How to Take Good Notes

How To Take Good Notes

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Today we are going to share with you a few things that will help you take better notes.

One thing that really helps with remembering the content of what you’re reading is writing a summary. This sounds like extra work but it really helps you understand the material you are taking notes on. When writing a summary start with the main idea; this should be the focus of  what you are writing about. Summaries should only be a couple of sentences so that when reviewing you don’t have to read all your notes. Lastly, in regard to summaries, we suggest writing them for confusing or longer notes, this will help to ensure your comprehension.

Another thing that really helps is to organize your notes is using colors and distinguishing marks. You don’t have to use many colors – maybe one or two at the least. We suggest underlining main ideas or important facts, this will help you study when reviewing your notes. When taking notes you can use colors to distinguish one section from another so it’s easier to look back on. A further method you can use is circling or marking areas that you need to work on to remind yourself what topics to study before a test.

When you take notes, being organized and concise are main focuses. It’s important to have key ideas, so when you go back to study you’re not confused as to what type of questions you’ll be trying to answer on a quiz or homework. Use different symbols (like * or -) to show the difference between headings and points made. You don’t always have to use color, so when you don’t have it, make sure to box and underline to help create borders between sections. Writing in cursive helps a lot because it’s faster than printing, so you’re given more time to make sure your notes give you the information you need.

Overall, notes are very important in our everyday school lives, so taking good ones are key to a successful education. There are many ways to do notes, these are just three ideas to help guide you into improving your own.

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