Una Noche Inolvidable

Friday, May 5th, 2017, was Highland Park’s prom, located at the beautiful Landmark Center. The theme for this year was “Una Noche Inolvidable” which translates to “An Unforgettable Night.” Since prom was on Cinco de Mayo, the people of the prom committee wanted to embrace the special day.

Around 400 people showed up to the event, and everyone looked amazing; so did the decorations. There was of course a table set up filled with snacks and drinks such as: jamaica, water, chips and bean dips, as well as candy from Dulcemex. Ms. Becker, the prom committee leader/teacher, had decided on decorating the tables with vases of bright and colorful flowers such as red and orange flowers.

photo courtesy of Ms. Ziemer

Aside from the wonderful decorations and food, they also had a little photo booth in the corner of the room; everybody loved it and couldn’t stop going back in for more.

Now, the music of course is very important when it comes to prom, it helps set the mood, and this year we incorporated plenty of reggaeton, bachata and much more to try and stick to the theme. Plenty of people came out onto the dance floor and danced the night away.

I think it’s safe to say that prom 2017 was most definitely an unforgettable night.

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