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Highland Park Basketball

image taken from HPSH Basketball Senior Night poster

*The Highland Park Scots boys basketball team recap of the last 3 games this past week.

These 3 games left the Highland Park Scots on a 2-1 streak. A win against Como Park, a loss against Fridley High School, and a win against Washington Tech High school.

On Tuesday, Jan 31, the Highland Park Scots had a conference game against Como Senior High School. It was a home game that consisted of a lot of teamwork and hard play. The starting line-up for Highland was: Benny H., Ian G., Mohamed B., Naseem L., and Abdalla M. During the tip off, Como received the ball and it all started from there. The Highland Park Scots team came put on top with a home victory against Como; the score was 74-69. It was a tough competitive game for both teams, and both teams played great.

Friday, February 2nd, the Highland Park Scots played a non conference game against Fridley High School. It was a tough game for the Scots, as Fridley beat your Highland Park Scots with a score of 81-66. The Scots played well, but it wasn’t enough to beat Fridley. They came out hard, and ready to play, as they played smart and at a steady pace.

On February 5th, we played Washington, and it was a good game; both teams played very well. Your Highland Park Scots came over on top with a score of 73-64. Highland was in foul trouble but managed to keep the good team work up, and score on our possession. Everyone on the bench was engaged in the game and cheering on the Scots.

On February 8th, we took on our down the street rival for many years, and more years to come: Central! It was going to be a tense battle. Stands would be packed with fans & family. Last time we played the Minutemen, it was a tough one. We lost bad. 99-69. They came out aggressive and wanted it. For our game on the 8th, we were missing our best offensive scorer Evan B. He was out with an injury. So, other players were going to have to step up and wear that SCOTS on their chest with pride and play with heart for one another. It was a very tough and competitive game but Central came out on top in the end.

Stats Against Como Park:
– About 16 T.O.
– No foul outs
– 14 for 18 free throws
–  Shooters on the other team; defense for HP was good

Stats Against Fridley:
– Had 18 T.O.
– Nobody fouled out, but a few players in foul trouble
– 7/20 of free throws (horrible)
– We matched up well with Fridley, had size and speed on them, the Tigers just wanted it more.

Stats Against Washington:
– About 12 T.O.
– Foul trouble (1 fouled out)
– 11/22 Free throws
– HP good defense

Stats Against Central:
– Had 25 T.O.
– 12/24 of free throws
– 1 fouled out