The Butterfly Effect

Have you ever heard that the flap of a butterfly’s wing could make a hurricane if it flapped at the certain time? Well, some may say it’s not true, but this is the theory behind the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is when one small decision, or action, may lead to an unforeseen chain of events. The term came from Edward Lorenz when he was doing experiments with a weather machine, where a small change in the speed of the wind affected the damage brought by the wind. The butterfly effect is strongly tied in with chaos theory, which states that a small event can lead to a catastrophic chain of events.

The butterfly effect has inspired movie producers by the mysterious way it works. Screen writers and producers, Eric Bess and J. Mackye Gruber released the film, The Butterfly Effect which has several endings depending on which version you see. The movie stars Ashton Kutcher who plays a 20 year old college student who finds out he has the power to go back in time and go into his old body to relieve bad mistakes from the past but soon finds out each little change has a big impact for when he goes back to the present.

When people hear about the butterfly effect there is often controversy around the fact if it’s real or not. Since the effect is something that is triggered by a small change, there is no indication that a big event would have been caused by it often causing people to dismiss the effect. All in all, the butterfly effect is a powerful but yet mysterious thing in society.


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