Sports schedule for: April 9-14

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Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field



Activities the Week of April 9-14

Monday Apr. 9:

Boys Varsity Golf Conference Scramble @ Highland 9 2:45pm

Tuesday Apr. 10:

Varsity & JV Badminton vs. Johnson @ HP 4pm

Adapted PI ‘Hawks’ Softball  vs. Burn/Farm/ Lakeville@ Humboldt 4:30pm

Varsity Baseball vs. Bloomington Kennedy @ Red Haddox Field  (Bloomington)  4:30pm (Bus 3/6pm)     JV & C-Squad  @ HP 4:30pm

Varsity Softball @ SPA (Bus 4/6pm)

 Wednesday Apr. 11:

Boys Varsity Golf  Conference 9-Hole @ Phalen 1pm

Girls Varity Golf Friendship Tournament @ Cedarholm GC 2pm

Varsity & JV Baseball @ SPA 4:15pm (no bus)

Adapted CI Softball @ Lakeville South HS 4:30pm

Thursday Apr. 12:

Varsity & JV Badminton vs. Central @ HP 3:15pm

Boys Varsity & JV Tennis @ SPA 4pm

Co-Ed Track & Field St. Paul Relay Meet @ Griffin Stadium 4:15pm (Bus 2:45/6:45pm)

Friday Apr. 13:
Softball @ Dunning Field 4pm (all levels) (Bus 3/5:45pm)
Varsity & JV Baseball @ River Falls HS 4:15pm ( Bus3/6pm)   C-Squad vs. Nova Classical Academy @ HP 4:30pm

Adapted Bowling @ Sunray Lanes (Bus 2:10/4pm)

Saturday Apr. 14:
Girls ‘Bobcat’ Lacrosse vs. Robbinsdale Cooper @ St. Paul Central Track Field 11am
Varsity & JV Baseball vs. International Falls @ HP 12pm

Go Scots!

‘Veronica’ review

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Veronica is a new horror movie that was released on Netflix. There is a rumor that it is the scariest movie ever made. It is based on a true story, and it is said that only 1 out of 100 people can watch the whole movie. Experts are saying that it can kill weak hearted people. It is in the genre of “found footage” horror movies, and is doing pretty well right now.

During the eclipse, Veronica and two of her friends decide to play with a Ouija board. That was a serious mistake that they all will regret. The Ouija board opened a door for a dangerous spirit/monster/demon to come through. Veronica was the last one touching the cup, so she was the one who got possessed. Her friends stopped talking to her and Veronica didn’t know why.

While their mom works at a bar all day, Veronica is mostly at home with the kids, and that is usually when the spirit likes to strike. It was disguised as their dad, but soon the kids seen the sinister side of the monster. Multiple times, Veronica tried to ward it off and was successful but in the end she dies protecting her family.

Veronica is based on a true story about a unsolved case of a young girl in Madrid, in 1992, named Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, who mysteriously died after using a Ouija board. Police were never able to crack their investigation. This made the movie a little bit more scary because you can’t shake it off and say it was fake; it was something that really happened.

While watching the movie, it was creepy, it wasn’t scary, it was just really weird. And the song they used n it, had nothing to do with it, which just made me laugh while watching the movie so Veronica wasn’t scary.


Flint, Michigan water

April 25th, 2018, will mark the fourth year of the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Imagine coming up on four years of unclean, unhealthy, lead water that has killed about 15 civilians. Flint has had to deal with this long history of unclean water caused by “insufficient” funds. Researchers have discovered traces of lead in many children, and recently called for a state of emergency after all this time. This is a great issue, that hasn’t been urgently handled, that’s impacting many civilians.

How did this start? This tragedy began in 2011 when the city announced a new pipeline would be built. They turned to the Flint River as their source, instead Lake Huron, when they attempted to cut city costs. Flint is known as a poverty city. Even though this was supposed to be a temporary deal, this transition lasted to April 2014. The lawmakers did their best to hide the fact they were providing a toxic resource. In May 2014, residents began to notice this ill-tasting, smelly water in their homes.

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After about a year, reports leak about the lead levels in the Flint homes. Lead consumption can affect the lungs, heart, kidneys, and nerves. Lead affects newborns, children, and adults in different ways. Being born prematurely, weight loss, and difficulties with memory or concentration are just a few symptoms.

Ever since 2014, lead levels have continued to rise for these Flint citizens.

After about two years, lead levels began to get better. The city sent bottled water, and filters, to schools and homes to provide them secure water.

This disaster left over 100,000 residents exposed to lead in their water. It continues to leave these residents exposed to lead.

With this information, what can we do? Aside from providing filtered water, like the government, there’s nothing we can do. Filtered water and filter systems are the only way for Flint residents to live a healthy lifestyle. Donating to projects that are funding their cause is another way to support the cause of the Flint water crisis

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Rihanna vs. Snapchat

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Back in 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna during an argument. This news was all over the Internet. Everybody was shocked to hear this news because people thought of them as the perfect couple. This incident made Chris Brown lose many of his fans because they didn’t tolerate domestic violence. According to CNN Judge Patricia Schnegg: “I want Mr. Brown treated as any other defendant who comes to this court.” At the time, Chris Brown was 19 years old. He felt like abuse was a way to express his feelings, because that’s how Brown was raised. Allegedly, his stepfather used to beat his mother and it influenced him. What he did was not okay, but he thought it was. Obviously, he was wrong.

Rihanna is criticizing Snapchat for advertising domestic abuse. The ad is mocking her domestic violence incident with former boyfriend, Chris Brown. The ad for the app called “Would you Rather?” featured photos of the two singers and asked the app users if they would rather “slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.”

The, “Would Rather” ad was removed sometime last week, and Snapchat released an apology on The Verge: “The advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines.”

Rihanna won’t accept Snapchat’s apology and said they did it intentionally. Rihanna went to Instagram to let her fans know how she felt about the whole ordea,l and she said, “This isn’t about my personal feelings, cause I don’t have much of them…but all the women, children and men that have been victims of domestic violence in the past and especially the ones who haven’t made it out yet…you let us down!” Snapchat responded to Rihanna’s post and said that it was a disgusting thing and it would never happen again.

The issue with American soccer

image taken from: Ymele:500px-US Soccer logo.png – Wikipǣdia, sēo frēo wīsdōmbōc

It all starts with the kids.

After the United States failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, many turned to the Division I system, in college, and the player development clubs and academies, to find something/one to blame.

The indisputable fact is that soccer is the most popular sport in every country, in Central and South America. Even with nowhere near the population that the U.S. has, Trinidad and Tobago ousted the U.S., with a score of 2-1, in the United States’ final qualifying game.

The reason these countries can win against such a big country like the U.S., is because every kid is playing every day since the ages of 4-5 and it is every kids’ number one sport.

In the U.S., kids have the opportunity to play basketball, football, baseball, tennis, and many other sports. While a good number of kids still play soccer, it does not become their sole focus, usually, until about the age of 10 or 11. When kids choose a sport to focus on, it is usually basketball or football, but soccer is becoming increasingly popular in U.S.

I believe the U.S. will never make the semis of the World Cup unless soccer becomes the most popular sport in the country.

The fact that in almost every other country in the world, soccer is the most popular sport, outweighs the number of people those nations have. Because these foreign countries have been playing soccer (football) for such a long time, they have greatly improved their academies and national teams; often attracting the top young players from the U.S., to play abroad to play against better competition.

Trinidad and Tobago is a prime example of a smaller country having more skilled and polished players, even with 322 million fewer people in their country. Fundamentals are the most important skills of any sport, including soccer. Maintaining a solid base in soccer is key for the most important skills in the game: first touch, passing, and vision.

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Outstanding dribbling is a given for countries out of South America, but first touch is also, at times, overlooked. Since focusing on one sport, from a young age, is so important for becoming a master of the skills involved, this is why countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, with a population of 1.6 million, has realistic chances against the U.S. Because of this, some have started to blame our college system after the devastating loss on October 10, 2017.

Since Division I programs only want to win their conference, and make it to the NCAA Tournament, they are not focusing on developing the skills of their players, but rather playing the tactics that the coaching staff wants. Yes, this is a problem, but all of the problems, that can be pulled out of our academies and college programs, are the way they are because of the shortage of players we have committed to the game of soccer in the first place.

The simple fact of the matter is: we need more youngsters getting into the game that most other countries cherish with massive amounts of love and attention.

NFL free agency

The NFL free agency started of with a few key players moving around. First, the Denver Broncos signed quarterback Case Keenum. The Broncos are hoping that Keenum can emulate his success from last year, where he lead the Minnesota Viking to a heartbreaking NFC Championship game loss.

The Viking continued the theme of losing all of their quarterbacks as Sam Bradford signed with the Cardinals and Teddy Bridgewater signed with the Jets.

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The Vikings picked up Kirk Cousins from the Redskins. The Vikings believe Cousins can be their quarterback of the future.

Drew Brees also re-signed with the Saints. This move keeps New Orleans in the hunt for the playoffs and maybe the Super Bowl.

This free agency shook things up quit a bit. Above were the big moves made by teams, but every team made moves that will be significant next year, whether we know it or not. NFL teams are still signing players in free agency even though all the star players are signed. At this point of the year, teams are looking to fill in holes in their team. Most of those holes are at positions like offensive lineman, and getting a third cornerback that fits your system.

After free agency, teams look to secure their future through the draft. The draft allows teams to take risks, and potentially draft a star player. Some teams will be making smaller moves later in the draft while other teams such as the Cleveland Browns will be attempting to draft a franchise player in order to give themselves a glimmer of hope that things will get better.

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Harry Styles “Medicine”

Harry Styles recently started his 2018 tour, which was to be more inclusive with the people that wanted to go, considering that his tour last year, 2017, was small venues only, in limited locations.

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During his concerts, he sings his whole album, and adds in a few extra songs. Last year, he sang songs like “The Chain,” and songs from his group One Direction. This time, he has released two songs that have never been heard; he wrote them when he was writing his album, but they were cut from it.

My personal favorite is “Medicine.” It is a really fun and upbeat song that also gets slow in some parts. This song has caused a lot of talk about it. First off, the song is amazing. People are mad that it was cut from the album and he hasn’t released a studio version. Then, there’s the lyrics. They were analyzed because the song was live and it’s kind of difficult to hear them clearly. Harry Styles basically came out as bisexual in the song by saying “the boys and girls are in, I mess around with him, and I’m ok with it.”

Many news websites, and all over social media, have people talking about Harry, and his lyrics. His fans are really glad that people finally see that he’s bisexual, as we have known/guessed for years. He has been open about it in the past, giving hints, but never saying it straightforward. In an interview he was asked if gender matters when he’s dating, and he said it didn’t matter to him personally; people skipped over this. Harry is now out. He knew what he was doing when he sang this song live, and I’m really happy for him.

Dangers of Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software within computer technology, which is also known as malware. Ransomware is a type of malware virus that denies the owner, of a certain software, the access to their files within the software. In sense, if you had a laptop, and you had a Ransomware attack, you would not be able to log into the laptop or access files on it. Ransomware will ask for a payment, preferably in cryptocurrency, before you are allowed to access the software with a code, but most likely you will not be able to, and be asked to pay more.

This was how Ransomware was discovered, and how Ransomware affects peoples’ opinion on technology. It causes many organizations, companies, or businesses to change the technology they are using, or change their servers, networks, or computers entirely, which can cost up to a million dollars.

Their are many ways to be “attacked” by Ransomware. The most common delivery system is “Phishing Spam.” Messages and attachments that are sent to your email, disguising itself as a downloadable software that they need. Once the file has been downloaded, or opened, Ransomware can take over the computer and cause you to input private information, administrative access, etc.

Another form of Ransomware are specific programs that are created. These are more aggressive ways to hack into networks, and are disguised as ads, commercials, etc on the Internet. An example was “Petya.” Petya was a Ransomware application back in 2016 that mainly attacked the Ukraine, and used many different types of networks, software, etc., to forcibly hack into the systems of families, companies, industries, etc., and install Ransomware viruses.

Ransomware has been used as a way for “hackers” to steal money using cryptocurrency and the use of technology to deceive people into paying. Ransomware has caused many companies and businesses to lose nearly $1 million. Ransomware has slowly gained popularity throughout the 20th century because of the new advancements in technology which allowed hackers to easily access networks, servers, etc.

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As in the last passage, Petya is an encrypting Ransomware that infects targeted computers and locks out access to the computer until Bitcoin currency is paid. Petya had attacked Europe, and the U.S., back in 2016, targeting major companies, organizations and businesses. Petya used firm advertisements to infect computers and servers, and infected Microsoft Windows. These ads were similar to WPP ads, food companies, or other ads that would attract consumers, buyers, etc.

Another attack of Ransomware was the, “WannaCry” attack in 2017, where the virus attacked and encrypted Microsoft Window networks, systems and computers and hacked over 230,000 computers in 150 different countries. WannaCry was also able to attack and hack LG Electronics in Asia, and this caused them to shut down all of their networks, servers, and electronics to try and solve the virus. Honda was also affected, and companies nearby and server/networks inspections were enforced to try and get rid of WannaCry Ransomware.

So, ways to not be attacked include: stay away from websites that are not secure, and don’t click on ads. And if you do get hacked, hopefully, you have a hard drive with important files; turn off the computer(s) and try to find someone who can help get rid of the Ransomware. Have anti-malware applications on your computer that protect it from viruses, or firewalls, etc. If all else fails, the only other way is to hopefully be given the code(s) after paying the wanted payment(s).

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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney was a cartoonist and an animator. He created many movies and multiple T.V. shows. He also made a television channel for kids to enjoy. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1918 he wanted to enlist in the military, but he was too young so he faked his age and made himself seem older. Once he finished his service in the military, Walt Disney started his career as a cartoonist and animator. On July 13, 1925 he got married, to one of his employees named Lillian Bounds.

Walt Disney’s first cartoon made was called “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” and then they changed him later on to Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney’s first cartoon with sound was called “Steamboat Willie.” Walt Disney created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit before he worked for the Disney Company.

The co-founder of the Walt Disney company is his older brother Roy O. Disney. Walt Disney’s most famous character is Mickey Mouse, who is in many cartoons including comedy shows, and movies. They usually have Mickey go through adventures with his friends Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck, and he often falls in love with another mouse named Minnie Mouse.

Walt Disney had 2 children: a daughter named Diane Miller, and another daughter named Sharon Disney, who is the youngest of the 2. Both of his children have passed away: Sharon passed in 1993, and Diane passed in 2013. Diane published books about her father.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966, so the Disney Company took over his work and created what the Walt Disney Channel has become today. There are more sounds and real people, but not as many cartoons. They also created Disney World, so they pretty much took Walt Disney’s place when he passed.

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Highland Park blood drive

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Highland Park had its annual blood drive on Friday, March 16th. Every year, in the early spring, Highland Park Student Council teams up with the Red Cross to put on a blood drive. It is a great cause because all the blood donated goes to people who need it. Anyone who comes into a hospital needing blood can greatly benefit from donated blood, and it can possibly save their life.

This drive was especially important because the Red Cross has had to cancel over 10 drives due to the harsh Minnesota winter this year, so they had a shorter supply of donated blood, and so were very appreciative of us for helping out.

Each year, Student Council plans a fun theme for the drive, and this year it was “March Madness.” Lots of people had their favorite jerseys on, and games were broadcasted on the projector where everyone could see it. Highland had so many volunteers that there was almost always a few people giving blood, and many extra people were there for backup. This year was definitely one of the biggest blood drives that Highland has had.

Donating blood is a serious matter and there are some rules that cannot be broken if you decide to donate blood:

  • You must be 16 years old
    • If you are 16 you and your guardians need to fill out a parent consent form
  • Males must be at least 5 feet tall and weigh 110 lbs
  • Women who are 4’10 must weigh at least 146 lbs
  • Women who are 4’11 must weigh at least 142 lbs
  • Women who are 5’ must weigh at least 138 lbs
  • Women who are 5’1 must weigh at least 133 lbs
  • Women who are 5’2 must weigh at least 129 lbs
  • Women who are 5’3 must weigh at least 124 lbs
  • Women who are 5’4 must weigh at least 120 lbs
  • Women who are 5’5 must weigh at least 115 lbs
  • The day before you donate blood you must eat plenty of food and stay hydrated

If you decide to donate blood, there are many opportunities during the day. Donating blood starts second hour, but there is a sign up sheet to sign your name on what time best suits you. The times go throughout the school day until the end of 7th hour, but there is no guarantee on how long the process will take. Oftentimes, for some people, the process of donating blood can be quick and take roughly 10 minutes, but for others, the process could be long and take up to a half hour. The process really depends on the person.

After you have finished donating blood, you still have to wait another 10-15 minutes before you can leave. During this time you are supposed to just sit and relax and eat some of the snacks provided to make sure you are O.K. before you can go. This is also done to prevent sudden movements like standing up too fast, which could lead to you being lightheaded or fainting.

There are some things to consider before you decide to donate blood. One of these major considerations is whether or not you are involved in sports. Donating blood could render you unable to participate in some sports for a short period of time. For example, if you are playing a sport that involves high activity, such as running track, and you decide to donate blood, you would not be able to do track for a short period of time due to the fact that it takes a while to recover from losing a pint of blood. Participating in these sports could cause health risks such as fainting.

However, if you are participating in a sport that does not involve high activity, such as golf, donating blood shouldn’t affect your ability to participate in that sport.

Talking to your coach about donating blood is also a good idea before you decide to donate blood.

Another major consideration when it comes to donating blood is your own personal health. If you have any health factors that could affect your ability to donate blood, you should talk to your doctor and guardians to make sure donating blood would be a safe choice for you.

We encourage everyone to participate in a blood drive, whether it’s next year at Highland, or somewhere else throughout the year. When Student Council would talk to people who were drawing blood, we asked why they chose to participate today, and almost everyone said that they wanted to give back to the community and give back to people that need it. It really is an amazing opportunity to do good in the world.

Everyone who participates walks out feeling really good about what they did, and proud of helping people. Many people go into it thinking it will be super painful, and a terrible experience, but those that have done it have said that it does not hurt at all, and after a few minutes they were totally comfortable. Giving blood is a really fun experience. You are surrounded by medical technicians that want to help you, and Student Council members are there to help you ease through the process. There are stuffed animals, music, an area with mats to hang out on after your donation, March Madness, fun movies, and tons of snacks!!