and biked in years past. It all matters on your personal preference and what works best with your schedule.