Blocked schedules

This school year, like the last, our daily schedules changed for our final days of the semester. Each class was switched (with the exception of 4th period) to being about two hours long, to give each student a longer time to be able to finish their final tests. But is the two hours of class really needed for the students?

I went around and asked some students about how they felt about the blocked schedules, and many students hated the fact that they had to sit in a class for what seemed like forever. Jennifer Perez, a Highland student said, “I had many classes that I didn’t have a final for and it just felt a bit long and boring, but I get that if you did have a final it would come of use to you.”

Many other students that I had asked had the same thing to say. There would be days where people had no finals at all, and even though they were glad that they didn’t have to stress out that day, the whole day just seemed to move a lot slower than usual.

After talking to students, I went around asking some teachers about how they felt about the blocked schedule. Many of them liked the blocked schedule; one of our math teachers said, “I liked it. I liked that it gave the students more time to work on the tests that were given and that they didn’t feel rushed.”

Many of the teachers that I asked felt the same way. They were more comfortable with giving a more advanced test to their students because they knew that their students had a long enough time to be able to work out the problem and solve it.

After talking to a number of students and staff, I got the sense that feelings about the schedule were somewhat divided. I personally like the schedule. I’m sure that we will continue with blocked schedules for finals for while. Not only does it give those who are testing more time, but for some students it gives them a break from having to take so many finals in one day.

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