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A Day in the Life of HPDT

Highland Park Dance Team (HPDT) member Zenobia Aferworki (11th Grade) posted a mini-documentary style video to her YouTube channel, following the team on one of their competition days. Check out her video to see what a competition day is like in the competitive dance world.

You can follow HPDT on Twitter at: @HPDanceTeam 

Wrestling team update

By Chris Young

This wrestling season so far has been pretty exciting. Of course it has had its ups and downs, but one thing that has made it exciting is the athleticism of our wrestlers!

We have 4 freshman wrestling this year: Desmond, Zack, Antonio, and David. These freshman are pretty tough and have proved that they should be on our team. They also show a lot of resilience against stronger, smarter and older wrestlers. It’s pretty fun to see when our 1st year freshmen wrestle like the older, more experienced wrestlers.

Our sophomores have a strong core as well, with 8 of total wrestlers, and 5 of them starters. It’s a better younger squad. Our sophomores are Dean, Ethan, Jeff, Jake, Bluhmy, Jack, Qadre, Andy, Ger, Jeff, and John.

Now, our juniors are 2 really stronger competitors: Billy and Steven. These two wrestlers are really experienced and talented.

Then we have our senior, me, Chris. So far this season I’ve seen tons of improvement and have really enjoyed working with this group of athletes. I also look forward to wrestling at Como Park tonight at 7 p.m.

Photo From Wrestling Team Update

Photo From Wrestling Team Update

Photo From Wrestling Team Update

Saint Paul School Board Recognizes Conference Champions

Three Highland Park teams were honored for their conference wins at the Saint Paul School Board meeting on Tuesday, November 12. The  girls’ varsity soccer team and the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams were recognized. Having three teams representing Highland Park at the ceremony is an outstanding accomplishment for the school and for all the students who worked to get there. Every student received a medal, was named in front of an audience, and shook hands with members of the School Board.

Principal Winston Tucker and Athletic Director Nancy Galligan were present to support the teams. Valeria Silva, the superintendent, congratulated team members and even stepped in for a photo with the girls’ cross country team!

Elowyn Pfeiffer, the Girls’ Soccer Team Captain and a runner for the Girls’ Cross Country Team, said in regards to soccer: “I’m very proud because everyone tried their hardest every single game and I think that’s why we took conference, because everyone was giving it their all.” In regards to cross country, Elowyn said: “Everybody worked really hard every practice, starting in the summer; the work they put in got us here.”

The event was publicized on a live stream by the Saint Paul Public School website.

For more information about the Saint Paul Board of Education, visit: http://boe.spps.org/home.html

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Adapted Soccer – Highland (H) vs. Humboldt (V)

Photo From Adaptive Soccer - Highland (H) vs. Humboldt (V)

Yesterday’s game against Humboldt was a game not to be missed. The HPSH Adaptive Soccer team beat Humboldt 9-2. It was an exciting game which was enjoyed by all. The HPSH Friendship Club organized a group to attend the game and cheer for the Scots. They made posters and along with their enthusiasm, really made the game extra special. Congratulations to the Adaptive Soccer team for their win!

Head Coach – Mr. Sahli
Assistant Coach – Ms. Korf

# Player Position Grade
4 Henry Westby D 11
5 Jackson Lachappelle D 11
9 Tim Faughnan C 11
10 Tina Randle G 12
11 Conor O’Meara W 10
12 Gabe Boldon D 11
14 Stephanie Kampa W 11
15 Jack Kelly F 11

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Varsity Volleyball – Highland (H) vs. SPA (V)

Wednesday night’s Girls Varsity Volleyball game vs. the SPA Spartans was the last game of the season for this year’s Lady Scots. Going into the game, both teams were closely ranked so a suspenseful game was to be expected. Many of the games were close, however the SPA Spartans prevailed in the end, advancing in Sections.


Head Coach of the Varsity Volleyball Team, Coach Kramer, shared her thoughts with us regarding the game and the season as a whole: “We played well as a team last night and stayed positive and continued to work hard point for point.  We walked away with heads held high knowing we had a great season with a record of 17-8.”

As always, the Highland school spirit was incredibly apparent in the stands. Members of the C-Squad and JV Volleyball teams were there to support the players as well as other HPSH students, staff, parents, and community members. Once again, Ethan Aune (10) lead the HPSH Student section in various cheers, keeping the Highland spirit alive and well.

IMG_2466     IMG_2464

Even though Highland didn’t win, everyone couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments of the Highland Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Their dedication and genuine love of the sport was always apparent from a spectators point of view. Congratulations to the Lady Scots Varsity Volleyball team for a fantastic season:

(# – Name, Position, Grade)

3 – Chelsi Her, DS, 12 (Graduating Senior)

6 – Emilia Czapiewska, OH, 10

7 – Allison Kurtz, S, 11

8 – Molly McMahon, OH, 11

9 – Emma Muter, RH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

10 – Edith Kamau, MH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

11 – Lydia Thompson, MH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

12 – Meagan Blair, OH, 10

14 – Annie Conzet, S, 11

19 – Alex Linssen, DS, 10

21 – Maria Nelson, OH, 9

23 – Adriana Cardenas, MH, 11

25 – Justice Voss, MH, 10

26 – Nina Bielinski, DS, 11

51 – Leah Hunt, DS, 11

As always, here’s a few pictures from the game. #ScotsNation always and forever:

Emilia Czapiewska (10)
Emilia Czapiewska (10)IMG_2431IMG_2420

Football – Highland (V) vs. Central (H)

Thursday night’s Saint Paul City Conference/Musket game at Griffin Stadium between Highland and Central was an event not to be missed. It being Central’s Homecoming as well as their team having a good record so far this season, the Highland Varsity team knew they were up for a challenge. The game got off to a rough start, with a touchdown being scored by G. Gardner of Central for a 23 yard gain. Heading into the second quarter, the Scots knew they needed to amp up their game in order to stay in the fight to win the musket back from Central. After an interception by Central that lead to a touchdown and 80 yard gain, I. Brower scored a touchdown for a 17 yard gain, extra point scored by D. Bielinski.

The score going into halftime was 14-7, Central. Fresh out of the locker room, Central scored another touchdown, increasing their lead to +2 touchdowns. Late into the 3rd quarter, Highland gave Central a run for their money by scoring a touchdown off a pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower for a 7 yard gain, extra point completed by D. Bielinski. At that point in the game, the score was 21-14. The energy in the stands on the Highland side was incredible. Popular chants, such as “We are the Scotties, the mighty mighty Scotties!” and “Lets go Highland, Lets Go!” were alive and well.

Around the beginning of the 4th quarter, Central threw for another touchdown, this time from Taylor to Stunning for a 32 yard gain. Following, a touchdown pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower for a 28 yard gain with an unsuccessful extra point attempt. This brought the score to 28-20. At this point, the crowd was going wild. Winning felt within reach. Towards the end of the game, a touchdown via a run by Gardner of Central brought the game to a scored of 35-20. In the last 2 minutes of the game, the Scots scored again via a touchdown pass from P. Munoz to I. Brower, which ended up being the game ending score of 35-27.

Understandably, the team and the fans were disappointed however remained positive and in good spirits. Ethan Aune (#72, offensive and defensive tackle) shared his thoughts on the game: “I’m proud of my boys and we all need to remember that we win as a team and we lose as a team… The season isn’t over by a long shot.” With all said and done, the Scots are focused on their next game vs. Saint Paul Johnson, on Wednesday October 16th at 7:00pm at Bakken. #ScotsNation Always and Forever.

You can stay updated with HPSH Football by following the team on Twitter: @HPSHFootball 

photo (4)

photo (6)