Preparing for the ACT

The ACT is a standardized test used for college and university admissions. The ACT is out of 36 points in total, with the average score being 21. Students usually take the ACT test, for the first time, in their junior year of high school. There are many ways to prepare and study for the test. Some of those ways listed below.

1. Buy an ACT prep book.

ACT prep books are one of the best forms of studying. They can be found at Walmart ($47.94), Target ($27.96), and Barnes & Noble ($13.29). The prep books usually have practice tests and strategies that can help you when the real test comes up.

2. Get a tutor. 

ACT tutors can help with each section of the test, which includes: math, English, reading, and science. They will help by going over the content of the exam and will try and pin-point your weaknesses to try and help you improve on them. Tutors cost around $80-$200 per hour. Although they may be costly, they are always worth it, and you’ll see that your ACT score will be higher than you think.

3. Take practice tests that are offered near you (or online).

There are many schools and colleges that offer free ACT practice tests. All you have to do is register for them and show up in time. If you can’t make it to schools near you, there are also preps offered online that will be able to help. For prep test at schools, it would be best if you brought your own materials which include: a number 2 pencil, and a calculator. The calculator they allow you to bring is a T1-84 Plus made by Texas Instruments.

4. Ways to de-stress before the test.

There are many ways to de-stress before the test. Some ways to de-stress are: eating breakfast, drinking a lot of water, trying not to be on your phone so much, and sleeping early the day before. Don’t try to think about the test so much, it can lead you to over worry about the test.

There are also many other ways to prepare for the ACT, but the ones I’ve talked about are the most common ways I’ve seen people use to prepare.