Snow day 2018

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On the 23 of January, 2018, Saint Paul Public School (SPPS) had their first snow day in almost seven years. On Sunday morning, January 21, people got news that we would be getting nine inches of snow in St. Paul. Once schools got this news, many of them shut down for the following day, giving their students a snow day to keep them safe and warm from all of the snow.

Though there were schools that did give their students and teachers a snow day, there were also many schools that didn’t. Saint Paul Schools were one of the schools that didn’t close down to try and prepare for the snow storm heading our way. Instead, SPPS sent their students home early, trying to beat the snow storm.

While some students made their way home safe and sound, there were others that were stuck at school. During the night of Monday the 22, many parents received a call, telling them that there were many late buses and that some students, mostly elementary students, had not been picked up. This was meant to let all parents know that if their child was not home, that they were safe and being fed at school. During this night, many teachers had stayed back to ensure that the kids were going to do alright and that they were properly fed.

Many kids did not get picked up until almost midnight, the last child being dropped off at 12:05 AM. Many parents were not happy about what had happened, and were also very disappointed in the school board for not canceling school that day. On the same day, SPPS sent out an apology, saying that they would make sure that they would never ever let something like this occur again.

So, a big thank you to all of those who stayed back to help the students who had no way to get home on that snowy night. Make sure to stay bundled up and warm for the upcoming cold days!