ACT rescheduled

On February 20, the Juniors expected to come to school to take their dredded ACT. Some students had been preparing all year, and were more than ready to take their test; others will never be ready. The day before the ACT, the SPPS school district declared a snow day, cancelling school and rescheduling the ACT.

Most students were overjoyed by the news of not having to sit through the four hour test just yet. While others felt that it just prolonged their anxiety about the whole testing situation.

The ACT was rescheduled for March 12, almost a month after the original date.

I asked three different Juniors how they were feeling about the ACT, and they all had different responses:

Liliana said she was “Ready for the test to be over with,” and “She just wanted to take it already.”

Cristina said she felt like “The rescheduling just extended peoples anxiety about the test.”

Brandon was the only one I asked who was “Relieved that we (Juniors) got the extra time to prepare.”

Even though they all had different opinions, they all shared one same comment, that they were nervous.

Before the ACT try to:

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Look over practice problems
  • And relax

Hopefully, they will be able to calm their nerves before march 12, and do amazing on their ACT’s. Good luck juniors!

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