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Wrestling team update

By Chris Young

This wrestling season so far has been pretty exciting. Of course it has had its ups and downs, but one thing that has made it exciting is the athleticism of our wrestlers!

We have 4 freshman wrestling this year: Desmond, Zack, Antonio, and David. These freshman are pretty tough and have proved that they should be on our team. They also show a lot of resilience against stronger, smarter and older wrestlers. It’s pretty fun to see when our 1st year freshmen wrestle like the older, more experienced wrestlers.

Our sophomores have a strong core as well, with 8 of total wrestlers, and 5 of them starters. It’s a better younger squad. Our sophomores are Dean, Ethan, Jeff, Jake, Bluhmy, Jack, Qadre, Andy, Ger, Jeff, and John.

Now, our juniors are 2 really stronger competitors: Billy and Steven. These two wrestlers are really experienced and talented.

Then we have our senior, me, Chris. So far this season I’ve seen tons of improvement and have really enjoyed working with this group of athletes. I also look forward to wrestling at Como Park tonight at 7 p.m.

Photo From Wrestling Team Update

Photo From Wrestling Team Update

Photo From Wrestling Team Update