Minnesota Public Radio visit

Last Friday, on October 21st, me and my good buddy Harley, both aspiring writers, went to the MPR headquarters in downtown St. Paul. I had realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to support myself as a fiction writer, so I thought about being a Political Scientist or a Journalist. My Uncle, Dave Kansas, invited me to a tour. He is the Vice President of MPR, and has published several books.

After being dropped off, me and Harley went through was apparently the back entrance. We went into the lobby, where we met the greeter, a man named Abdul. The lobby was an interesting mix of modern architecture. My Uncle came down to get us, and I introduced Harley to him.

We went up to his room, and offered us some candy from a huge bowl. There was a huge selection, including brands I’ve never seen before. While I did not take any I severely regret it now.

Up in his office, he showed us some metaphorical trophies before the real tour started. He had a political cartoon of himself, several famous articles he wrote back when he worked for the Wall Street Journal, a few posters. He then gave us a copy of one of his books, “The End of Wall Street as we know it.”

We then walked around, and he showed us the offices of many important people, and his army of researchers. I chatted with a few, desiring my interest in politics and fiction. A journalist told me that “it’s hard to tell the difference between the two in this day and age.”


MPR editing room

Then we met Tom Weber, and watched live as the editing team worked on an interview. Due to a bureaucratic blunder, we were called down to the lobby to wait for my Uncle, who came 20 minutes later asking where we were. When that cleared up, we went to talk to Jade and later a woman in charge of a reading program, snagging a few books. After that we left.

I would have to say it was a pleasant experience. I am lucky to have connections in the industry I plan to go into.

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