Different ways to deal with stress

For Highland Park Senior High, finals are coming up fast, and we all know what comes with finals: stress. Finals are something almost everyone dreads, all the late night study sessions, all of the homework that you have to do, and of course, all the stress that comes with it. Some people may not know how to release that stress, or to calm their nerves. I’m here to try and help those people.

There are multiple ways to try and reduce stress and not all people can use the same method to help. So here are some ideas/methods that you can use to try and help reduce your stress.

Of course, one of the most popular ways to relive stress, is to meditate. Some people don’t have the time to meditate though, especially if they’re piled with homework.

If you don’t have spare time, something you could do while studying, is blast some soothing music. According to Psychcentral. com, music has been proven to calm anxiety, heart rate, and even lower blood pressure, so create a calm playlist and listen to it while you study away. 

Laughing out loud is another way to reduce stress. Not only does it lighten the mood mentally, but it also boosts a brain chemical called endorphins which helps your mood.

Some people say that going online and texting isn’t the way to lessen stress, but it is proven to not only make us happier, but to also reduce our stress by a lot. The Mayo Clinic says that it is better that you Facetime a friend, or call one another to maybe study together, or share what’s going on in your life.

The final idea that I’m going to share today is to be active. Go for a jog around your neighborhood, or even do some jumping jacks and sit-ups on your living room floor. Getting your body to move can ease your stress and even depression.

If you’re feeling stressed about anything at all, all of these methods could help you try and reduce it. Good luck on your finals everybody; you’ll all do great!


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