The art of EDM

Electronic Dance Music, more famously known as EDM, is a genre of music that uses technology and electronics to create music. Such components are electric instruments, MIDI contollers, synthesizers, and other electronic components to create sounds that are interpreted as music. EDM originated back in the early 1980’s and slowly continued to evolve as technology grew and changed overtime. EDM back then wasn’t famously known or used, as the complexities in technology, and the challenging steps of creating EDM music made it difficult to produce. Even today, the most famously known EDM artists take weeks to create tracks and albums.

For EDM, there are branches of genres for people to take a liking to. The most famous type of EDM, that present artists create, is called: Electronic House Music (EHM). One famously known artist of this genre is Steve Aoki. Steve is one of the most highly acknowledged EDM creators, and DJ producers, and he’s earned many awards including two Grammys for his EDM creations.

Steve Aoki, EDM Producer and Music Artist image taken from:

Electronic House Music uses average instruments to create a baseline of melodies, drums, basses, and beats, but EHM also uses vocals and other instruments that the artist can create on their own. Electric Dance Music allows an individual to create sounds and beats virtually, and then place them on a track that they can then alter to create music. The creation of EDM music is really complex and challenging; many artist struggle when they try and create new tracks.

“If I could play it, I would, but since I can’t I have to ‘draw’ it.”

-Deadmau5, Joel Zimmerman

Deadmau5 is another artist who creates EDM. He has uploaded many videos about EDM, and streams for viewers to see and watch how he creates tracks. After the 21st century, MIDI control pads; also known as Musical Intrument Digital Interface, were created with more advance complexities and diverse controls, from sound tuning to octave levels for a sample or track.


Ableton Push MIDI Controller image taken from:

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