Give to the Max

Every year our school holds a fundraiser to help raise money for supplies and equipment for the students of Highland Park Senior High. Give to the Max is the fundraiser’s name, and last year the school raised a total of $13,000.

On Thursday, November 17, our school did a parking lot rally! The school’s cheerleading team was there to help, along with parents and students who sold doughnuts and coffee, all while waving signs that reminded people to donate to the school. Along with the parking lot rally, the school also had a website up where you could go on and donate money to the school as well.  

Some of the things that the money will be going to are: school supplies, gift cards for students/families who are in positions of need, equipment for the athletic teams, demonstration materials for the math department, and so much more. With all of the online donations, and donations at the school, Highland Park Senior High raised a total of $13,382.50, though the amount may go up in the next couple of weeks. Highland is sure that the money will be put to good use, and that it will help make great things happen for its students.

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