Immersion Languages

At Highland Park Senior High, there are two immersion language programs. One is Spanish Immersion, another is Chinese Immersion. The Spanish Immersion leader this year is Ms. Boe and the Chinese Immersion leader this year is Ms. Miao.

spanThe Spanish Immersion program is a program at the high school level for students who have gone through other immersion programs. The students are required to speak a high level of Spanish. The program has been with Highland for quite a long time now, 15 years or so.

The Spanish Immersion students came from different places. Some of the students are from Highland Middle, others are from Adam’s Spanish Immersion. There are also a few students from Cesar Chavez, River View, and Mexico.

There are 3 Freshmen classes, 3 Sophomore classes, 2 Junior classes, and 1 Senior class for Spanish Immersion learning. There are two other classes that are involved with the Spanish Immersion program, they are World History for Freshmen in the program,  and Human Geography for Sophomores.

During in the interview, I asked Ms. Boe how the year has been going so far. She replied that the year has been going really well; the students and staff are great.

I also asked her if she had any exciting plans for her students. Ms. Boe replied that she really wants to travel with them. She also had other fun plans such as Spanish speaking debates and family nights in the Spring.

doorThe Chinese Immersion program is a program offered to students who took Immersion Chinese before high school. The class is entirely taught in Mandarin Chinese. This year, there are 9 students in the program; 8 of them came from Ying Hua Academy which is a K-8 Chinese Immersion School. There are a few upperclassmen at Highland who went to Ying Hua Academy before and are now enrolled in Chinese 5 and 6.

This year is a year that is stretching the Chinese program with a lot of adjusting for Ms. Miao and her immersion students. The school culture and dynamics are different from their previous school, the approach to learning is also different to the students. Therefore, it is a process of adjusting for the teacher and students.

In the Chinese Immersion class, they are currently reading a contemporary literature piece, and are also working on a Chinese history project learning about different Chinese historical figures. The class will take a visit to St. Paul’s Jie Ming Chinese Immersion School to present their presentation in Chinese to the elementary students.

Ms. Lin who is currently teaching Chinese 1 and 2 will also be teaching science to Chinese Immersion students who come from Jie Ming the next year at the Middle School.

These are the two Immersion Languages at Highland Park Senior High.


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