Newspaper class

Newspaper class, which is held in Ms. Lingofelt’s room (2205), is looking for those of you who have an interest in being able to write about things like: school events (such as sports and school life), events that take place around the world, and even how to tips like things to make for holidays! If you want a place to be able to write about something that you want people in our school to know about, then Newspaper is the class for you.

In this class, every other week you are required to come up with an article pitch: something school appropriate and interesting (of course if you run out of ideas you can always ask the teacher for some ideas as well). The following week (the week when you don’t have a pitch due), on Friday, is when your actual article is due.

This class is very fun, and it comes with many opportunities, such as being able to do interviews – which means meeting new people, or even being able to get concert tickets. The opportunities are really endless.

So, if you have any interest at all, or if you are a person who loves to write, then this class is for you! Join this class for the next school year, and I promise you won’t regret it!


Una Noche Inolvidable

Friday, May 5th, 2017, was Highland Park’s prom, located at the beautiful Landmark Center. The theme for this year was “Una Noche Inolvidable” which translates to “An Unforgettable Night.” Since prom was on Cinco de Mayo, the people of the prom committee wanted to embrace the special day.

Around 400 people showed up to the event, and everyone looked amazing; so did the decorations. There was of course a table set up filled with snacks and drinks such as: jamaica, water, chips and bean dips, as well as candy from Dulcemex. Ms. Becker, the prom committee leader/teacher, had decided on decorating the tables with vases of bright and colorful flowers such as red and orange flowers.

photo courtesy of Ms. Ziemer

Aside from the wonderful decorations and food, they also had a little photo booth in the corner of the room; everybody loved it and couldn’t stop going back in for more.

Now, the music of course is very important when it comes to prom, it helps set the mood, and this year we incorporated plenty of reggaeton, bachata and much more to try and stick to the theme. Plenty of people came out onto the dance floor and danced the night away.

I think it’s safe to say that prom 2017 was most definitely an unforgettable night.

The History of Cinco de mayo

Cinco de mayo, or the fifth of May, is coming up and many people don’t know the history of this day; many actually confuse this date for Mexico’s independence day which is actually on September 16, many months away from when Cinco is celebrated.

Everything started during the French-Mexican War (1861-1867) when Benito Juárez was elected as Mexico’s new president. Throughout this war, Mexico was in deep debt and the new president had to stop all payments to the European governments, which created problems with France, Britain, and Spain. After Benito Juárez stopped sending them money, the European governments sent naval forces to Mexico. They demanded a repayment from the president. Britain and Spain made an agreement with Juárez, soon after their naval deployment, and they both withdrew their forces. France however, took the chance to try and overrun the Mexican territory. Not long after, 6,000 French troops were sent to Puebla de Los Angeles.

After hearing about the plan that the French government had, Juárez gathered 2,000 men to go fight in Puebla. They went and prepared for the French to come and start an assault.

On May 5th, 1862, The French attacked. The battled didn’t last long; over 500 French soldiers were killed and only fewer than 100 Mexican soldiers. The French retreated, and after that day, May 5th represented a huge victory for the Mexican government.

Cinco de Mayo is mostly only celebrated in Puebla, where the battle took place, but some other countries also take part in the celebration. For many Mexicans though, the fifth of May is like any other day. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is seen as a celebration of Mexican culture and its heritage. It’s celebrated with parades, parties, traditional Mexican foods, and huge festivals.

So, go out and see all of the cool and colorful festivals and parades with some loved ones and never forget the history of Cinco de Mayo.

Prom 2017

This year for prom, like previous years, the prom committee will be selling tickets for those who want to go. All tickets will be handled, and sold, in Ms. Becker’s room – 2214.

Each week, the price of the tickets will go up by $10, so we encourage you to buy your tickets as soon as possible to spend less. The first batch of tickets will have the starting price of $35, and can be purchased at the following times:

  • Wednesday, April 19, at 2:05 PM
  • Thursday, April 20, at 2:05 PM
  • Friday, April 21, at 7:00-7:15 AM, during 2nd lunch, and at 2:05 PM

Monday, April 24 – Friday, April 28, the price of tickets will be increased to $45. The tickets will be sold at:

  • Monday, April 24 – Thursday, April 27, at 2:05 PM
  • Friday, April 28, at at 7:00-7:15 AM, during 2nd lunch, and at 2:05 PM

The week that will be different is the week of prom. The tickets will be avalible for $55 on:

  • Monday, May 1, at 2:05 PM
  • Tuesday, May 2, at 7:00 – 7:15 AM, during 2nd lunch, and at 2:05 PM

Make sure to remember to buy your tickets as soon as possible! Not only will this help you, but it will help us, the prom committee, as well.

– Anyone age 21 and above may not attend prom.
– If you are bringing anyone that does not attend our school, then you will have to go to Ms. Becker to get a permission form. This form will have to be submitted by May 2.
– Unapproved guests will be turned away, even if they have a paid ticket.

*All attendees must have a photo ID to enter prom.

A motivational Personal Project

This year, for Karla Alarcon’s personal project, she wanted to do something that could impact the entire school. She decided that she wanted to help people with their confidence, and make sure that they knew that they were not alone, so she started to post up small note cards all around the school that had motivational/positive words that could make anyone’s day a bit brighter.

“I wanted to influence people, to have people notice and make them feel good about themselves,” Karla said. During the time that the note cards were posted, she began to see many people start to follow in her lead; she began to see new note cards with even more motivational words on them. Her favorite part of the whole thing was to walk around and see people look at the notes and smile and get happy after reading them. People around her would talk about them and about how great they thought they were; she even saw them on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, ect.

Not only did this project help those around her, but it also helped her. Karla said that, “It helped me understand that there are people out there who sometimes do need some support, and it helped me realize that I should go out of just the school and try and help the rest of my community.”

She will continue to try and do everything she can to make sure that the people around her are shown love and support.

Karla loved the outcome of her project and she would love for it to continue; for people to support one another and make sure that everyone knew that they were loved and not alone.

Blocked schedules

This school year, like the last, our daily schedules changed for our final days of the semester. Each class was switched (with the exception of 4th period) to being about two hours long, to give each student a longer time to be able to finish their final tests. But is the two hours of class really needed for the students?

I went around and asked some students about how they felt about the blocked schedules, and many students hated the fact that they had to sit in a class for what seemed like forever. Jennifer Perez, a Highland student said, “I had many classes that I didn’t have a final for and it just felt a bit long and boring, but I get that if you did have a final it would come of use to you.”

Many other students that I had asked had the same thing to say. There would be days where people had no finals at all, and even though they were glad that they didn’t have to stress out that day, the whole day just seemed to move a lot slower than usual.

After talking to students, I went around asking some teachers about how they felt about the blocked schedule. Many of them liked the blocked schedule; one of our math teachers said, “I liked it. I liked that it gave the students more time to work on the tests that were given and that they didn’t feel rushed.”

Many of the teachers that I asked felt the same way. They were more comfortable with giving a more advanced test to their students because they knew that their students had a long enough time to be able to work out the problem and solve it.

After talking to a number of students and staff, I got the sense that feelings about the schedule were somewhat divided. I personally like the schedule. I’m sure that we will continue with blocked schedules for finals for while. Not only does it give those who are testing more time, but for some students it gives them a break from having to take so many finals in one day.

La La Land review

If you have a love for musicals or anything romantic then La La Land is the perfect movie for you. This movie starts out with the two main characters, Mia and Sebastian, who meet on a rather rude note, which gives their relationship a bad start. Even though these two seem to barely have anything in common, they both are struggling creative types that are trying to find their way in life, there’s a spark that they both feel, pushing aside the two bad encounters that they had, which only leads to them to start a love filled relationship that makes everyone’s heart swell.

This film will make you feel all sorts of emotions from sad to happy to disappointed all in a matter of seconds. This Oscar nominee is a brilliant film that has made millions fall in love with it.

La La Land is still showing in theaters, so catch a showtime as soon as you can; you won’t regret it.  

Different ways to deal with stress

For Highland Park Senior High, finals are coming up fast, and we all know what comes with finals: stress. Finals are something almost everyone dreads, all the late night study sessions, all of the homework that you have to do, and of course, all the stress that comes with it. Some people may not know how to release that stress, or to calm their nerves. I’m here to try and help those people.

There are multiple ways to try and reduce stress and not all people can use the same method to help. So here are some ideas/methods that you can use to try and help reduce your stress.

Of course, one of the most popular ways to relive stress, is to meditate. Some people don’t have the time to meditate though, especially if they’re piled with homework.

If you don’t have spare time, something you could do while studying, is blast some soothing music. According to Psychcentral. com, music has been proven to calm anxiety, heart rate, and even lower blood pressure, so create a calm playlist and listen to it while you study away. 

Laughing out loud is another way to reduce stress. Not only does it lighten the mood mentally, but it also boosts a brain chemical called endorphins which helps your mood.

Some people say that going online and texting isn’t the way to lessen stress, but it is proven to not only make us happier, but to also reduce our stress by a lot. The Mayo Clinic says that it is better that you Facetime a friend, or call one another to maybe study together, or share what’s going on in your life.

The final idea that I’m going to share today is to be active. Go for a jog around your neighborhood, or even do some jumping jacks and sit-ups on your living room floor. Getting your body to move can ease your stress and even depression.

If you’re feeling stressed about anything at all, all of these methods could help you try and reduce it. Good luck on your finals everybody; you’ll all do great!


Give to the Max

Every year our school holds a fundraiser to help raise money for supplies and equipment for the students of Highland Park Senior High. Give to the Max is the fundraiser’s name, and last year the school raised a total of $13,000.

On Thursday, November 17, our school did a parking lot rally! The school’s cheerleading team was there to help, along with parents and students who sold doughnuts and coffee, all while waving signs that reminded people to donate to the school. Along with the parking lot rally, the school also had a website up where you could go on and donate money to the school as well.  

Some of the things that the money will be going to are: school supplies, gift cards for students/families who are in positions of need, equipment for the athletic teams, demonstration materials for the math department, and so much more. With all of the online donations, and donations at the school, Highland Park Senior High raised a total of $13,382.50, though the amount may go up in the next couple of weeks. Highland is sure that the money will be put to good use, and that it will help make great things happen for its students.

Hmong Youth Summit

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-24-27-amMinnesota has a very large Hmong community. Today there are more than 66,000 Hmong people living here in Minnesota, and many of those people live here in St. Paul. Because of this, Johnson High School wants to invite all Hmong youth students to their Hmong Youth Summit to come and learn more about their culture.

On Thursday, October 20, Johnson High School, located on 1349 Arcade St., Paul, MN 55106, will be holding an event that goes from 8am to 4pm, and it’s free to all students. This event will include free breakfast and lunch. They will also be showing a movie, named 1985, that is based off of the lives of those Hmong people who had traveled after the war.

There will also be workshops going on throughout the day, where each workshop is there to help the Hmong youth learn new things about their culture. This is to help the youth find out who they are, and to also meet new people from different schools.

This event is one that you will have to register for so if you want to be able to attend you need to register at