Learn about your local Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts, of River Valley’s, mission statement is “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” The Girl Scout dream began in Savannah, Georgia in 1912. Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low organized the first Girl Scout Troop. From then, she began to break the typical boundaries set on girls at the time. Low, even before desegregation, provided a gateway for young girls to participate in this activity. Low’s dream has been continued for over 100 years building courage, confidence and character.

When talking about Girl Scouts, there are six different levels; Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadet, Senior and Ambassador, in that order. Each level is determined by the girl’s grade. No matter what the grade, all Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges, travel, sell cookies, go camping and many more activities. Each are an opportunity to prepare the girls, to better themselves for their future, and keep them on track. Each troop varies in size, but it allows each girl to develop into leaders. To this day, Girl Scouts is a 2.6 million strong organization.

In our troop, 52589, we are known as Ambassadors. During the year of 2016-2017, we have been trying different activities to earn money for our troop trip to Europe. During this trip, we will be gone for 15 days and we are going to be visiting: France, Switzerland, London, and Spain. The cost is around $4,600 and ways we earn that money is through: selling cookies, volunteering, and setting up events for the younger girl scouts. Cookie sales are around February, but the activities have no certain dates. It’s a great way to get involved and to show our leadership skills through helping the younger girl scouts form into the leaders that they will soon become.

College crises!

Ever since freshman year, we knew that this moment was going to come. The beginning of October is when things get tough for the class of 2018. This is the month where seniors apply for colleges all around the country. It is fun, but it is also stressful because the smallest mistake could cost us our opportunity to get into the university that we decide on. We all have dreamed about the colleges we want to attend, to become something; it’s just that the process is the hard part.

There are various parts in filling out a college application. Whether it’s dealing with scholarships, to filling out FAFSA, the different parts control different areas. The main source of all applications is called “The Common App.” That app is recommended by a majority of colleges around the country. It helps send out all your information, after you fill out everything it asks for. It asks for things like: your name, date of birth, school, GPA, ACT, essay, etc. Although you might be excited to apply and get accepted, this is very time-consuming, so it’s best if you start a month ahead.

During this process, there are a lot of things you need to make sure you have BEFORE you submit your application. You need to make sure you know your class rank, GPA, and have access to your ACT/SAT scores. When you have access to those reports, it can help you fill out the application thoroughly and accurately.

When dealing with FAFSA, make sure you choose your graduation year to the next year. For example: FAFSA 2018-2019 because that is the year you would be entering college. If you mess up, you have to go back into FAFSA, fix the problem, and re-submit it.

As mentioned before, it is a very exciting idea getting to go to college and living on your own, meeting new people, and trying new things, but in order to do that, everything needs to be handled correctly before you leave high school. It is most stressful for seniors because this process involves a lot of discussion with your counselor, asking for recommendations from your teachers, and keeping your grades up while being motivated to accomplish all those things in a timely manner. It takes a lot of devotion, time, and concentration.

A positive note to all of the class of 2018: do not give up because your dream is just around the corner. Do not let “Senioritis” hit you before you submit all your applications.

For classes below (2019, etc), here is some friendly advice from a few seniors: make sure you start looking for colleges early and have some ideas on what you want to major in. It’s best to have an idea on what you want to do early, rather than coming up with something last-minute and struggling. Take some time and brainstorm. You can do anything you put your mind to, just do it.

Good luck to all Seniors, and we hope you get into your dream college.

How ’bout them Seniors?!

As the class of 2018 enters their final year of high school, they have a lot on their minds. Not only do they have to balance out school, jobs, and sports, but they also have to worry about College. The beginning of the 2018 school year means the last time to enjoy their high school careers. Football games, Homecoming, Prom and Boat Dance are just a few of the amazing things to experience at Highland Park Senior High. These are events that we want seniors to look back on and smile.

During the first two weeks of senior year, we took the time to go around and ask our new seniors what they thought about their year so far, and what they are looking forward to in the future. Asking these questions gave them more of an idea of what to think about in their future, and what they might want do.

Here are the questions we talked and their responses:

What is one thing you’re looking forward to this year?

John B: Unaware of the school [John B is new to HPSH this year]. I’m excited about my late start and my early release.

Nina C: Going to the dances.

Rasjus J: Football.

Maddie R: Graduating.

Yohannes A: Graduating.

Nicole J: Graduating because you can restart everything. You’re not forced to go to school anymore.

One thing you’re going to miss about high school?

John B: I would say less relationships with people. Everyone knows each other.

Nina C: I’m gonna miss not having a lot of responsibility.

Rasjus: Just being able to see friends everyday.

Maddie R: Seeing my friends.

Yohannes A: I guess my friends and sports because I don’t think I’ll see them or play sports in college.

Nicole J: The relationships with the teachers and students.

What is one thing that has impacted you throughout your high school career?

John B: My sudden change in school had a very heavy impact on me.

Nina C: One thing that has impacted me is my mental health.

Rasjus J: definitely my grades and maintaining them. Procrastination and scheduling them.

Maddie R: Volleyball. It gave me motivation. It gave me a reason to be here.

Yohannes A: I don’t know, sports.

Nicole J: Probably the teachers. The motivation and the way you will be cooked if you miss a few days. 

What do you think the future holds for you?

John B: Own my own business. I don’t want to work for anybody.

Nina C: I think I’ll do something that will benefit myself; hopefully.

Rasjus: That’s a weird question. Hope to get a degree and be a journalist.

Maddie R: Hopefully studying some sort of science. Marine biology or Geology.

Yohannes A: College for two years.

Nicole J: Hopefully going to college and being somewhere on my own. I might stay here.

Even though this is going to be our last high school year, it has just begun. This is the time to develop friendships, make connections, apply to colleges, try new things, and experience many more things. One thing to keep in mind seniors, is to push through the year hard, and finish the year off good. There will be no better feeling than to walk across the stage, receive our diplomas, and say “We did it”.



Track and field season wrap-up

After a successful season of track and field, there was one night that everyone was waiting for…and that was the Banquet.


photo courtesy of Asiah Atiq

The Highland Park track team had a variety of people with many different skills. Those skills helped us win track meets, and if we didn’t win we sure put in our all. On May 17, and May 19, the City Conference Track Meet was hosted, which meant “Go hard or go home.” The Highland Park team was determined to make their mark at this meet, and that’s exactly what they did. All the training, and confidence we built as a team, surely helped us get the win for the Conference Champs of 2016. In my eyes, I saw a team that was known for building each other up, not knocking each other down.

This year not only helped me improve some skills and help me get into shape, but it helped me face my fears and made me be more confident into trying new things, and to be more open-minded. The skills and things I was taught this year made me realize that I’m stronger than I thought I was, and made me think “outside the box.” Since I had so much faith in the team, and myself, I made my mark on the team.

Banquets are usually events that bring people together, celebrating accomplishments, and talking over the greatest moments, followed by speeches that include wise words. Monday, May 6th, was the day of Highland Park’s track banquet which recognized and awarded many of our great athletes. One thing I like about banquets is that it shows the different capabilities in people, whether it’s from jumping, to throwing, and even running. We talked about what the team meant, what was expected from the athletes, and how the overall season went.

The coaches had a huge impact on me and the team, because if I wouldn’t have known that there was gonna be obstacles on our way to success, I would have never continued trying to reach my goals, and going outside the box. I achieved blocks, a big part of a race that I havent tried till this year. That connects with the saying “You learn something new every day” – Ray LeBlond. 

Overall, this year was filled with accomplishments, and not only am I proud of myself, but I am also proud of my teammates. I want to thank the Track and Field coaches for making this track season one to remember, and to continue doing what you think is right.

To anyone who wants to join track, or is getting ready for next season…stay true to yourself and know your strengths.

Fields of Hair


photo taken by Asiah Atiq

Fields of hair is a beauty/barbershop located in St. Paul, on Minnehaha and Hamlin. It’s a beauty shop and barbershop combined into one, and was started by a women named Marcie S. Fields. She runs the hairstyle department, and was joined by her loved one. Together, they made a simple building into a succesful shop that they can gladly call their own.

I asked Marcie some questions based on how things are going, and the methods she uses to keep the success going. The questions I asked her were to help me get a better understanding on how she created a fascinating business, and ways she kept it stable. Some of the questions I asked her were:

  • What is “Fields of hair?”
  • What are some business techniques you used to keep the business going?
  • What made you want to start your own hair company?
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages about your company.

“Being on time, that’s the biggest thing” says Marcie. She keeps things in order and keeps her appointments and calls in order. Another answer from Marci about what techniques she uses to keep the business going is: “You have to be able to be dependent on time. Customer service skills are important especially making your customers happy. Customer service skills, make your clients happy which falls under the category “customer service skills”. When the customer lets you know what they want, that’s when the listening comes in. You need to get a visualization on what they want and you can’t get that if you’re not listening.” Her response about the customers relates to the saying “The customer is always right”.

One thing she cherishes the most about her shop and how she started her company is the freedom, which to her means that anyone is welcome.

Some advantages and disadvantages I asked her about her shop and the way things are set are listed below:


  • Being my own person makes the moments stronger.
  • Spending time with my family matters the most, so I can make my own schedule when I work and when I don’t.


  • No paid vacation since I set my own schedules. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

My experience at Field Of Hair was nothing but sensational, positive, and well-mannered. The service was great, and the job was finished in a matter of time. I feel as though she listens and focuses on what the customer wants. She keeps things flowing, and gets people in and out with no hassle. I am satisfied every time I walk in there, and I hope to continue visiting such a pleasant shop.

Track and field

Have you ever wondered why people run for fun?  What the significance of track is? Track is what you make of it.

Track and field is a combination of field events such as throwing, jumping, and running: which goes from 50m hurdles – 3600m. Unlike other sports, track is simply a sport that helps you get in shape, and helps you improve skills. Whether it’s from throwing a short distance, to jumping farther than you ever jumped! It’s a matter of commitment and hard work. If you’re not going to put your all into what you do, then it reflects in your races and events.

IMG_0226Track is important to me because it’s very intriguing and lively. Since 5th grade, it has been my favorite sport. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes when you over think about the little things, but you have to keep moving. My past coaches have told me key things that I have kept with me until this day.

“Don’t let the little things knock you down. Sometimes you fall, and when you do you get back up”-Anonymous.

Sometimes when you feel like giving up, it’s better to just think about what you think is the problem, and try to fix it. Giving up won’t make you better, it will only slow you down even more.

Everyone has their own skills, and it takes specific training and strength to bring the talent out of their shell. Each event is not the same, which means more people can try to search what they like best about each one. Being open-minded in a sport like track is good because depending on what sport you play, there is always a better option that you can partake in.

Another key thing with track is setting goals. Some may call it “PR” which stands for personal record. Whether it’s improving a second or a minute, you want to set that up for yourself so not only can you better yourself, but you’re pushing yourself closer to success.

I suggest more people join track no matter what school they go to, because it helps with getting stuff off your mind, improving skills, and getting you fit for your next season, if you play multiple sports. Track and field is for anyone, any age, and is here not only to make you better, but also to help you build a better perspective on skills and exercises.

51st anniversary

Highland Park, home of the Scots, has been around for almost 50 years!

1964 is when Highland Park Senior High opened, and 1965 was the first graduating class. Students who graduated in 1966 started off in a different school such as Central, Washington, etc, but when they heard about Highland and how it just opened up, some of the students transferred over, and enjoyed Highland better.

Highland was known for its academics, fellowship, and how good the athletics were. Some called it the “dream school”, while others just thought it was just another school.

FullSizeRenderOver the years major changes have been made to HPHS. Back in 1965 there were just designated areas that are now football, baseball, and soccer fields. Cheerleading outfits have changed, such as in the fabrics used, and the Highland logo has evolved.

As we were looking through the past yearbooks, we saw so many interesting, and amazing activities that Highland delivered for the students. We saw a large assortment of clubs, and the many different homecoming activities that they had around that time. The yearbook used to be called “Tartan”, and Highland’s neighborhood rival used to be “Derham Hall”, as said in the 1965 yearbook.~2908344

Reunions are for people who want to come together again after a long period of separation, and the second graduating class from 1966 is reuniting once more! The founder of this reunion is Synthia Van. The reunion is Saturday August 13, 2016. There is a tour on August 13 at 9:30 A.M. at the Lost Spur Country Club in Eagan.

On that day, 50 years will have passed by for these grads. May that day be filled with happiness, joy, and miracles.

New Years resolutions

imageA New Year’s resolution is made when you go into the new year and you want something to change in you, or want your lifestyle to be different. A New Year’s resolution is a big thing. It’s for people to know that it is a great thing to be living another year, and it’s also a time to look back on the old year and see if you want to change. It’s also a time to set goals about what you would like to achieve in the new year.

According to some people we asked around the school, some New Year’s resolutions involved getting better grades, working harder, trying to achieve their academic goals such as getting higher than a 3.5 GPA, and passing in general.

It’s nice to think about because you have another year to improve the wrong things you did, become a new you and start over. As the famous quote says: “New Year, New Me.”

Some specific resolutions were:

  • Jenna’s resolutions involve:
    • Getting better grades in school
    • Playing a sport
    • Improving social skills
  • Marie’s resolutions involve:
    • No more cursing
    • Being more positive
  • Taylor’s resolutions involve:
    • Being more proactive
    • Listening to directions
    • Being less annoying

Resolutions are more like mindset goals rather than random rules. Not only do they help your life become more organized, it also helps outline things you want to improve. We recommend setting resolutions so everything can run smoothly in your life.


Strength and fitness

IMG_2192Strength and fitness is a class where endurance and strength is a MUST in order to pass the class. The teacher who teaches strength and fitness is Mr. Brandon Ferraro, also known as Mr. Ferraro. He is a gym teacher that teaches gym and strength and fitness. There are 38 kids in his strength and fitness class, and when combined with his regular gym class, there’s about 80+ in the class. The classes he teaches are vaguely similar, but they’re different due to the curriculum that he has set up. For example, the subject in gym that they are focusing on now is volleyball.

We asked four people that are enrolled in both strength and fitness and gym what they thought about the more specialized class and here are some of the things they said:

Francois (who referred to strength and fitness as “weight training”): “I like it. I took weight training sophmore year. It’s a good class and a good workout, only if you’re constantly working. If you’re not willing to participate and try hard then you should leave.”

Yeab: (who referred to strength and fitness as “weight lifting”): “Horrible, because you have to work hard and be strong and all that. It’s very tiring every day.”

Leul: “It’s fun. I like it because it’s not like class and I can gets away from the stress and the homework.”

Raina: “I’m a freshman. I like it because it’s exhilarating, and hard sometimes, but they’re easy ways to do the workouts when the teacher explains.”

After, we asked the students about the gym class and how they felt about it, we asked Mr. Ferraro what strength and fitness really means. His response: “My class is to build confidence and self esteem. Most important, understanding importance of what hard working does.”

We recommend taking this class if you want to improve skills, gain muscle, and build confidence.

Pepsi Vs. Coke

Coke? Pepsi? Which one taste better?

My fellow writer and I decided that it would be interesting to do a soda taste test, and to see which soda tastes better. We made a poster that had both sodas on one side of the poster.

Once the HPHS students entered lunch, we had them come over and try both drinks and after they tasted it, they tallied which drink they liked best. The amount of soda we gave the students to taste was about a Dixie cup worth.FullSizeRender

With the data we collected it shows that people like Coke better than Pepsi. For some students, they said that they like Pepsi because it had a sweet taste, while others said they liked Coke because it had a really fizzy taste. Some people disliked Coke because it had a bland taste, which stayed in their throat.

Overall, 41 people liked Pepsi and 56 liked Coca Cola. So, with that information, we see that Coca Cola is the favored soda of HPSH.