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Saint Paul School Board Recognizes Conference Champions

Three Highland Park teams were honored for their conference wins at the Saint Paul School Board meeting on Tuesday, November 12. The  girls’ varsity soccer team and the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams were recognized. Having three teams representing Highland Park at the ceremony is an outstanding accomplishment for the school and for all the students who worked to get there. Every student received a medal, was named in front of an audience, and shook hands with members of the School Board.

Principal Winston Tucker and Athletic Director Nancy Galligan were present to support the teams. Valeria Silva, the superintendent, congratulated team members and even stepped in for a photo with the girls’ cross country team!

Elowyn Pfeiffer, the Girls’ Soccer Team Captain and a runner for the Girls’ Cross Country Team, said in regards to soccer: “I’m very proud because everyone tried their hardest every single game and I think that’s why we took conference, because everyone was giving it their all.” In regards to cross country, Elowyn said: “Everybody worked really hard every practice, starting in the summer; the work they put in got us here.”

The event was publicized on a live stream by the Saint Paul Public School website.

For more information about the Saint Paul Board of Education, visit: http://boe.spps.org/home.html

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Adapted Soccer – Highland (H) vs. Humboldt (V)

Photo From Adaptive Soccer - Highland (H) vs. Humboldt (V)

Yesterday’s game against Humboldt was a game not to be missed. The HPSH Adaptive Soccer team beat Humboldt 9-2. It was an exciting game which was enjoyed by all. The HPSH Friendship Club organized a group to attend the game and cheer for the Scots. They made posters and along with their enthusiasm, really made the game extra special. Congratulations to the Adaptive Soccer team for their win!

Head Coach – Mr. Sahli
Assistant Coach – Ms. Korf

# Player Position Grade
4 Henry Westby D 11
5 Jackson Lachappelle D 11
9 Tim Faughnan C 11
10 Tina Randle G 12
11 Conor O’Meara W 10
12 Gabe Boldon D 11
14 Stephanie Kampa W 11
15 Jack Kelly F 11

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