Shape tape foundation

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Shape tape concealer was one of the the best products of 2017; there weren’t any negative reviews on the concealer. The concealer was lightweight, full coverage, long lasting, and was cruelty free. It retails for $27 and contains 10 ml of product, so the concealer was definitely a hit.

It was such a hit, that Tarte decided to come out with a shape tape foundation. That’s not all, Tarte decided to come out with two formulas for the foundations, matte and hydrating. The matte foundation provided an oil-free, full-coverage pick. The hydrating foundation was for people who enjoyed a dewy look.

This information was provided in the teaser they had out, which excited everyone until it finally came out. Many believed that the foundation would be a success, and would probably be sold out fast, since the concealer was sold out in 20 minutes when it first came out. But many were disappointed by the product when it came out.

The review on the foundation tape was so bad that people figured out that the dewy foundation Tarte launched was a foundation they came out with a couple of  years ago, and just repackaged it.

A lot of light skin beauty influencers were also furious with Tarte, and they are boycotting the company until they come out with foundation for women of color. Women of color, who found shades that matched them, said the foundation was either too orange or looked ashy on them.

Another con is that the matte foundation dries too quickly so it’s hard to blend it.

The only thing people seemed to like about the foundation tape is that it is lightweight, full coverage, and it can be worn for 12 hours. Tarte has seen a lot of the backlash the foundation has received, and are working on making more shades for women of color. They have also apologized for only coming out with three shades for them. In the future, they hope that they can fulfill the expectations of every shade in the color wheel, and that they will think twice before putting anything out.

2018 Winter One Acts

Romance, danger and…Dungeons and Dragons? These were some of the topics covered in Highland Park Thespian Society’s 2018 Winter One Acts.

image courtesy of Gabby Tselos

One Acts are typically written and directed by students, and last 20 to 30 minutes. They only have one act; hence the name One Acts. This year 5 shows were put on. They were as follows;
Check Please! – written and directed by Clare Brownlee (11)
The Understudy– written and directed by Soren Eversoll (11)
Roll for Initiative – written and directed by Helen Feng (12)
Tracks – written by Peter Tarsi and directed by Eddie Lopez (10) and Leah Callanan (11)
This is a Test – written by Stephen Gregg directed by Ben Smith (11)

Tickets were six dollars for students and eight dollars for adults. Refreshments and concessions were sold directly outside of the auditorium doors.

The show opened with The Understudy, which was Eversol’s debut with acting and writing. It centers around a cast and play, which seems almost like an Inception type of thing. The one act was a comedy with a dramatic setting. The play involves jealousy, guns, and a dead guy lying on the floor. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would’ve liked to see it again.

Second to show was Tracks. The dynamic duo that is Lopez and Callanan took this comedy and played it as a drama. This worked out surprisingly well. The main storyline is about how people wind up on the same train platform, coming to the conclusion that they’re all dead. Now they have to figure out if the train they are to get on is going up or down.

Third in show was This is a Test, a true testament to a high schooler’s nightmare. In this play, a group of students are taking a test, with one student in particular stressing majorly. Once they sit down to do the task, they find it to be the most difficult exam of their life. One section is in Chinese! It was comical and relatable all the way through. Smith definitely directed well.

Roll for Initiative came fourth. It had a mix of geekiness and romance that was charming. While those who live for D and D will love the set up and chit chat among characters, others can enjoy the relationships between the characters. Feng did a wonderful job at meshing the two worlds together and almost made me want to find a D and D group to join!

Check Please! is a comical story about a girl (Zoe Challanger, grade 12) trying to find love through bad Tinder dates. It is set in a local coffee shop, and the dates seem to keep getting worse as the weeks go on. Her waitress (Amelia Stensrud, grade 10), becomes a close ally, and it ends with a surprising and heartwarming twist. Director Clare Brownlee (grade 11) does a fantastic job in her debut as a director and playwright.

What was to come last was a show by Mason Blumer-Lamotte about a suicide prevention hotline and its callers. Unfortunately, due to conflicting opinions, it had to be cut.

All in all, the 2018 One Acts were a success! Highland Park Senior High thanks all those wonderful thespians who brought these fantastic one acts to life!