Snow day activites

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Snow days can get pretty bleak, so to keep you entertained, here are some thing you can do on a snow day:

  • Cook a special meal: The perfect way to show your family appreciation and enjoy a delicious meal you can spend all the time in the world to perfect.
  • Eat in the dining room and/or with fancy dishes: After you’re done, you still might have some extra time on your hands, so why not make the table look extra fancy to surprise your family, or simply enjoy the extravagance yourself.
  • Watch a favorite movie(s)/show(s): I mean let’s face it, do you really want to get up during snow day? It’s your one day to relax and sleep in and eat all the junk food in the world. So just put your favorite show(s) or movie(s) on! The extra s’s are because you’re most likely not going to stop when you start… but hey! It’s our day to relax!
  • Order in dinner: Maybe you don’t want to do all that and you’re on to the more relaxed vibe the snow day is sending you, then kick up your feet, get out you’re device, and order away while you binge watch your favorite show for the entire day #noregrets.
  • Make hot chocolate: If you’re relaxing, the perfect drink to keep you warm and feeling that oh so good fuzzy feeling inside, is some hot chocolate. The recipe we recommend is quite simple, just click on this lick for the perfect hot chocolate.
  • Build a pillow fort: Now, you’re relaxation has reached the max, movies, food, hot chocolate, what could you be missing! A fort! Make a cuddle place for you to eat, drink hot coco, and watch your favorite movie to reach ultimate comfort
  • Play in the snow: Now the white stuff outside looks so soft and you think it would be perfect to roll around in, so head on out! Explore the wonders of your front and back yard. And though it very cold and we recommend ultimate caution at all time, you could probably see many bodies of water sculpted beautifully because of the weather, but stay safe!
  • Make snow angels: If you’re going outside, a fun activity to try would be creating snow angles. You could make snow forts and make other creative creations. We know you’re in high school, but you’re never too old to play in the snow.
  • Make snowballs to freeze: Once you’re done with your daily dose of Minnesota winter, you can head on back home but don’t forget to bring some snowballs. Store them in your freezer for a surprise attack that is sure to startle people in summer!
  • Cut snowflakes from paper: Now you’re done with snow, but the snow’s not done with you! Create some paper snowflakes and though we’re sure people know how to do it, here a tutorial just in case: Paper Snowflake Tutorial. Have fun, be creative, and be careful if you’re using an exacto knife.
  • Bake cookies: Now if hot chocolate didn’t do the trick, then fresh baked cookies definitely will! The oozing chocolate (or other topping, but let’s be honest, chocolate’s the best!) and warm dough with a melt in your mouth, slip down your throat, kind of flavor. I know my mouth watered when writing this!
  • Check on/visit neighbors: Make sure your neighbors are O.K. and if they’re struggling or stuck, well that’s one way to make their day. Bring over your baked cookies, or other food that everyone enjoys, I’m sure they’ll be super grateful.
  • Shovel together: Now this may seem hard, but when doing it with family or seeing your neighbors while doing it, it might make shoveling a bit easier. Sometimes, people are out of town, old, or hurt so they can’t shovel. Help them out and shovel their driveways; everyone will be grateful.
  • Light the fireplace: Make a warm fire to sit by as you watch the cold snow from the inside. The bitter cold washes away as you stay inside your warm home* with no regrets.
  • Play a family game: Gather your family around and play fun games, I’m sure everyone wants to relax after their long day of shoveling and cleaning with a fun game by the fireplace.

Another note to make is that some school districts, like SPPS, have debated using iPads on unexpected breaks like the snow days to have “online school” or using Schoology to do school for a day. This however hasn’t been enacted because the mandatory snow day work could be overly stressful since all teachers would possibly be assigning work at once (though some districts have decided to do this anyway).

*Many people who are homeless cannot find suitable places to stay during the extreme weather. if you are out and see someone, please make sure to lend a hand.


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Every year, Highland Park Senior High has an event called Benstock. The NHS organization oversees this event, and had auditions on February 11th, 13th, and 14th. Those who auditioned for this event, and passed to perform, must attend rehearsals on March 6th and 7th at 2:00 to 5:00.

March 8th is the day of performance, starting at 6:30, at Highland Park Senior High, in the auditorium.

Benstock is an event for people to come and watch people perform their talents. It is very similar to a talent show. If you have attended a Benstock during the past years, you know how fun and exciting it can be.

Invite your friends and come with $5-$10 to attend this event. Come to have a fun time, cheer on your friends and watch amazing performances from your upperclassmen, peers and friends.

If you didn’t know about auditions, or missed the dates, don’t worry, Benstock is held every year and will hold auditions around the same time each year. Pay attention to the posters on the walls in the hallways. These posters will inform you of where and when auditions are held.

Even if you or friends aren’t performing, you can still go and enjoy your time. In previous years they had people sing, dance, tell jokes, play their instruments, and even teachers performed as a band. Some of these performances you just can’t miss.

Setting up and creating this event is not very easy. If this type of work interests you, you can join the NHS. NHS stands for National Honors Society which is a national organization that recognizes academic excellence in students. The purpose for NHS is to promote leadership, help in volunteering, and create an amazing character out of everyone. Those who want to join NHS should strive to show reliability, honesty, sincerity, and are expected to be leaders.

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The the first requirement to join NHS is to have a GPA of 3.75 after the first semester of your sophomore or junior year. You also must include an essay on how you have previously served for a project, or how there is a service project you want to do in the future. Other than these requirements you will also need three letters of recommendation.

Any other questions you have can be sent to either of the NHS faculty advisors: Stacy Hanson or Jody Rohweller-Kocur. To get their information, go onto the Highland website and go the the NHS page.

If you have no interest in joining the NHS but would like to be caught up with what they do, you can follow their Twitter or Facebook page.