Track and field

By: Tray Garner and Mason Ferguson

The Highland Park track team has had 2 outdoor meets so far, and have done a good job in both.

photo courtesy of David

Highland’s first outdoor track meet was at Roseville High School. It was a good track meet; everybody did their best. Sprinters, long distance, jumpers, and throwers did as much as they could. Everyone was showing good sportsmanship, shaking the runners hands after a race, or the jumpers hand after a good jump. Since that was the first track meet, everyone was kind of rusty. Highland placed 5th out of 8 schools overall.

Highland’s recent meet was at Harding High School; Highland competed against Harding and Como. Highland’s boys and girl came out on top with the boys earning 85 points, and the girls earning 96 points. Harding came in 2nd place, and Como Park took 3rd. Each Highland team had the fastest results in each event including the: sprinters, distance, hurdles, relays, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, and discus throw.

100m Dash
HP-(G) 13.81 (B) 11.40
Harding-(G) 14.37 (B) 11.73
Como-(G) 13.91 (B) 12.02

100/110m hurdles
HP-(G) 18.94 (B) 19.72
Harding-(G) 20.35 (B) 16.12
Como-(G) 20.87 (B) 16.97

200m Dash
HP-(G) 29.44 (B) 23.70
Harding-(G) 31.07 (B) 24.67
Como-(G) 29.85 (B) 25.53

300m Hurdles
HP-(G) 53.72 (B) 46.69
Harding-(G) 1:02.85 (B) 43.51
Como-(G)1:00.96 (B) 43.12

400m Dash
HP-(G) 1:09.86 (B) 58.45
Harding-(G) 1:17.16 (B) 58.64
Como-(G) 1:14.77 (B) 1:05.32

800m Run
HP-(G) 2:48.36 (B) 2:11.07
Harding-(G) 3:35.95 (B) 2:19.72
Como-(G) 2:51.43 (B) 2:14.49

1600m Run
HP-(G) 6:01.16 (B) 4:44.85
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 5:20.96
Como-(G) 6:14.76 (B) 5:15.72

4x100m Relay
HP-(G) 1:02.59 (B) 51.44
Harding-(G)1:00.59 (B) 48.74
Como-(G) 57.08 (B) SCR

4x200m Relay
HP-(G) 2:13.29 (B) 1:46.09
Harding-(G) 2:08.10 (B) 1:43.99
Como-(G) 2:16.79 (B) SCR

4x400m Relay
HP-(G) 5:16.65 (B) 3:57.04
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 4:21.55
Como-(G) 4:53.87 (B) 4:06.06

4x800m Relay
HP-(G) 11:07.45 (B) 9:13.17
Harding-(G) N/A (B) 11:07.57
Como-(G) N/A (B) 12:55.62

Discus Throw
HP-(G) 62-02.50 (B) 108-07.50
Harding-(G) 84-05 (B) 92-10
Como-(G) 70-09.50 (B) 98-10

Shot Put
HP-(G) 33-00.00 (B) 35-11.00
Harding-(G) 25-05.00 (B) 37-07.00
Como-(G) N/A (B) 38-08.00

High Jump
HP-(G) 4-06.00 (B) 5-04.00
Harding-(G) N/A (B) SCR
Como-(G) N/A (B) 5-07.00

Long Jump
HP-(G) 14-02.00 (B)18-00.00
Harding-(G) 13-05.00 (B) 20-09.00
Como-(G) 13-07.00 (B) 14-03.00

Triple Jump
HP-(G) 34-00.00 (B) 39-04.00
Harding-(G) 24-02.00 (B) 42-03.00
Como-(G) 25-02.00 (B) DQ


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